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Shoulder portion of the other days chest and shoulder day !
1. Barbell shoulder press 4x12 w/negatives
2. DB front raise 4x15
3.Lying cable upright row 12,10,8,6 drop 12
4. Reverse machine shoulder press 4x8 w/negatives.
Real good connection when you incorporate negatives into your shoulder day!

Just doing the standard leg extensions! Every one struggles with one or multiple body parts that don't grow or don't "pop". You're body has certain places where it will store its fat, for some that can be the stomach. For other it can be the arms! But in my case my body stores its fat in my legs and a good way to combat this is by doing leg extensions! I like doing them with longer contractions because it will add detail and you'll start seeing definition in your legs. @gym.advice @stfuat @gymmotivation @gym_videos

Doing these close stance leg presses on today's quad dominant leg day. The key 🔑 is to keep your feet positioned low on the pad so when you push, your heels come of the pad slightly and you engage the quads! THESE burn ! Definitely need to work on my mobility but progress is key! Also wearing @therock "blood sweat respect" shirt from underarmour and using the best knee sleeves in the game by @totalprofitness @gym.advice @stfuat @gymmotivation @gym_videos

Flashback fridayyyy
MTU anikumbushe jina ya hii place ni gani😁😂
#igers #instagood #igdaiy

3 angle cable standing cable row!
Best finisher in the game especially when you're burnt out. Go as heavy as you can for 15 reps each angle NO REST! As you can tell I was dying at the very end. Great back session with the gym partner @paul.gabriel.orozco
Wearing my @totalprofitness belt to keep my core stabilized and good posture!

😭😭😭😭😭😭 No wonder women say they want tall dark and handsome men.
#igers #instagood #igdaiy

Hamstring and glue focused leg day!
Nordic curls to fail
Leg extension lower rep
Hamstring machine hip thrusts
Hack squats high and wide
DB straight leg deadlifts elevated
Calf raises
Epic leg day with my partner @paul.gabriel.orozco definitely one of the better leg days ! Just goes to show you don't HAVE to do squats or heavy compound movements to kill a leg workout . Readiness to connect to the muscles being worked is all you need in any routine! Rocking my @totalprofitness belt and knee sleeves to keep my knees warm and tight !

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This shit is crazy
#igers #instagood #igdaiy


Ketika semua tak berpihak kepadamu, ucapan & tindakan yang menyakitimu, bersukacitalah karena kamu terpilih dengan derajat yg ditinggikan dan kamu berada diantara orang-orang yang tidak mampu menjaga budi pekerti dan mereka bukanlah orang-orang yang beruntung. #insta #instagram #instagood #instaselfie #instadaily #selfie #portrait #traveller #travelgram #like4like #follow4follow #menhandsome #igdaiy #photography #photografer #owl #smile #adventure #bird

A small gift to myself, trying something old school. #igdaiy #byredo #bibliothèque #oldschoolscent #bougieparfumée #VSCO #VSCOcam

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