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Met a corgi for the first time today! Nice to finally meet the famous Riley🐶💛😍 #corgisofinstagram #igcorgis #dogsareamazing #smilingcorgi #happydogs

#tbt to when this guy was just a little ball of fluff 🐶 #internationalpuppyday #igcorgis #corgisofinstagram #corgination

놓치지 않을거에요~! #웰시코기그램 #corgicorner #igcorgis

Ok guys. I know it's been ages since I've released a tee! This is a super rough test that's been a long time in the "planning" stage. I've been holding off on sharing it till now as we plan for a potential pre-order if there's interest!

This is super soft, kinda sheer, and a shallow v-neck. It's a blended fabric.

Let me know your thoughts! 😊

Corgi side eye. "I'm tired" she says. #cardiganwelshcorgi #igcorgis #corgisofinstagram #sideeye

Mom crocheted me a hat to keep my melon warm 🍈 #LookWhatBoredomCreates #DogBeanies #FlyAf


Mom crocheted me a hat to keep my melon warm 🍈 #LookWhatBoredomCreates #DogBeanies #FlyAf

Happy Friday the 13th!! 🔪☠️ #ImTheKiller #FlashbackFriday #TasmanianTilly

Sometimes my dad tries to take pictures of books when he should be taking pictures of me 💁‍♂️📚

When you know mom is going to give you a bath and soon as you get home 😒

Don’t let the cute face fool ya

Daily workout with my human.

Friday morning vibes 😴 #HeadMassagesAreLife

Looking for the best pumpkin for mom and dad! 😇 #JkIAmTheBestPumpkin

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. It’s October 3rd. #BasicGirls

Everyday I am grateful to have this furry loaf of bread as my good buddy. #charliethecorgi #CharlieBear

Gettin’ down and dirty at @truittbarkpark today! 😎 if you haven’t already, please head over to their Instagram page (@truittbarkpark) and like my picture so I can win some pawsome prizes! Thank you everyone who has already voted 🖤

I had so much fun last night at @redroverorg’s Paws for Pints event last night being showered with pets and little people hugs! #RedRover30 #PawsForward 🐾 #BreweryDogs #916DogFriendly ❤️

Hey y’all! It would be totally pawsome if you would go like my photo on @truittbarkpark page so I can win some some swag 😎 #doubletapdat

Yes, hi, go ahead and drop that food right here. 🙂

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