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May we never lose our wonder, wide-eyed and mystified ✨ As I held my lantern up, I paused and looked around at everyone excitedly releasing their lanterns, allowing my full being to be encapsulated in the moment. It's as if time stood still and all my senses came fully alive yet everything was quiet and peaceful, like those scenes in the movies. At that moment I remembered I was holding a ball of fire surrounded by thin paper so said a quick prayer of thanks and slowly let go.
Caught in the moment, my previous butterflies were immediately replaced with a sense of giddiness. This symbolic act of letting go of all negativity from the previous year and replacing it with good wishes for the new year is a big part of the Yee Peng Festival and why thousands flock to Chiang Mai every year. The night reminded me not to be anxious about the future; rather to let go and appreciate each moment for what it is—many little bits of wonder.
Even better was sharing this with my talented friend @cbezerraphotos (📷) Thank you @theluxurycollection and @beautifuldestinations for this unforgettable experience #nomadicfareinthailand #DestinationDiscoveries

Sunrise reflections at Hintersee. Already miss chasing autumn around Europe, but I’m off to Japan in only 3 days!!!

"Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.”

Umarız bu güneşli sonbahar günü sizin için de keyifli geçiyordur ☺️ Çıkıp gezmek, oturup sohbet etmek veya arkadaşlarla buluşmak için biz bugün Moda diyoruz! #moda #cumartesigezmesi #cumartesi #kadıköy #kadikoymoda #bakkalmoda #vsco #vscocam #saturday #colors #igcolor #istanbul #kadikoysokak


"i'm lost and not knowing, scarred up but still flowing, energized and still going"


Flatiron details 🤯 | #bloggerphotographershotme 📸

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