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| i came to watch the game but i had more questions about the hoops between my ears ✨ go cavs baby

I’ve got my love to keep me warm ❄️ @racheljoybarehl

I love snow.

Your own personal slice of heaven🌟🍕💯 #northstaratnight

Roses are red🌹 So is my wine 🍷 Fill up my glass, and we’ll be just fine 💃🏼 If you’re around the Columbus area, check out my good friend @annebgabriel’s adorable wine shop in Powell @annieswinecottage They do weekly tasting events! 🍷 🍷 🍷


living in the past never helped me or anyone move forward


I love snow.

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living in the past never helped me or anyone move forward

Ever wonder why we have this idea that someday life will “slow down” or that we’ll “have time for that later”? The older I grow, the more I realize that I have to make time for the things I love- and pursue my own dreams. Life doesn’t slow down, and no one else is looking out for your future waiting to grant your wishes. Here’s to a new year about to begin and new dreams and goals being either accomplished, or at least attempted. (See my blog for a little post about this!) Photo cred: @thecolumbusdarling

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Accurate representation of the last few days around here. 😫 #asegmentofactuallife

last weekend i was headed out to visit a photography exhibit i’ve been meaning to go see. as i was wiping the snow off the windshield of my car, i noticed a girl walking swiftly towards me. she approached me and asked if i had seen a black lab. i told her i had not, but would keep an eye out. she immediately burst into tears. she said her dog had been playing near the park and hit by a car. the dog ran off and the driver kept on going. i took the girls name and number and assured her i would call if i found him. as i pulled away, i started crying. i felt a huge pit in my stomach and knew i had to help. i had approximately an hour before i had to leave to get to work, so i was going to skip my #100daychallenge and spend that time looking for the dog. nearby, people appeared to be setting up for some sort of festival. i talked to some of the vendors and workers, letting them know to keep an eye out. it began to get too cold and knew i could cover more ground in my car. i approached everyone walking down the street with the same story. after a while something amazing happened. as i would go to speak to someone, they told me that they had heard about the dog and were looking for him as well. when i realized my time was running short, i texted the girl to get an update. she immediately texted me back saying she found him not more than a couple minutes before, that he was okay, and they were on their way to the vet. i breathed a sigh of relief and began on my way into work. as i turned the corner, i saw a huge sign that read, ‘ART INSIDE’ (pointing to a bank). i pulled over, walked in, and chatted briefly with a woman who had just moved back to the states from europe, excited to share her beloved polish pottery with others. it may not have been what i had planned for that day. but i had a feeling that since i unintentionally decided to care for someone else, the universe decided to take care of me.

I’ve got my love to keep me warm ❄️ @racheljoybarehl

Looks whose back @eastontownctr?!?! @mmelo_confections in the old @lushcosmetics spot, next to @briotuscangrille. They are serving up the prettiest noms! Go check them out. Promise you'll love it. 📸@mmelo_confections
#cbuslocallove #easton #supportlocal

| i came to watch the game but i had more questions about the hoops between my ears ✨ go cavs baby

A delicate balance.

Your own personal slice of heaven🌟🍕💯 #northstaratnight

| he like, “boo i got you, i know you a Queen. I’m just trying to tune my chakras” 🥀

Hair magicians at work within these walls 🎩 💇🏼

So excited that my hubby did it. Friday is his big day. When haters say you can't...God says you can so just keep pushing forward. "For i know the plans I have for you...plans to proper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11. And the photos are by me :) #amateurphotography #igcbus #columbusstatecommunitycollege #cscc #beginningphotographer #photography

thanks, columbus, for keeping me on my toes.

Winter Warrior

Morning Cbus 🤜🤛 📷 | @donbatl
・・・ #onlyincbus

Cheers to being in high holiday SPIRITS. 😉🥂

Isn’t Timeless adorable when the snow starts falling? ❄️ Do you plan to stay in or get out and enjoy it? *If you’re out & about today, don’t forget to drop a bag of toiletries for Blessing Bags for the Homeless. You will walk out with a travel size HA5 in return 🎁 🎄

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Washing dishes + family portrait.
@ralbeit #asegmentofactuallife

Want to make a few simple changes that can actually make a big difference in the stress of day to day parenting? I did! 🙋I've started partnering with local parenting coach, @terryparentcoach and she has taught me a trick or two to keep up my sleeve! .
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soldiering on
photo • @cy_gomez

Icy ❄️

the other day, i traveled to an art gallery i was recommended to. i wasn’t super stoked about it, but that doesn’t deter me from a first time visit. their hours listed online were 9-5. i got there at 3, and they were closed. i was mainly frustrated because i had to pee really f’in bad. i drove to the nearest pocket town and stopped at a store that had a sign in the window that said something about peace. the door was locked, but immediately a guy ran over from across the street and asked me if i wanted to have a look around. and i asked if there was a bathroom... if i wouldn’t have randomly stopped, maybe i would have never met @honchomudfoot or his she wolf. or seen the one of a kind screen printed shirts (with hand sewn tags and print number) enclosed in a graphically designed coloring box. or the garage turned skate rink and spare rooms turned artists studios. or seen the car parts being worked on by local kids, invited over to mentor them into using their skills to make extra money.
i had stumbled into a space that was built for creators to create. that welcomed others to create and share in the passion so blatantly lurking behind every corner.
so this. this is what community looks like.
#100daychallenge 076/100

Last night we attended The Nutcracker @ohiotheatre courtesy of @balletmet ! I was nervous about taking my kids as they've never really sat through something like that! . 🎭
We picked up the tickets at Will Call and the usher proceeded to guide us all the way down the aisle to the very front row! My husband and I stared at each other in amazement and utter fear! How amazing to be in the FRONT ROW and OMG what if our kids scream out and cause a dancer to fall off the stage?! 😱 Turns out the kids were totally enraptured. It was hard not to be when we were so close! It was AMAZING. The performance was fantastic! I can't stop thinking about it! Thank you so much @balletmet ! 🙌

Cold and peaceful.

'Tis the season to be jolly 🎄

Snowy wander three version overexposed
Shot on an iPhone

T-minus 29 minutes till Happy Hour ⏱👏🏽🥂

Holiday baklava trays are in! We have had a lot of requests for them. Get yours today or call in to reserve yours before they are all gone!

The first snow (that stuck) of the season. (Also- I hate winter. This isn’t me liking winter.)

I have a bit of distaste for posting pictures of someone else's artwork, because it makes me feel all icky inside, but sometimes you just gotta. Besides, so many people immediately recognize the iconic #chihuly pieces that there's no fear of someone thinking it's mine! .
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