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Too cute 😂❤🌸 (cr; @sophiegamand)

I like to sleep in really awkward positions 😝👀😴 (press play with sound!) #TheStruggleIsReal #DailyDoseOfSugar

Good Morning from the Goof & the Gan 🐼🐰 #goofythebulldog #loganthebulldog

Summer is coming up and I have to look good for the ladies 😉 .. Thankfully I have my trainers to get me into top shape !

Swipe left for more pics and #puptea shirts link in bio to purchase. ---------------------------------------------
Our easter puptea fundraiser ends Sunday at midnighr. Everyone that buys a shirt will be entered in raffle and 5 @dodidog_usa harness will be given away just like the ones we are wearing. ---------------------------------------------
We bought cobalt harness 2 weeks and have been testing it to see how strong it is. We have a few of the Julius k9 and never use them. They are to heavy and thick and not somethinig cobalt can wear 24/7. With @dodidog_usa harness it is very lightweight and thin like a collar but also strong enough to grab the strap and hold cobalt back if needed. He has had it on 24/7 since we got it and does not even know its on.That being said we bought 4 more and the name patches so everyone has one. Maximus got one just did not get a pic.
To be clear we don't advertise for anyone but we do share great products when we buy them and really like them and feel our freinds would enjoy them also. ---------------------------------------------
We called and asked if @dodidog_usa would donate a few harness for our puptea shirt fundraiser and they said yes and donated 5. Which was very generous and we thank them for it.


Soooooo tired 😴 Had such a big day 🤗 Thanks to Grammy 👵🏼 for my new bed 🛌

Sitting and waiting

As a Frenchie I'm blessed to look almost the same wet or dry 🤓#frenchiepower #shower

Mama why do you take so long to get ready 😩

Morning walkies with momâ¤ğŸŒž

When you're in a line up wif the BOBMAN @bobiscray ... for food! ğŸ˜‚ğŸ˜†ğŸ˜›ğŸ˜ŽğŸ‘ŠğŸ¼
#DisNotADream #FeedTheBeasts #bobsessed #mackthewizard #BobBeACoolKat #partyforarnie

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