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Swipe to see progression of my replica of Caravaggio's Taking of Christ *Paintings, prints, and drawings at louisbraquetart.etsy.com

Had fun doing this interview with @blkartfanatic about my art and #detroit !! Check it out! link is in his bio 👈🏾👈🏾

Flowers for Kristen.. color soon 🌷dannysuntattoo@gmail.com


What I've been drawing today. Maybe I'll finish this tomorrow?

Painting is not an escape from life. It's often a deep immersion into it.

Adventure part 2: South Korea!! 🇰🇷🎉🌺 #GoCreatively

"Look who just walked in..." New sketchbook shot posted to my Patreon yesterday. If you've been enjoying my artwork as of late and want to show a little love, I've got a real simple $1 tip jar at Patreon.com/drstew_art

#pinup #pinupgirl #pinupartist #derekstewart #sketchbook

Spring Giddy -- for some reason I feel positive today.

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