Do you know the aircraft the @royalflyingdoc's got here in this hangar? Thanks to all the RFDS does to aid in medical emergencies in Australia. A fantastic organization.

The @RoyalFlyingDoc Service’s South Eastern (SE) Section introduced @prattandwhitneyca’s FAST™ Solution on three of its PT6A-powered Beechcraft King Airs in April 2015. The team is delighted with the results of the innovative engine health management technology.

Is this the most unique paint job on a Viking Air DHC-6 Twin Otter you've ever seen? Perhaps one of the most unique paint jobs on an aircraft altogether.

The @EpicAircraft #E1000 is truly EPIC! What is your PT6A powered aircraft go to?

Who can identify all the components of this PT6A? John @itsjustajet is working on this engine that's in his #Beechcraft #KingAir.

Nicholas (@nicholas__cain) turned 21 yesterday. After visiting the Fantasy of Flight Museum & said he'll take this #R985 powered #GeeBee #R2 as his gift. Who will buy it for him?

A great looking PT6A powered aircraft! Do you know the PT6A model & this aircraft type?

Our #RVSM customer is about to 💸save💸 fuel and fly closely with the masses✈️ We are giving this #cessnacitation a 1️⃣day turnaround ⚠️Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Certification⚠️ It allows aircraft to to fly within 1,000 ft of each other to increase airspace capacity and access more fuel-efficient flight levels🛩 •

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A PT6A powered Winair DHC-6 #TwinOtter landing at St Barthelemy Gustaf III Airport.

Common misconception: the chord line isn’t fixed. #igaircraft #igairplanes #flighttraining #PilotTraining #igaviation #flysafe #flysmart

Oh yeah, it's that season! @Noe_Aviation is putting the spray down where it belongs! Who knows the aircraft type & engine Noe captured here?

You don't see this angle of the DeHavilland Beaver every day. Great photo from @dehavillandbeaver

Night flight is beautiful. But make sure you’re legal when you share that flight with friends. #igaircraft #igairplanes #flighttraining #PilotTraining #igaviation #flysafe #flysmart

Learning what makes a thunderstorm can help keep you out of one. #FlySmart #PilotTraining #flighttraining #igaviation #igairplanes #igaircraft

Although Phil has a full IR, to fly the Meridian he’s had to do an additional ground examination on high performance aircraft (HPA) and also a type rating for the Piper PA-46 #M500TP Meridian.

Most of the items headed ‘Before Engine Start’ are obvious with only a bit about bleed air concerned with the Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine.

We need at least 23.5 volts for the engine start which is why Greenhalgh was very thorough shutting down after our arrival.

Raise your hand if you are in the aviation community and feel blessed to either pilot or work with these beautiful birds. Great photo from @garrettstephan1776 after flight testing his #KingAir 350 with the PT6A-67A

Not sure it gets any better than this series of 5 photos from @bbaeromaintenance. Featuring @prattandwhitney, @AirtractorInc, and of course, that good looking blue #CovingtonAircraft logo!

Picture perfect from Ian (@chargesevenwhitebag). North American #R1340 powered T6 Texan looking pretty just minutes after a 30-minute morning flight.

The work of a crop duster helps feed the world. Brent (@kiwicropduster) shares his picture of this Air Tractor. Who is a crop duster?

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