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3 musketeers. Hera Cosmo Naira ☺☺☺

Queen of the woods... !

This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Have a great Sunday everyone.. #nikon #d500

Good morning .. finally i desided and I've ordered my first flash. I want to try some new things with Hera and a speed light is one way. I will use it for dramatic shots like this one and low key portraits. What do you think?

Her throne. ..👑👑👑

Do you even catch your treats? #vol2. 😆😆#blackonblack #project

The gang is getting bigger and bigger.. Rovia Hera Zeus Naira Kiara.

My girl .

With you by my side, there is no summit that I can't reach.


Always a competition #Ted #Packer

Munching on a stick #Packer

😛🐶 #Ted

Smiles #Packer

Poor boy is scared of everything #Ted

He found the front facing camera #Packer

Chomp chomp #Ted

Set his sights on food #Ted

Jurassic Doggo #Packer

Album cover #Ted

🐾 #Packer

On a hot summer day, he found the only puddle. #Ted

PLEASE if you are on Facebook go to my dad's profile Vasilis ramiotis and vote for this picture .Be sure to open the picture and like the image. We are on a contest and we made it to the final. Thank you so much.

She takes her bath among 2 waterfalls in #palaiokaria village. Amazingly hot these days.

With you by my side, there is no summit that I can't reach.

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