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A tab.. hrm hammock for two 💑
Photographer 📸➡️🐶

Vattnar och vattnar, rensar bort en del Pionvallmor som inte ska gå till frö, har märkt upp dem med passande garnfärger!!

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Picture by - @rj.foto
Location - Kiruna, Sweden
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Sunset at Stekenjokk.

Yesterday's picnic in Rosendals garden was super fun! 😄👌🏻🥂🍓🍉 Вчерашний пикник прошел просто замечательно ☺️Большое спасибо всем, кто смог к нам присоединиться! Девочки, я была очень рада со всеми вами познакомиться 😘🤗 И мы обязательно проведём ещё одну встречу в скором времени! #instapicnicrosendal


It's not goodbye, it's see you again soon Göteborg!!!
Heading off today on new adventures!! Back to my home land Japan 🇯🇵
It has been an amazing adventure in Göteborg and Sweden 🇸🇪and I will always look back at my time here with only fond memories!! Thanks to all I have met and to the @hrcgothenburg crew for making my time here so memorable. I will miss every single person but am sure we will meet in the future somewhere around the world!!
Special thanks to @jennyholms and the entire Holm family for taking care of me for the entire time. I will really miss you all and I look forward to our next catch-up!!


A bit cloudy with a chance of Swedish meatballs.

I'm going to miss the nature when I move down to Stockholm again 🌲⛰️

Gamla fönster med skira gardiner✨

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