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Lessons from waterfall:
Go with the flow
Roar with excitement
Let your cares fall away
Create your own music
Immerse Yourself in Nature
Stay active
Make a splash!

This week has been relentless, and while this photo might feel relentlessly cheerful with its bright colours, it’s exactly what I need right now.

God’s Carpet - We all need some beautiful color in our lives to enjoy. Hope y’all get to enjoy some of God’s beautiful creation this weekend. #wildflowers #texaswildflowers #flowers #Godsart #heritageroadcollections #rural_love #color_splash_of_our_world #splendid_flowers #ic_flowers #my_daily_flower #ig_naturelovers #great_flowers #visittexas #nature_lovers #nature_brilliance #ig_northamerica

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Plan to head over to the 41st Annual Memorial Day Jazz Festival! This festival will be featuring a variety of Jazz Performers, including the U. S. Navy Band Commodore! Food and beverages will be available for sale, and it is recommended that you bring your own chairs or blankets! inclement weather, the event will be relocated indoors to the Lee Center Richard Kauffman Auditorium.

While I’ve harped on creativity for a few days now, I can’t deny that this photo I took and edited a few weeks ago makes me proud of my work lately. This was the first photo that made me go “ah ha” in terms of colors. I felt this was a huge turning point on my skill set with edits and like I finally had more things to express through my photography. So this may not be a creative spot or a creative time, but quite frankly I don’t see anyone else in the twin cities editing colors quite like this. That’s not to say my work is good, but rather to say here is a small part of the body of work I created that actually shows my voice and creativity as a photographer.

What you seek, is seeking you 🕊

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