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TBT to the 4th of July ... standing on a bridge and watching fireworks across the entire horizon ... and the never ending cars whizzing by below ... I love holidays because they provide such a frame of reference for the time since. ▪️Ten days later I was laid off without warning. ▪️One month later I was drowning in the abyss of applying to jobs I didn’t even want to do. I wasn’t sleeping. I resolved to quit applying to jobs - forever - and make it on my own. But money puts food on the table ... and a roof over one’s head ... and I was starting to have chest pains. ▪️Two months later I’d pieced together a few freelancing projects and had wobbly but starting to be solid clients. ▪️Three months later, things were steadier, but I’d exhausted way more of my meager savings than I’d wanted. Feeling 68% steady. ▪️Four months later, I’d seen all of my former coworkers at a conference and (I think) convinced them that all was well. October went on to be fantastic and I landed clients into the future. My clients loved my work and talked a lot about “we” and “2018” and “by end of next year” ... and you know what ... ? I was already staring to feel secure and complacent and bored - even after all I’d just been through. It’s insane but human nature craves challenge. ▪️Five months later to the day I signed the lease on my new place in Las Vegas after a cross country drive. I channeled the complacency into action and moved across the country just to change things up. ▪️Six months later ... is today. My one-month-anniversary in Las Vegas and I’m sitting here writing this reflection on how amazing 6 months can be.
What will you do by next July 4? Stick with me to see what I do. ❤️ and thanks for reading! 🤗

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{ Get to know me }
I have failed. I have failed many times. I have gained weight when I was trying to lose. I have grabbed the junk food (on many occasions) instead of a healthier option. I used to binge eat while watching Netflix. But here and now, I use my experiences to make wise choices. I remember how I felt and how I viewed myself. I felt like I was my own enemy, but that isn’t me anymore. Not because I’m “skinny” but because I finally creating a healthier lifestyle that is working. I am taking care of my body in the right way. I am working on myself physically and mentally and I finally feel okay with being ME.

Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.


If you want to become successful surrounded your self with those have a posit outlook in life. Avoid those negative people who put you down specifically those dream stealers. Choose them wisely. Success people never complain. Never give up, you can stop if your already successful of it!

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God can do an extreme makeover on anyone who comes to Him. He can change your perception of you being an abusive father or mother or violent and dangerous partner to being a loving father or mother and more accepting and gracious partner.
Bishop Brian Tamaki
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Of course weak days exist, I'm human and I accept it but I really have found me, and I'm taking care of me because negativity is not something I want to carry around. We have enough of that shit in the world. #itstartswithyou #ifyouwantchange #vatotactical #selflove #selfcare #gemini #positivevibes

Since becoming a vegetarian I have felt like the best version of myself yet. Get on board if you feel like a change cause I feel great. 🙏

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These kind of photos are what I call motivation!

This was 9 years ago when I was much younger, but felt much worse. Everything in life was more difficult for me.
I didn't feel as good about myself so my confidence was low. My confidence being low led me to being more fearful to try things or step outside of my comfort zone. Walking up stairs would get me winded. None of my clothes fit me the way I wanted. Doing normal daily physical things was a lot more of a challenge because it required more effort; things like cleaning the house, gardening, carrying the salt for my water softener, doing physical activities with my friends, etc. Everything was just harder.
I decided that was not how I wanted to live the rest of my life. So I looked for some help to learn how I can get out of that situation and never be back there again. Maybe one of the best life decisions I ever made.

If you're feeling at all like I was back then, don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't let pride get in your way, like it did for me, which held me back from feeling as great as I could. If you're at the point where you're ready to feel better or just get some more information on how you can, please let me know. I'd be happy to share with you some of the things I've done to feel better. 😀

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✨No Challenge, No Change!!✨#ChallengeYourself #Ifyouwantchange

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