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Sunday inspiration to live by. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #karenstonejamberrynails #igetpaidtohaveprettynails #sundayinspiration #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough

•If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new Hello• Paulo Coelho 👣 • • New York I will always fall in love with you over & over again. You inspire me, fill my Soul with Happiness & you surprise me with tons of Adventures everyday! The Best it yet to come 💫

One book down! 🤘 Now I'm on to the art and science of photography video series, which I'm pretty pumped for.
I really can't wait to apply it all to the camera, canvas, and clay. I have to say though; the best part has been starting to feel comfortable in my own skin again. #musicandart heal. #booklearnin #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough #expansion #whistlewhileyouhustle

And tonight it's Nana's turn 😂 💝Kids off to Nana's
💝Hubby at work
💝Mammy glued to the settee, with a glass in 1 hand, my phone in the other and the zapper somewhere in easy reach 🙌
I even intend on not breaking the evening pittle seal 💪

Day job over, time for business and peace 🤗

#helloweekend #letsgetdowntobusiness #workfromhome #nonstop #actilife #mlm #alwayswinning #betheboss #liveyourdreams #loa #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough #ifyoualwaysdowhatyoualwaysdidyoullalwaysgetwhatyoualwaysgot

I finally did it. I’ve been wanting to launch a new blog for quite some time. I absolutely loved my little “Bliss to Bean” blog, but it just felt like it was time to own my own name! Im totally relearning how to blog (Wordpress) and self hosting is kinda a big deal?! 👌🏻 I hope to inspire, uplift, and encourage women as I follow my dreams and hopes in life. I will be posting bi-weekly and cannot wait to share my heart with you. Hope you’ll follow along! 💗 #courage #new #blog #writer #be #blogger #wordpress #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will | Suzy Kassem
Not too long ago, I realized that I’d tucked away a number of dreams I once had and exchanged them for more “tangible” ones. I had stopped dreaming big because I thought those goals were unrealistic and therefore, a waste of time. I learned that I was settling for less than what I was capable of simply because I lacked the confidence to believe that I could achieve greater.
I reflected on the dreams I used to have and the idea of actually pursuing them and it terrified me. Yet, when I thought about the goals I had set for myself now, I was also terrified because they seemed so mediocre.
So, I was presented with the choice of either being terrified of pursuing my crazy dreams or being terrified of being mediocre.
Of course, then, I chose to be terrified while chasing my dreams. However scared I am of the unknown, I am also extremely excited for what the future has in store for me and that was a feeling I never had when I chose to settle.
I know that there are expectations for us to take a certain path in order to be successful: going to college, getting married, buying a car and a house, etc. For me, fear of ”staying on track” drove me to throw away my passions and dreams. With that, I discarded my belief in myself to accomplish amazing things.
When you’re given the choice to chase your dreams or play it safe, which will you choose?
Whether your dream is to become the next Guy Tang, work under Chef Gordon Ramsey, or make it to the NFL, I hope that you KEEP DREAMING and KEEP BELIEVING that YOU CAN DO IT. And I hope that you join me in fearlessly pursuing your dreams and challenging the limits of your potential. ✨✨
Real quick: I ordered size XS, little bit too long for me, but NBD 🤷🏻‍♀️, 100% squat proof, there’s a little extra room in the booty for me, but eh, I plan on growing anyways. I AM SO OBSESSEDDD. These may be my favorite leggings I’ve ever gotten so far??? 😱😬🤩

Alright friends I need your help picking my new Sales Director jacket for this year! They are both super cute! HELP? #1 or #2?! #mymklife #dressedforSuccess #missionPinkCaddy #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough! #help!!

Take that step. You have nothing to lose and amazing things to gain.
#gypsysoulmb #makefashionanadventure

Watching this girl’s journey has been the ultimate inspiration✨🙌🏻✨... CLIENT👏🏼 FRIEND👏🏼INSTRUCTOR👏🏼... 💥SHE GOT IT ALL💥! We are SO hyped to OFFICIALLY have her on our team🍾🍾! Catch @jenni2619 EVERY Sunday @ 1️⃣0️⃣3️⃣0️⃣AM & THIS Friday @ 5️⃣3️⃣0️⃣PM #strongertogether #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough

Today we celebrate a man who made it his mission to make a difference in other people’s lives, to make a change so unheard of and so dangerous, it shook the world. It was one he would sacrifice his whole life to see come to fruition. Keep moving forward in ALL your visions, hopes, endeavors... Don’t let fear stop you and ALWAYS pursue your dreams. Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! #celebratefreedom #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough #martinlutherkingjr #haveadream #equality #love #dontlethatewin

I’m so thankful for #ASTP for putting on this convention for me to be able to extend my knowledge of spray tanning and even more thankful for all of you who have supported me-clients, family, friends, and colleagues! Here is to smashing those 2018 goals! #setgoals #ifyourdreamsdontscareyoutheyarentbigenough #sundaesspraytanning #education #businesswoman #entrepreneur #myyeartogrow #passion #drive #successismyonlyoption #youcandoanythingyouputyourmindto #sunlesssummit #bronzelife #talktan

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