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In case you might need a happy post. Ranger will make you smile and laugh. @ninaaaalee sent me this little video. ❤️🤣 #babylaugh #happy #ifyouneedit #lovethislife #greatnephew 💙🦋😍

I recently got in to a disagreement with my husband...one of those situations that is like a runaway freight train. It came in fast...we did not even see...no preparation for what was coming. We both had no idea what was the catalyst. Trying to fix it only made it worse. We were unclear about what undercurrent of emotions was leading the charge. We took space...I went for a car ride and listened to music. I found myself boiling...incensed...The song “big girls don’t cry” was playing on the radio. The truth...I am a big girl and all I wanted to do was cry. I needed a good release. With a firm finger, I powered off the radio pulled over the car and let it flow!!! 😢😢😢😩...it wasn’t a bad thing...it wasn’t weakness...it was just energetic clarity coming forth like a rushing water fall. This release allowed me to come back to my husband rooted and clear to nurture our coupled energy...I apologized and asked to be held and heard. We were able to acknowledge the undertones and move forward.
In the past this situation would have derailed an entire day...who knows maybe longer. I would have clawed my way to resolution without understanding my feelings. My emotions are big...sometimes overwhelming ...They scream to be acknowledged...I used to scream the feelings out of my body before feeling them while they sat inside of me. With patience, compassion and a lot of humility this is shifting.
I am a big girl and yes...big girls do cry.. and apologize and humble themselves.

This song gave me LIFE today ❤️❤️❤️ #sweetreminders #thankyouJesus🙏 #ifyouneedit #recieveit

My stomach has forever been my most insecure body area. I remember even when I was in grade 8 thinking I needed to make it flat to wear a dress for grad. It's amazing what words do for our minds as we grow up right? Anyhoo, that carried on into adulthood too. It's always the area I wanted to cover up. For the first EVER in my life, Im confident. And I don't even have a flat stomach 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼 but I have some abs, it's tighter and I just FEEL good. Feeling good in your skin is what's important. I FINALLY after years of Monday restarting, and struggling with eating... I've found something that works. I don't restrict myself, I drink my wine and eat pizza and cookies too. I drink lots of water, eat lots of healthy meals & workout consistently. Girl, if you're reading this and you feel me, please NEVER stop trying. Don't give up. Keep trying new ways of getting healthy. DONT fall for the quick fixes or you'll forever get back to starting over when it doesn't work anymore. Find a solution that sticks to the basics: exercise + nutrition + healthy, happy mind. Whether it's at the gym, doing classes, working with a coach or doing at home workouts. KEEP TRYING until you find something that sticks. Because on the other side of feeling insecure, is confidence. And you DESERVE to feel it 🙏🏼💜 and it feels freaking amazing. It's WORTH the trying, failing and trying again! I promise 💕 #imalwaysheretohelp #ifyouneedit

Forgiveness. I’ll say it time and time again, forgiveness is for yourself not the person who hurt you. That’s with all relationships. You will not be at peace until you learn to forgive others for your sake instead of theirs. Been a long time in the making and I’m still struggling but I’m finding that inner peace. #trusttheprocess #ifyouneedit

1-OWNER 2015 VW Jetta TSI 5-speed manual w/only 12,324 miles!! L.O.A.D.E.D with all the options & super clean! 💯🔥🔥#boom #nofilter #nofilterneeded #1owner #creampuff #lowmiles #leather #leathersosoft #navigation #stickshift #vbcarguy #shoredrautoworld #shoredrive #carfaxadvantagedealer #creditrepair #ifyouneedit #comedrivethis #buyme

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