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2 year anniversary of leaving Domestic violence
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Conne de naissance virgule
j'suis v'nue avec une duck face de crasse t'sais.
Pis ma job de va-nu-pied...
Ç'est la plus BELLE affaire que j'ai jamais "su-pporter". Elle pis moi, on s'aime égale by the way.
Saches ça ! 💝⚖️💝 #lovemyjob #leatherapron #goodjob #welldone #ifuckingmadeit #moé #selfie #selflove #picdechix #mauditechanceuse #connedenaissance #beaucommemoi #canyoufeelthemagic 💃🏻✨

THANK THE GODS! I freaking made it!! My calves are burning, but I made it 🙏💖😍 To Los Angeles I go!! #closecall #norwegian #praisethegods #paganpride #losangeles #ifuckingmadeit

Here's to 2018. So far...SOOO GOOOOD!😋🤗💙🌠🌘💙
#2018 #mauilife #warmthesebones #halfmoon #aloha #ifuckingmadeit!

New Year's Eve.

Every year on this day I meet up with friends I don't normally see. What seems like a decade ago, we shared the experiences of a year abroad in Lesotho. Since then, our paths split in the most varying directions, but they cross at the end of every year, celebrating a new one to come. "How was your year", is one of the most popular questions when we see each other. So we get a glimpse of the other person's life, apart from major changes also the well thought through deep shit. Experiences that changed us, the people we met or the ones we left behind. A few of us got better this year, some worse. And yes, sometimes life seems like a lottery.
This year, we walked up the hills of the Olympia Park in Munich. After Sipho and I carried Anna up there cause she couldn't walk due to a surgery, our group stopped on top of the hill a minute before midnight. People were already literally firing away what they got. And for a minute I stood there, in the middle of this crowd, maybe five metres away from my friends, looking up to the sky filled with fireworks and I couldn't help but shout into this New Year's Eve sky "I fucking made it!". A year ago I thought I just ended the worst year of my life – then came 2017. There were parts of this year when I wasn't sure – and this was one of the most destructive feelings I ever had, that I am only fully able to understand because I went through it – if I would live to see 2018. I made it. Damn, guys, I fucking made it. Yes, some things were my fault, a lot of things definitely weren't and if I demand fairness in life I know I could jab myself in the stomach with a knife right away. There's no such thing as fairness in life. But there is strength and there is hope and there is this goddamn little something that I can't define that got me here. So yup, my answer to "How was your year", is a damn sad one. One that left rage, shock, tears, blankness on my friends' faces. But after all it was an answer I was there to give. And if I could make it through this year, I can make it through anything. Bye Felicia.

#2kdanceteen #byefelicia #newyear #firework #ifuckingmadeit #end #newbeginnings #depression #suicide #newhorizons

2018 Redlands New Year big orange 🍊 ball drop #ifuckingmadeit

#HappyBirthday To The Fucking 👑 King Of This Shit! #IFUCKINGMADEIT

When one of your favorite childhood rappers starts following you on Instagram... #ifuckingmadeit #boss #winning @nappyroots

Las semanas sin dormir por fin tuvieron sus frutos 😎😎😭🎓 #IFuckingMadeIt #Pastelera #Patissier #GraduationDay #Chef

i literally fucking cried when i got here. earth has so many beautiful and magical fucking places that have been given to us. it doesn't even look real, it was just so perfect. #canyonsunset #grandcanyon #gradtrip #asugrad #ifuckingmadeit #naturerules #nofilter

Today, I hiked this hard ass mountain. Wanted to quit on the way up. I honestly was like, fuck the cross, I just wanna go home. Sometimes shit gets hard. And our heart races fast. Its hard to breath. The light at the end of the tunnel is to fucking far away. Its too hard. But with friends, life is easier and happier. If it was just me, I would have turned around. Today, I'm thankful for friends. Because without them I wouldnt have been able to hike hard mountains, feel so fucking alone, and at times, lost. When one is supported through compassion, authenticity and genuinity.. All things are possible.
Lets take the time to support people. To lift them up. Dont tell them what to do. Don't "should" them. Just listen. Hold space. Say, yes you can do this. Don't you ever throw shit in their face. Help them rise above their mess. Be a real friend, and show you care by not projecting or setting conditions. Learn to love a person even if they arent perfect. Even if they are feeling messed up. Learn to love unconditionally. Set boundaries, yes. Let go when needed, yes. But always have compassion. And always lift a person up when they are down. If you are not lifting others up, you are hurting them.

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Alltså, vilken jäkla dag! Kört från Eskilstuna till Västerås utan spolarvätska och med plånboken kvar hemma😓 Skrivit ut 11 artiklar och upptäkt att var tredje sida är randig eller blank. Fått sitta och försöka klura ut vilka sidor som saknas till vilken artikel🙈 När allt är sorterat och klart kommer kattskrället kutande och slirar i min pappershög så allt blir ett typ 150 sidors kaos. Kom försent till skolan och fick köra till skolan utan spolarvätska i bilen men med våtservetter i beredskap. Från skolan till macken och tankar spolarvätska och sen till gymmet med lätt cardiopuls. Nu ska jag försöka med vad som borde bli en ny olympisk gren, nämligen skriva examensarbete tillsammans med görpigg 1åring💪🏻😍🤘🏻 #ifuckingmadeit

1 year ago.. Nostalgia af💔 12.11.2016❤️🔐 @justinbieber @purposetour #PurposeTourPrague #IFUCKINGMADEIT

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