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2014 or 2017?

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they look like a married couple @harryrelate

Don't be ashamed of who u are. That's your parents job

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AW LOOK AT MY BABE 😍😭 #TLC was LIT with her but bad without #romanreigns 😕 I was happy and pround of her bc she win last night at #TLC and honestly now she deserve more ! #sashabanks #wwe 💜✨☝


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Cuando te sientes enamorado
sin a nadie soñar a tu lado,
cuando un sonido evoca una imagen
y la quietud se te antoja viaje,
hay música.
Cuando la libertad es tu himno
y tus latidos marcan su ritmo;
cuando sabes que tu alma es única,
parezca a otros bella o impúdica,
eres música.

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Melody excused herself quickly and walked back into the apartment and Jesse turned to Serenity, “I leave for ten minutes and this girl pulls a disappearance act on me,” he spoke animatedly. Serenity shook her head and shrugged. “I can keep texting her but she hasn’t replied.”

Jesse sighed deeply, “Where is this girl?” He said more to himself than to the girls in front of him.

He pulled out his phone and saw the time change to 12:02AM, he rolled his eyes. He had to send everyone home. Mrs. Johnson was an old lady and hated being disturbed in the night by loud music. She was ‘kind’ enough to let them play until midnight.

“I have to shut the party down,” he stated. Serenity put a hand on his shoulder, “Hate to break it to you but half the people inside there are shitfaced drunk.”

Jesse shrugged, “Bella made sure to have designated drivers. You, Joseph, Mel, Sam, and Aaliyah. Take as many people as you can. Give Mel my keys, she’ll know what to do.”

“Are you sure? I’ll feel kind of bad leaving you without knowing where Isabella is.” Jesse shook his head. “It’s fine. She probably just went to the store to get more napkins. She knows the city by now.” He convinced himself, Damn well knowing no stores were open at midnight.

Serenity decided not to call him on it, and nodded her head. “Alright. I’ll see what I can do.” She took Jesse’s keys and smiled, “Goodnight, Jess. See you on Monday.”

He nodded his acknowledgment before looking at the building in front of him. Something drew him towards the building, but he shook it off. He could’ve sworn he saw a glimpse of red hair and a green shirt but he just rubbed his eyes. Sam brought some strong weed over.

He turned around and walked back into his apartment.

This gear at #TLC Omfg !! 😍💖
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