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Man I love my team!!! Our tribe & community is growing every day!!👭👬 More & more gorgeous souls joining the team, going in the direction of their dreams 💭 & building their legacy and making a massive impact!!! 💝

A team of growing leaders, collaborating together to make magic happen, and to think we are just getting started !!
We need help, and are looking for amazing people to join the mission, to join the team, help share the message and in turn get more of what tou want in life!! ❤️Mummies On A Mission
👀Social Media Gurus
🙋School Teachers
☀️Health and Wellness Warriors
👯Trainers, Coaches

No matter your passion, your background or your past... We have room for 5 new teamies to come in, see what we do and make a massive impact, not only in your life, but the lives of others !!! Is that You?? #bossbabeliferocks #beyourownboss #ownyourownlife #befree #thefutureisbright #answertonoone #dreambig #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges

Couldn’t find the best quote to describe exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Started going to the gym again. I’ve lost 5 lbs, 18 more to go. Looking for motivation and some inspiration. One thing is for sure, I know that I will not quit. I’ve made that mistake far too many times.

Yesterday’s post was about listening to validate. Today’s message is about gently but firmly challenging a client to change. Often, when a client says they’re feeling uncomfortable, the therapist knows s/he’s on the right track. We support the client in their feelings while encouraging them to make needed change in their lives. #intuition #therapy #change #gettingunstuck #movingforward #breakthrough #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges

What have I proven to myself lately? That I can surrender to the flow of change around me with grace. Grateful for new outings with new friends in a new town. #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges #pinkdress #thatblueglow #newness #thankscreator #proven

Are you the type of person who OVERTHINKS EVERYTHING!! 🙋🏻‍♀️. Goes back and forth about a million times about even the smallest decisions 😩. I think most of do 😉 but on the occasion when I just trust and believe and do it I’ve found that great things can happen...like finding at home programs that could change my life..that being able to inspire others and help them live a healthier lifestyle.....today think of one thing that you have been wanting to do or try and just believe and do it Cuz without change we don’t change...I’d love to hear what you did so post below 👇🏻 #wednesdaywisdoms #heresyoursign #justbelieve #youcandoanything #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges #inspirewithdesire #momblessed #momof1boy #hockeymoms

3am Drip! My motto is “If I would eat at 3am, then why can’t I workout at 3am”! #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges #whatgotmeherewontgetmethere BAD HEALTH IS EASIER TO PREVENT THAN TO CURE! I got an agenda & it’s gone take a long life to accomplish it. Thanks @zentifulbeautyandspa for the LIT SKIN & Lashes!

Olen tänä vuonna miettinyt paljon omia tavoitteita ja haaveita. Jotta tavoitteet saavuttaa, on ne tärkeää kirjoittaa ylös. Se auttaa myös säilyttämään focuksen, lisää rohkeutta muuttaa totuttuja tapojaa ja hyppäämään ulos mukavuusympyrästä. Siellä se kaikki kehitys nimittäin tapahtuu! Haluan kehittää itseäni koko ajan, pyrkiä parempaan ja olemaan paras versio omasta itsestäni. Konkreettisten asioiden saavuttaminen tuo onnistumisen iloa ja onnellisuutta elämään, mutta itseasiassa matka on päämäärää tärkeämpi. Joten uskalla unelmoida, haastaa itseäsi ja hypätä mukavuusalueelta ja ennen kaikkea nauttia matkasta. Silloin tapahtuu huikeita juttuja 😘
#happy #onnellinen #tavoitteet #focus #mindset #unelmistatotta #trustyourself #betterlife #behappier #grateful #healthyactivelifestyle #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges

There is no quick fix in life, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Stress, diet, and whatever form of exercise you have plays a huge part. If you aren’t willing to put in the time, sweat and tears and make lasting changes then you’ll never get the results you desire. Believe me, I’ve tried just doing Thrive and not changing anything else. Sure I felt great because my body finally had the nutrients it needed but nothing else changed until I made the changes. I am at a happy place with my body because I feel good from the inside out. I feel stronger and healthier. #IfNothingChangesThenNothingChanges #FeelGoodFromTheInsideOut #ThriveDoesABodyGood #StickWithIt #PersistenceIsKey #YouAreWorthIt #HealthyLiving #BossBabe #Entrepreneur #MLM #Thrivecoastline #FinallyGettingMeBack

I’m looking for ✌ NEW!!!! Ready to get the best skin of your life...this weekend freebie on the line for ya!!! Or better yet JOIN ME, lets have some fun this Summer! Say yes to an opportunity for YOU!!!! Here are the requirements:
1️⃣ You MUST have skin!
2️⃣ You MUST love being your own boss!
3️⃣ You MUST want to have a piece of this billion+ dollar company!
4️⃣ You MUST want to have fabulous skin & lashes!
5️⃣ You MUST own a phone, laptop, computer or tablet!
6️⃣ You MUST want to choose the hours you “work!”
7️⃣ You MUST want to earn some extra cash each month!
✳ Patio Party is an added BONUS!! If you meet ANY of these requirements, then let’s chat! You have NOTHING to LOSE and SO much to GAIN!!🤗 #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges #tarahug #workfromhome #FinancialFreedom #YoureWorthIt #SummerOfYes #OwnYour24

And yes fun incentives on the line all weekend!!! 😘😘

Thankful for ALL my friends. The hood ones, poor ones, well off ones, childhood ones BUT what’s interesting the ones who makes/ have 7 FIGURE incomes or the ones who check on me the MOST!! Surround yourself with people who will push you, encourage you, support you, challenge you to GREATNESS. Thanks @emilyeisenach @lifewithsara_t for being there, texting, inboxing, etc. if you are a lady or know a lady who wants more out of life JOIN me tomorrow at this FREE event. PM for details & information. #FindAWHYThatMakesYouCRY #GoIntoAction #IfNothingChangesThenNothingChanges #DontWantToHearGossip #TellMeTheGospel #JustTryingToBeGreat #LeaveALegacy #WomenEmpowerment #BuildChampions #GOAT #GRIT

For anyone reading this, if you work hard, but feel like you are capable of so much more, feel that you are so much more, capable of so much more, want to experience so much more. I was there to. Know this, opportunities exist. That voice that speaks to you in your gut those are the dreams still alive that you've had since you were a child. When you believed you could accomplish anything and we're fearless go get them. You can it's just a choice! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is making a change. Sometimes the best thing to do is make a change.
#dreams #vision #oppertunity #befearless #entrepreneur #goals #ifnothingchangesthennothingchanges #faith #hope #beyourownboss #fitnation

Seriously can think of ten reasons NOT to work out today: ✔️been up since 230✔️I’m tired✔️had a movie date with my mom✔️I’m cramping✔️my head hurt✔️I have laundry to do✔️I haven’t been home ✔️I need to be fixing dinner✔️I can go tomorrow✔️need to be ironing clothes and ONE to make me just do it✔️THE REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR #IfNothingChangesThenNothingChanges #JustDoIt #LeanIn13 #CommitToFit #canada🇨🇦 #Razorbacks #Travel #Beach #VitaminSea #Goals #MommaOnAMission #Abs #Georgia🍑#Corleyville

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