If @tylerperry ever makes a prequel film to the HAHN series then Diamond should portray the “younger” version of Candace Young

Who else is excited about a new episode tomorrow?

Guys, “Girl Talk” was SOOOOO close to being a good episode! I really recommend watching! I’ve seen a lot of viewers talking about Nyla being dumb, ignorant, stupid, disrespectful, etc. BUT I think Stephanie is doing a great job with the character because NYLA is a real character!!!! She represents so many women in the world today in toxic/abusive relationships. The episode gets major points for that, BUT it falls prey to the normal pit traps of nearly every other Payne’s episode: overused laugh track, bad puns/jokes inserted when they weren’t needed, dragged out scenes like the first 7-8 minutes of Curtis going in and out of the backdoor during the “Girl Talk” and Ella having to yell CURTIS!!! If this episode had been more serious then it would easily be the BEST of this series. Overall, “Lynn’s Nightmare” is probably still my favorite episode, but “Girl Talk” is easily in my Top 5.

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Well we see than Vinny wants to handle Wyatt PERSONALLY instead of letting the Malone family in on this! It really shows that he trusts Mitch with the task of tracking down Wyatt. I loved this scene 👍 #hahn #owntv #own #Oprah #tylerperry #tylerperrystudios #thehavesandhavenots #thehavesandthehavenots #subscribe #youtube #linkinbio #youtuber #tubebuddy #thepaynes #iflovingyouiswrong #socialmedia

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