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new blog post up on the very important job we have as children of God and knowledge I gathered from the @ifgathering go check it out if ya want! 💕 #ifgathering #iflocal

This is my mom. This weekend I got to watch her open a place of ministry and welcome women into Jesus' presence. I got to watch her do what the Lord has called, gifted and equipped her to do. I'm forever grateful for her faithfulness and for the faithfulness of God displayed in her life. And I'm also just real glad she's my mama. 💗 (And I forgot to take good pictures of the actual event but it happened!) #lydiashousebrenham #ifgathering #iflocal

If you haven't watched @ellieholcomb lead #iflocal worship at the beginning of #ifgathering2017 Session 2, go do that RIGHT NOW. And then stay for awhile. 👉🏼👉🏼 Live.ifgathering.com

Four years ago I sat on the floor of my dorm room, tears streaming down my face, listening to this crazy, loud blonde Texan talk about Jesus and discipling a generation (yes, @jenniesallen, that was you). I stumbled upon @ifgathering because of a friend's Instagram post (I had just met this friend a month before IF in my community group at @passion268--craaaazy). Staring at the screen, I had never felt more sure of what the Lord wanted for my life. However, being 19, leading a whole bunch of women sounded insane. The next year, two weeks before IF 2015, I decided to host it at Webster Baptist Church, in Sylva, NC. All by myself. Running from the stage to the sound booth--back and forth and back and forth. Around 20 women came that Saturday. IF 2016, I had a team. A Lindsey to my own crazy Jennie. We had around 50 women. But that was the year the enemy tried to defeat me. He tried to tell me I wasn't equipped, wasn't called, wasn't qualified. He tried to make me think I wasn't enough and that I had nothing to offer. But I told him no, and told Him yes. This year we held @if_jacksoncounty and we had about 80 women. 80. Things are changing in Sylva NC--in Jackson County. Things are changing because of obedience. When you say yes to Him, things change. And to think...I would have missed so much if I had given in and given up. #ifgathering2017 #ifjc2017 #iflocal

@latashamorrison, for the past three years, you have inspired me to desire authenticity and grow more as a listener than a talker. Thank you for the impossibly hard #bethebridge blueprints you give to us. #ifgathering2017 #ifwestminster #iflocal

Friends and Family: Go to the steps of your souls, and ask yourself, "What am I dreaming for my people and my place? In times of crisis, we cannot forget to dream. In times of division, we cannot forget the power of multiplication in hope.

#iflocal #ifaletheia @aletheiaboston @ifgathering #afterobediencecomescourage #allthewayhome

Repost from @ifgathering . So excited to go in September! Thank you everyone who voted! #ianandlarissa #IFLocal

IF:Cochabamba on this beautiful, sunny day! 💜 #ifgathering2017 #iflocal

Dwell. Such a beautiful word for the weekend; a time typically filled to the brim, when we so desperately need rest & restoration. Are you spending time dwelling in His presence, His word & His body this weekend?
image by @carolann_morgan | calligraph by @whitneyfarnsworth | #iflocal IF: Park San Antonio #ifparksa2016


Love these lyrics. I've been listening to a cd from college (we don't have Christian radio here in Oman) and this song challenges me. WHY NOT love the life I'm in? God has a special plan and purpose for each of us. This doesn't mean life is easy; He never guarantees us that we'll be without trials. In fact, trials are an opportunity lean in to Him. My expat friends, if you're struggling with life HERE, I pray you allow your hearts the chance to love this land and the people in your path. It doesn't happen instantly but Oman can grow on you. It can become home if you let it. Life HERE can be one you LOVE.

I've been doing tons of reflecting from over the last years about IF & about my relationship with God. I've been praying about things to come & I've been praying some pretty new big, bold prayers that I never imagined I'd be brave enough to pray.
There's a new season coming for my local IF ladies. It's exciting, it's scary, & I'm clueless of all the details but that's the absolute best part. We get to see God step in & work it all out.🙌🏼 Faithful he has been & faithful He will be! So for now I'll pray, trust, & wait for His lead.💖 #ifrandolphcounty2018 #ifgathering #iflocal #beingobedient #iflocalprepismyfavoriteseason #startswithprayer

IF began in Austin Texas and has since gone global. Check out ifgathering.com and read the "Who Are We". Jennie Allen's vision of women equipping women resonates deep within me. Women carry wounds and scars so deep that they close off to relationships with other women. God created us for connection and my heart loves nothing more than an authentic, vulnerable friendship. Women who encourage women are what we're about. We talk, laugh, pray and serve together.

Don't forget!! IF:Pray is coming up, and you are invited! September 28 @ 7:30. Locals, we'll be at FBC this year. And thousands more will gather in homes and churches around the nation and globe. We are seeking our God in prayer as a sisterhood of His daughters. Simple. Pure. All for Jesus.
#ifprayillinois #fbcsycamore #iflocal #ifdekalbco #pray #womensministry #ifdekalb

Bright beginnings. Futures so bright we gotta wear 🕶 .
First planning meeting of my favorite equipping event for women in 2018 and we are stoked. Yes @jenniesallen we still say stoked 💥
Dude -that's maple syrup I swear.
#Iflocal #iflead2017 #ifstoked #ifhumbled #girlfriendsbelike❤️ #BrightBeginnings

Flashback to when #ifgatheing took us to Guatemala and in just a couple of weeks we will be at #iflead2017 in Dallas! Super excited to be reunited with these amazing women of God (missing you @rutheg60 from the pic) ❤️

As busy women and mothers we may sometimes feel like we aren't doing enough. We want to be a part of big things. Remember that small things matter. The kingdom of God Is impacted by the way you mother your children, encourage your friends and serve in local communities.

Yesterday's message from Jill Briscoe was powerful. As expats some of us arrive in Muscat reluctantly. It takes a few months or more to adjust to life outside your home country and realistically some things are simply never the same. However, God has brought each of us here to Oman. His plan and purpose are PERFECT.
My prayer is that each of us would seek to find a community that encourages and challenges us. You are a blessing to others and we are happy you're here!

We are watching Jill Briscoe this morning at our monthly Muscat Women's Fellowship meeting in Muscat, Oman. Thank you @ifgathering for the ability to purchase this wonderful material and share it across the world. We are grateful!

Such a great night speaking at IF:Baylor. Talked about community and heard women share their experiences of mentoring the next generation. The best part was that Clarey asked to go as I was walking out the door. "You want to go and be surrounded by Godly women of all ages talking about Jesus? Um, yes!" She listened, she participated in the discussion, not to mention she was the best publicist I could have asked for as she worked my book table. 😉 #ifgathering #iflocal #ifcollege #ifbaylor #ministry #community #women #womensministry

Local gals! PM me for details. We are joining hearts and hands in prayer for our community, alongside thousands of women across the nation and across the globe. And You Are Invited!!! #ifpray #iflocal #ifdekalb #ifdekalbco #ifprayillinois #ifpraydekalb #ifpraydekalbco

IF:Pray is happening again on September 28! Locals, we are gathering women at FBC Sycamore to come before the Lord together for each other, or communities, the nation, and the world. If you aren't local, there's likely a group near you that wants to pray! Or start one! Check out https://www.ifgathering.com/ifpray for more information. Thousands of women will be gathering that night in the name of Jesus all around the world, and He will tenderly hear every voice and heart. Oh, come pray with us... we can do nothing without Him. ♡♡♡ I love you, God! #ifpray #ifgathering #fbcsycamore #iflocal

It's almost time!! Tomorrow night is our monthly Women's Dinner!
6pm. New Lifeline Church. Dinner provided! All is welcome, being a new girlfriend!
Can't wait to be with you!!! #newlifelinechurch #ifgathering #iflocal

A few things about falling in trust from a girl who skinned her knees on the way there. •
New post for you who wonder which came first- trust ⚓️or love ❤️. #linkinprofile
#illgofirst #wearverybold #iflocal #womeninministry #amwriting #LetYourStoryOutToPreach #dancestandrun

Realignment time. Lake-style. God has such a way ❤️with me. ⚓️

Said a big yes ✔️today that I didn't wake up ready for. The kind where you say it, then you spend the rest of the day saying… •

Really? •

No, really?! •

Thankful for friends who talk me into the courage I was not born with. Abiding in the Vine like a fig strangler is going to be required. 🌱

#yasss #LetYourStoryOutToPreach #iflocal #wearverybold #wejustdontknowityet

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