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IF:Cochabamba on this beautiful, sunny day! 💜 #ifgathering2017 #iflocal

@latashamorrison, for the past three years, you have inspired me to desire authenticity and grow more as a listener than a talker. Thank you for the impossibly hard #bethebridge blueprints you give to us. #ifgathering2017 #ifwestminster #iflocal

Friends and Family: Go to the steps of your souls, and ask yourself, "What am I dreaming for my people and my place? In times of crisis, we cannot forget to dream. In times of division, we cannot forget the power of multiplication in hope.

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Year no.2 as the IF:FloMo band is a wrap! I'm honored to have served alongside these wonderful people. This weekend was a blessing! ••••••
#worshipleader #ifflomo #ifgathering2017 #iflocal

Repost from @ifgathering . So excited to go in September! Thank you everyone who voted! #ianandlarissa #IFLocal

God is so faithful. Being obedient is so worth it. He is truly always doing abundantly more than we could imagine.

None of the words I type feel adequate to express all that God has done in my heart this week. So all I will say is THANK YOU. Thank you to the leaders of IF for making this happen in all of its crazy glory. Thank you to the FM IF team that MAKE IT HAPPEN every year. I feel like I offer virtually nothing to this team and yet you graciously allow me to be a part of this. Thank you to everyone who spreads the word, donates, prays, and more. THANK YOU to every person in my life who knows Jesus, loves Jesus, and has loved me enough to share Jesus with me. Thank you for your obedience to the Gospel. Because of you, I have everything I could ever need. And thank you to every person who shares Jesus' love and saving grace in word & deed every day, in order to add more to the eternal party we will someday join. Thank you to the women who come each year to join us at IF:Fargo-Moorhead and then go back to your mission fields, whatever home, church, or coffee shop that might be. Together, in our small acts of faith and obedience, we make a Kingdom coming to earth impact - thanks be to God.
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This lady brought so much truth. #ifgathering2017 #iflocal Friends, go watch the sessions!

new blog post up on the very important job we have as children of God and knowledge I gathered from the @ifgathering go check it out if ya want! 💕 #ifgathering #iflocal


"The beauty of changing seasons is that Jesus is always there." - Heather W. An encouraging word from @heather.williamson on the blog this evening - A Time For Everything (link in profile) What season are you in right now? How can we pray for you?

Day 8 REDEEMED : Have you ever been a part of a community that continually told stories? What was that like?

Key points from Day 8! Good stuff!!

Today calls for copious cups of coffee while I struggle outside my comfort zone well-ish. You see, I've been asked to speak this September at a womans retreat, {I know, hope for us all if this hot mess can use her struggles and flaws to point to Jesus!} AND I'm prepping for PURSUIT in my backyard next week!!! I'm so excited and in awe of how God can take someone like me, and continues to mould me into what He desires...IF I'm willing.

And I am.
I'm so not wanting to waste this one life on selfish desires, and that can be oh so tempting! We all have that choice, so I'm reminding myself, and maybe you too, to choose well this week. Be kinder than necessary. Smile at a stranger. Give grace. Give mercy. Be true love. The only way we can do that is if we're spending time in the word and allowing the Holy Spirit to truly work in our hearts and minds. That being said, can I be so bold to ask you pray for me as I keep taking steps of faith? Thanks so much friends!
OK, who's coming to #pursuit? I wanna see your cute faces! Tag your friends, sisters, neighbors and coworkers! It's going to be a great time! 🙌🌿
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Day 7 of Redeemed study

The parts of our lives we think no one will "get"...someone will. But you have to speak it out.

Lately I have been reminded over and over again about how privileged we are in America to have access to the Bible without fear of persecution. At the IF:Local conference last weekend we were told a story about women gathering together to learn the scriptures and memorize them and pray all the while not knowing if their children would still be alive or at home when they went back due to the religious police. How convicting! I have the actual word of God at my fingertips and I will usually settle for Facebook or Instagram to fill my free time. I'm reading through the Bible using a great app on my phone, but I felt like I have been lazy in my actual study of the scripture. So, yesterday I picked up a fresh journal and started in Philippians. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store. If you are in the same position, join me! Tell me where you are diving in and what you are learning! #bible #scriptures #truth #timewithgod #freedom #momma #momlife #philippians #fellowship #iflocal

And He gives us PEOPLE to share our stories with! Your story doesn't have to me drama filled or screen worthy, just share with the people around you all that God does in your life. He is in the details - small matters.

This year, I gave my story over to God. Total surrender. He is the single author. Never have I felt more joy or peace.

Baby girl and I at our first women's conference together ;-) so many great reminders about discipleship and how we can complicate the great commission by feeling like it needs to be a big and grand ordeal. Jesus changed the world with a group of broken, sinful men by just doing life with them, teaching them, and loving them. So powerful. All in all, tonight was amazing and I cannot wait for the sessions tomorrow! #womensministry #itsallgoodep #ministry #iflocal #discipleship #momma #momlife #babygirl #babyontheway #babynumber2 #babybump #29weekspregnant

I am so excited for IF:Local to start in just a little bit! I can't wait to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for all of these lovely women! #fellowship #godisgood #holyspiritcome #iflocal #ministry #itsallgoodep #womensministry

Day 4 of REDEEMED --

Day 3 of REDEEMED study.

Are you pointing people to Jesus? - Redeemed (IF:Gathering app)

Afraid your story doesn't count? Don't know how to tell your story? Join me in the study of REDEEMED. All you need is the IF:Gathering app!

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