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We all need to start somewhere. Some people start with everything they need to succeed. Others start by working 6 nights a week in a shitty takeaway shop to pay off their first animal then busting their ass fencing to pay off a service fee to a bull.
Some people can say they did it, others can’t say they did it alone 🙌🏼 #IFinallymadeit #Cambroonpark #TripleC #Droughtmaster

I think , for the first time in my life, I am genuinely and amazingly greatful and happy. It took me a long time to figure out who I am and where/what I wanted to become. I have fought harder then I ever thought I could.
I can honestly say, I LOVE my job, MY home, the love I am so gratefully blessed to be receiving, and most importantly, I LOVE myself. I’m healthy, I’m alive and I AM love.
The The gratitude I have for those who have been there for me, I don’t think I could ever pay back. But just know I am forever grateful to you!!
I know it can only get better from here. This next chapter is going to be a big one, but I think I’m ready.
I finally did it. If I can do it, so can you!
#ifinallymadeit #loveallaround #beyourownkindofbeautiful #thisisjustthebeginning
#believeinyourselfalways #youarelove

‪4th largest milestone off the game makers bucket list #GDC #gdc18 #gdc2018 #indiegamer #ifinallymadeit

In case you lovely people didn't get to see this last time I posted it, here's a picture of me naked on top of knoblick tower, just letting my ass hair blow in the wind.

It finally happened y’all #ifinallymadeit #actuallyijustmadeitmyself

For this pineapple loving girl, this was a dream come true. 🍍💕 #ifinallymadeit #pineapplefountain🍍

Top picture is in 2008. The note reads #nashvilleorbust. Bottom picture 2018 reads #ifinallymadeit #nashville. Life takes you down a lot of paths and we've never lost touch. And in about 12 hours, we'll be listening to @anniefdowns preach at @crosspoint_tv #crosspointchurch. So thankful for you my friend! @tmgatorgirl15 #friendshipgoals #friends #anniefdowns #100daystobrave #brave #travel #real #reallife #authentic #enneagram7

The only thing that should make leaving college bearable is the hope against hope that you are taking the best part of it with you. .
. .. #officiallygraduated🎓 #ifinallymadeit #success #happymoments #achievement #friendshipgoals #happiness #proudmoment #photooftheday #instapicture #instagood #loveyourself #smile

This journey blessed me with so many different outcomes throughout these past years! I'm very proud of myself for striving to become the young lady I am. I started something and now I'm finishing it! Lord knows I couldn't do it without you, my parents, siblings, and friends. There is absolutely 6 weeks left, and I will be graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Health Science 🐝🎓! #IFinallyMadeIt #ALadyWithAPlan

OAN: Family and Friends.. If you would like to come, please inbox me your addresses, and I will mail you an invitation if I can't reach out to you personally! Thanks❤

New hair cut !!!!!! Lol 4 more days til i leave i woll miss you all so much
Comment if u eill miss me to !!!! #trade #freshcut #ifinallymadeit

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