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"Don't you miss me when I'm gone, cause bitch you're the fucking reason that I'm not around" #dark #goth #gothic #grunge #sad #sadness #alone #lund #broken #brokenlund #lundbroken #rose #bubbles #goodbye #ifeellikeimdrowning #letmedownslowly

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Song: I feel like im Drowning By: Two Feet
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Obviously not perfect, but I'm getting there 🤷🏻‍♂️ might make a full cover once I've got it. #shortcover #songcover #ifeellikeimdrowning #sadboyshit #vocals #guitar #jackson #livingroomcovers

I'm drowning🔥❤🎶 (eu sumi eu sei porém volteii). #ifeellikeimdrowning

“My life’s okay, just when you’re not around me...
I feel like I’m drowning..”
Typographical art inspired by the song “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” by Two Feet
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You're killing me so slow just when you're not around me.
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Elle peint son visage pour cacher son visage, ses yeux sont une eau profonde, la geisha est l’artiste d’un monde flottant, elle danse, elle chante, elle vous diverti, tout ce que vous voulez, le reste ce sont des ombres, le reste c’est un secret.

Mémoires d’une geisha.


If only one could so easily drift away from the bersek world we are born into .
The things that rule this place are most certainly demons none the less, they try to rap our minds turning them into frightful devices of pure destruction, either to others or themselves.
Their pain is forever engraved, for they cannot escape it.
Nowhere to run, no place to hide from the sorrow loafing in the air.
The despise of one and another are easily detected even from a far.
I'm trapped in this cycle of insanity gnawing at my demolished skin.
The madness has taken possession of my mind.
Drowning in the despicable words etched into my soulless life form.
I only have the company of pure agony to lie down next to me as I look up at the gloomy skies thinking what in the world wasn't insane, but I was?
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Open the flooded gates in order to inhale the worrisome emptiness from the ever distant reachable depths of your being.
The familiar rising feeling of guilt mixed with pleasure feeling your lungs like the perfect cocktail combination, clad with powder and poison.
An inseparable amount of land you a stern lecture from the ER clipboard and he who encourages each letter it wears.
Tall, billowing flowers soon will grow from your empty stomach like a thick forest filling every inch, that is lacking.
Weaving stems and leaves firmly rapping tightly around your neck, using the remains of long lost empty bottles to fertilize its embolded self.
Unforgiving venom that is born in your fucked up little mind pumping through your veins resonating trust of success, never failing, never dying certainly killing.
Make me forget exerting impact jolt me forward, push me hard into forever slumber.
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I live in an absolute darkness.
My sins of vile ambitions have silenced the words of forgiveness from ever escaping the tip of my tongue.
I spit venom into the air that others inhale to breath, interrogating them.
Humans eyes deceive them in many ways for they can never seen the difference between their own kind and devils themselves.
They perceive the 'reality' that they only wish for.
Twilight is when the monster of corruption await their next victim who is complete from innocence.
Monsters engulfed me whole, while I pleaded and begged to die in silence instead.
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