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I laugh when I see you.. because you dont know anything
Its not that I was hiding, you just couldn't see me

우리 오빠야

Lalayeye ~

You're calling me a thorny bad girl, Yes. I'm a bad girl from the gossip that you made up - #ifabc

Real friend...
Sampai akhirnya kita bisa membedakan mana yang berlian dan mana yang batu biasa ketika ujian itu datang

My life is the featuring of art pieces that God made
#ifabc #bewhy

하기나해 .... Just do it 🐳

[2016] I need to be strong

가자 우리 touch the sky #ifabc


Lalayeye ~

"Tak ada bunga yang akan mekar tanpa terguncang, semua bunga indah di dunia ini, mereka mekar saat sedang terguncang. Saat sedang terguncang batangnya akan menjadi lurus. Tak ada cinta yg tak pernah terguncang. Dimana ada bunga yg akan mekar tnp terkena hujan? Semua bunga yg bersinar di dunia ini mekar saat diterpa hujan, saat angin bertiup dan air menghujani kelopak bunga, bunga akan mekar dengan hangat, dimana ada kehidupan yg berjalan tanpa ada masalah??"
#ifabc #school2013

Say hello to say goodbye
Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler..
Everything what you do, I see our end...
Am I really in love? Or am I dating to break up?
#ifabc #spoilerfthappenending #epikhigh

It's ok if you breath out, No one will blame you....
It's ok if you make mistakes once in a while because eveyone does that...
Someone's sigh, that heavy breath..
Just breath out until it fells there's nothing left inside of you...
It's oke I will hold you..
#ifabc #breath #이하이

Let's fight future! 수수 !!!

I dont feel anything when I see you hurt..
I dont feel too bad about being alone..
Even if I cheer myself up by looking at the timeline full of my curses..
Now I have no anger, I just yawn, grab shoulders and shake, curse at crazily even if you try to hurt me
#ifabc #gunjessi #asshole

Just bark before me, If you can't, please shut up..
On the outside they talk as if they are concerned, being fake getting you far in life?
Even you diss me, you cant console yourself, its the opposite
#ifabc #crazydog #yezi

My life is the featuring of art pieces that God made
#ifabc #bewhy

What's your dream?
Its you that are control of your life..
Why should money be standart of succses for everyone?
Actually, life is kind of unfair..
Life is long, its too early to give up after some falls..
Why do you worry too much? There are a lot of more interesting things than what you see.
Its a survival game, what makes you afraid
#gray #dreamchaser #ifabc

Booming system up, up... SS track SS track ⚠🔊
유후후후우우우 ..... 📣

하기나해 .... Just do it 🐳

Boleh bilang kalo ini namanya "vroom vroom channel" ? @fsafiran
Yang gue tag semoga bahagia 😊

Kecil kecil cabe rawit /? #ifabc

Everything is good, even without you
Everything is good, even when I’m alone at night
Everything is good, do you still hate me?
Even without you, I’m eating well
I’m not really lonely or alone at nights
We’re already spilled water
How can we put it back in the cup?
#ifabc #good #gray

[2016] I need to be strong

My solo life is sweet, except for when I have to eat by myself #ifabc

Aku akan hidup seperti rumput-rumput liar yang bertahan melalui segalanya bukan bunga yang mudah layu
#ifabc #YG #Bigbang

Haven't really set goal, I just keep going higher
#ifabc #dreamchaser

우리 오빠야

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