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Steve Jobs was a huge douche before God started receding that hairline! I'm glad he became more inspiring through the years!! #stevejobs #inspirational #quotes #apple #iphone #ieverything #technology #nohomo

Apple for life #iphone #ieverything

Bought an iPad today for the first time and I’m already obsessed. I don’t do big purchases like that very often so this was a splurge for me. Do you have one? Do you love it? #ipadlife #applewhore #ieverything

‘ Disturbance is unavoidable. ‘ #skyechopencilsails

The #loser baby, the #dispicableme , the #saleout , the #iphoney guy. A real #benedictarnold . A #dread in #dreadlocks with no #allegiance a #ronin we calls it here. A #sentimentalsavage #ofsorts I love my #itunes my #imessage , #ieverything . Also #idontneedit but it is #nice my #iphonex . My last one was the #iphone5s #ilovedit more than #reddit . I #deadass only got it cause #x is just #socool to me #b . im an #idiot #xD #pow ! #stupidpoetry #dumbpoetry #hashtagpoem

‘ In relationships, If you accept the unacceptable, you are to expect the disturbance.’ #skyechopencilwoman . . . What is your standard? Will you accept the unacceptable just to stay in a relationship? Could you be honest with yourself and admit you are accepting the unacceptable? Or did you do that in the past? Are you someone who always says :’this always happens to me in relationships!’ More precisely answer the two questions below and clear the ‘air’ for future or current relationships. ➡️1️⃣ What does My Level of Acceptance Today accept to be UNACCEPTABLE of what I Accepted To Be Acceptable in my past intimate relationships?
➡️2️⃣What does my level of acceptance today Accept to be Unacceptable of what I accepted to be acceptable of my partner in my past intimate relationships? ‼️Spend the organic time to dig deep and let your mind accept the actuality of your past and present SELF. This game that you play...it is with LIFE - it’s up to you to win it! #acceptance #relationshipquotes #relationshipgoals #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womenempowerment #womenofhawaii #justbecause #unacceptable #notthistime

‘ Only a mind can accept what the brain cannot believe. ‘ #skyechopencilquotes . . . 🧠 How many times have your brain tricked you? The brain wants what it wants! It has its limitations rooted in traditions, believes, value system thought to us in very early in each of our childhoods and our current environment. In other words - We would never win if it was up to our brains! 💭 Your mind however, is a completely different story. It’s limitless and has no boundaries. Once your ‘mind is on’ The Sky is the limit! Test it for yourself! What could be one thing that your brain cannot believe but your mind can surely accept? #mindfulness #brain #mind #thoughts #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womenempowerment #womenofhawaii #yearofcalm

So often love is romanticize as tender and fragile, almost like a man made game between the two forces : feminine and masculine. The female is “expected” to be fragile, tender, mysterious and shy and the male is asked to act strong, persuasive, chasing and majorly be able to read minds. In actuality love is beyond the humanly defined worldly meaning of love. Love is strong and universally intelligent, it has no defined weaknesses, it does not require silly chase games or absurd man made Holidays to be observed. In short : LOVE IS NO WUSSY! It takes clarity and courage to love and let be loved. Are you playing the game of love with life or playing with each other? What’s the difference? Playing with each other on emotional level asks for a winner and a looser - even on the micro level someone is asked to be better than the other. On then universal level love does no ask for a winner, there is no humanly Games and silly rules, Love is powerful and knows how to be gentle and when to stand strong! #love #skyechopencilsails #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womenempowerment #whatnottodo #whatislove

Ok, it's 2018! Much of where we applied our faith and hope in having healthy relationships is now down to an art and science. Our academy makes this available. At some point , as a Superconscious woman, we leave our Hollywood fantasy and romance novel ideas of love and start being intimately responsible. I know making the choice to let go of our Hollywood Mystery, Surprise, Fantasy and Wonder 🎬Pictures is asking for a lot but we gotta grow sometime don't we? It breaks my 'eeeeking' 😬 heart to see 'Blind Hope' being put to practice for our emotionally investing ourselves into our practical partners. We learn, discover and figure each other out, if so we date. If ALL we have is 'Blind Hope', we or they may not be a suitable partner to emotionally invest in. It can save us a lot of hurt and drama in the future. We can now learn the art of LoVe and WIN!!! . . . ‘Blind Hope is not a suitable partner to emotionally invest in!’ #skyechopencilquotes #relationships #love #empowerment #2018 #itstimetowininlove #hope #invest #future

'When trying new things, don't be in a hurry to establish any new bad habits.' It's not a RaCe! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️As we ever-enrich our lives we are going to learning new things TIME and TIME again. I get it, we want to be good at all that we do. But when we 'Step Into the New' sometimes we can find ourselves in a bit of a haste to find self-security. The healthiest thing we can do is breathe, caaalm down and find a healthy 'Inner-Being' for the times we start new things. Your new beginnings are for nourishment not for a 'MaCho I'll ShOw YuO' attitude. When we scamper toward self-security and away from our calm learning, we can really gain some 'new bad habits' fast. When it comes to your new beginnings, let yourself be OK with taking your organic time to 'Learn the New Game Newly' . PLAY! You know you will figure it out! You're going to become GREAT at it too! #skyechopencilquotes #empowerment #womenofhawaii #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowerment #aboutlife

Between my Macbook, iMac, iPhone and now iPad, I should really consider investing in Apple stock. 😜
I'm obsessed with all apple products, but specifically with the iPad Pro. I'm SO excited about the possibilities it gives me as a designer + letterer. I'm trying to put aside my perfectionist tendencies to finalize some designs for you guys.
The shop is coming soon, I promise! And if you voted on my "It is well" post from last week, you may just get a little surprise. 😉
Do you love apple products too? My latest obsession is with the apple watch. I really want one, but can't decide if it would be worth the $$. What do y'all think—worth it?👇🏼
#casilongdesign #entrepreneur #bizowner #design #designer #create #creative #lettering #handletterer #websitedesigner #branddesign #education #designhelp #businessowner #entrepreneurship #apple #ieverything

‘ Have you contacts be of some relevant contribution in your life. ‘ #skyechopencilquotes . . . Clean your list of non contributing contacts, stop the waste of time of having a useless chatter with acquaintances and negative people. Use your intelligence and intuition and accept you do know how it feels and what is contributed to your life with the interactions you have. #womenofhawaii #womenempoweringwomen #empoweringwomen #empowerment

‘ I won’t tell you how to talk but I will tell you what kind of talk I’m going to be around. ‘ #skyechopencilwoman . . . 👉🏼 Teaching the world how to talk and behave is exhausting! It gets frustrating and tiring. The smart approach is to know what kind of talk you will stay around. This means undeniably demonstrating that when a conversation isn’t contributing to your organic becoming you have the power to step out and remove yourself from it.

‘ We live and die by the games that we play.’ #skyechopencilsails . . . 👉🏼Ultimately, SELF, LIFE & LOVE are the most fascinating games available for any human being to play. Beneath these universally elite games we are free to commit our lives to playing any lessor roles or games created amongst ourselves: SOCCER, SOFTBALL, BASKETBALL, etc. What can be said, which is true for ALL Games, is that of course we can only win or lose only within the games we've chosen to play. Through the games we play in our live shall come our 'Hurrays, Applause & Cheers... and so shall our Pains, Fears & Tears. With you having THIS gift of LIFE, today, choose the Roles & Games which are worthy of you to play. For the roles and games that you are playing; 1️⃣Are you prepared to die for the games that you are playing? 2️⃣ Are you prepared to be SET APART by the success which you may have by winning in the games that you are playing? 3️⃣ Are the WINS & FAILURES within the paths of your game enough to keep you fascinated not only in LIFE, but of humbly of Yourself? How about we each take a personal inventory within the safety of our own skin? Let's PLAY!!!🙈😳🙈. . . #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowerment #gametime #play #selflove #yearofcalm

‘ Within the wilderness of the world, choose the paths which will thrive your life.' ~you are in command~ #skyechopencilquotes . . . We quite often feel that there are too many options or none at all and feel stuck! We feel that the world dictates our destiny and it’s out of our command. #yearofcalm #empowerment #choices #makeamove #truestory #womenofhawaii #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #empoweringwomen #jointhemovement #livehappy

Whether born in the Ghettto, the Barrio or in Riches, accept that you have the power to shape your children. Believe in yourself! I know at times it may seem that going up against the world is too much to handle. A small conversation can go a long way. The influences and impacts you have on your children is what separates you as their parent from the strange/r world we are building them up to live into. Your voice to the makes a difference! You have an impact on their beautiful mind! Believe in yourself and be that Superconscious Mother! 👱🏽‍♀️❤️🌹🍼👶🏻

‘ Precious priceless moments are the moments we come together. ‘ #skyechopencilquotes . . . Togetherness bring the preciousness of the times we spend with each other. It’s in those moments we expand universally open to bring the new in us. #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowerment #yearofcalm

Sail expansion: I will be so they can see AND NeverMinD Them, They, He & She! Let's face it! Too many of us have figured out that whoever can be the fakest, sure, may experience a high level of worldly success (money). There's nothing wrong with each of us giving this LIFE our best shot how we see fit. But this LIFE is about something more than that, or can be... for some of us. For that, living as an 'ORIGINAL', it does take courage. I'm not going to lie.
Let this be a polite personal check in. Look to see 'How you are living & Who you are living for? You are the Universal Queen! #skyechopencilsails #womenofhawaii #empowerment #powerfulwomen #womenempoweringwomen #yearofcalm #skyechopencil #luckywelivehawaii #Oahu #Hawaii

'Never lose the Original You in any stack of copies.' When we look to expand ourselves from our most original and organic planes we can take more of a definitive universal step toward our thriving. If starting from our original planes are the key, the riddles become, 'Where in the world have I lost my original self?' Don't be to hard on yourself about this one. It's a crazy world we live in Let's accept what we've learned to look for shortcuts toward what we want. The most powerful and healthiest way to get what we want is by taking the universally organic path. Keep in touch with the 'Organically Original' YOU! If ever you 'want' something, you will know where to start.
#skyechopencilquotes #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womenofhawaii #womenempoweringwomen #beoriginal

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