Another run done. Slow and steady for me this evening! Hot!! 🏃‍♀️🔥
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Tired... dirty... carrying a bucket full of gravel. My face pretty much sums up how I feel about this obstacle. Does anyone else miss seeing the carnage of spilled gravel back when we didn’t have lids? Lol

About last night. During last night’s team practice we did a 5K timed trial. I really wanted to nail it and to set a new PR 🤷‍♀️. I went out too hard. Mile 1 I clocked in at 7:15. I have no business running that fast. My mind took over, doubt and negative self-talk crept in. “You are going too fast. There is no way you are going to hold on to this speed. Slow it down. Now”. I was headed for my rabbit hole, fast. Then I saw one of my role models who was coaching her team and just casually ran past me. I remembered everything I learned while training with her...”you have to survey the perimeter of your rabbit hole” she once told me. Survey I did. I remembered the last tempo run I did with her and heard her voice in my head “head up, shoulders down, elbows tight, shorten your stride, drive your elbows back, hard.” It all came back to me. I finished my timed trial. No PR but I am not mad about my time given that it was after a 15 mile run and in 84 degree weather. The point of this story is this...there is nothing wrong with being ambitious and setting big goals. You also have to be there to brace yourself if they won’t happen right away. Learn to hold yourself up. Yes @amysitar this one is for you ❤️. Huge thanks to coach Laura @newyorkruns for capturing that painful moment. .
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One small breeze doesn't make a wind storm. 🌪🌊
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Halfway through this amazing program and I kicked off the week by upping my weights! (Washing my hair was an issue)

I have never had upper body strength 💪 but I am feeling stronger and more confident as the days pass.
I used to hate working out because I was sore for days on end and didn't even see results! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Like what was I doing it for?
I tried to follow work out videos online, but there was never any guidance, which left me struggling and once again no results.
Then I tried to eat "healthy" or what I knew to be healthy which Was Not!
How about when I tried to stay on track but one snack when no one was around turned into half a tub of ice cream, ten Oreos and a chocolate bar?! 🍫
I found an amazing group of women who all have the same goal! 💕To live their healthiest fittest lives while helping others do the same! 💕

Busy women! Working full time, moms, students & entrepreneurs...all of these!

If you have tried it all and nothing seems to be working, what have you got to lose!? #megachange #getright #lovethyself #workhardplayhard #idontsweatisparkle #bluehairdontcare #justdoit #noregrets #noregerts #beachbum #bestyou #uploading #thosemusclestho #gains #goals #noregretsjustresults #healthnut #nutritioniskey #carpediem


#tbt it was all good just a month ago lol.. want diet tips hit me.. i don’t know what the inside is a gym looks like #idontsweatisparkle

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” -Jerzey Kosinski 🍀
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I A B | Always Evolving

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GYM GLOW 💦 #idontsweatisparkle 😏

2 miles, 150 steps on the stair master later... I was a sweaty mess! BUTTT I got my cardio in! Every day counts y'all! #fitness #cardio #idontsweatisparkle #goals #followme #thrivewithbrii #joinmyteam #fitmomoftwo #momsthatlift #progress #gymlife #instafit #health

Eating breakfast is still a challenge .whats not a challenge...? My body, my muscles getting tighter, toned and building strength. You always have a choice.... make it count.🏋️‍♀️🦋
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Each year on August 16th, you will find people at amusement parks and theme parks across the country participating in National Roller Coaster Day.

J.G. Taylor received one of the earliest patents for an inclined railway in 1872.  In 1878, Richard Knudsen received a patent for an inclined-plane railway.  For years, history has believed the first roller coaster in America opened at Coney Island on June 16, 1884.
Thanks to the digital age and many archived news papers being digitized, and article was discovered reporting the anticipated excitement of J.G. Taylor’s elevated railway in 1872 at Rocky Point, Rhode Island. According to the Providence Evening Press from June 18, 1872, the reporter describes a ride of 400 feet where nine passengers are given a shove and gravity does the rest.
The oldest roller coasters are believed to have originated from the so-called “Russian Mountains.” Built in the 17th century, these were specially constructed hills of ice that were located near Saint Petersburg, Russia.  The slides were made to a height of 70 to 80 feet consisting of a 50-degree drop and were reinforced by wooden supports.

A roller coaster consists of one or multiple cars on a track, similar to a specialized railroad system that rises in designed patterns, sometimes with one or more vertical loops.

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