Viva Le Camisa Pescado Viernes! #fishshirtfriday #idontreallyspeakspanish

Me : tomorrow I start dieting !
Also me the day after : dos sangrias por fa’ ! 🤷🏻‍♂️
I look so skinny on that picture ! 😱
« buvez ce vin c’est ma sangria ! ».
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Things I love and won’t forget:
1. I had to get a shot in my ass for the first and hopefully last time.
2. Tori pretty much doesn’t speak Spanish but managed to translate with everyone because I just couldn’t do it.
3. The doctor had heard of Idaho and made a potato joke, naturally.
4. Tori knew that this woolly mammoth podcast relaxed me, so she put it on while I was getting an IV of fluids 😘

5. I had to have a prescription to get what was basically pepto and emergency-c. Seriously.
6. I had to get a shot in my ass.
Lately I’ve been reading a lot about alternative medicine. I always love learning how different cultures view health and happiness and healing. This sweet woman randomly popped into my head, and here I am (exactly) one year later appreciating her more and more. While Tori and I were in Cuba I got really sick and unwillingly went to the hospital (in a third world country-wait is Cuba still a third world country? Either way my mom was thrilled 🙄). On our way back to Havana we shared a collectivo with a younger woman and her gam gam. After a while of me half dying in the back seat gam gam asked if she could perform a healing prayer on me. There’s no way I was gonna miss an opportunity for some authentic Cuban healing shit, so we pulled over and her granddaughter translated us through it. Please ignore the fact that I’m trying to not pass out/throw up/tip over. I still felt horrible the rest of the drive but I will never forget her sweet kindness and the opportunity to get a glimpse into another culture’s traditions 💙. . @see_me_shine . .
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I got a couple things to say, for anyone who cares.
Numero uno, no mas bitching about likes/comments/followers. So, I have almost 1400 followers and average only 20-30 likes a post in the first few hours. Big whoop. Maybe in a year I'll have 2000 and then I can start breaking that 50-like barrier. but anyway, that's that. (and don't get me wrong, I am mega grateful for those loyal 20-30 followers)
Dos - no mas pacing. Pacing is boring. Fuck that. I will post as I write, instead of waiting an hour between posts as I have been for over a year. Yawn! You call it Spam but I call it Crisco.
Tres - #idontreallyspeakspanish

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder...Sad to leave Cheyenne behind for the summer. It'll be weird adventuring without her for sure- you Memphibians take good care of her. For now, off to Madrid. Cheyenne and I will be back at it soon enough.
@emdickk thanks for the photograph #graphs #math #separationanxiety #offtomadrid #adventureswithoutcheyenne #elcamino #idontreallyspeakspanish #yolo #skewliskewl #studyabroad #abroad #noshesanicelady #cheyenne #arememphibiansmammalsorreptiles #biologyquestions #bigquestions #speakingofquestions #whereswendall #wendallwentwalking #yuh

Haha just in case you were wondering why I made NINE dubsmash videos of the same 3 audio clips, it was for an audition for a target commercial that was being aired for the Latin Billboard Music Awards. #targetstyle #lucete #idontreallyspeakspanish #ididntevenknowwhatlucetemeant #itmeansshineorshowoff

Tapas y gelato en La Rambla, Barcelona. #idontreallyspeakspanish #maybealittle @michelley_91

The king family en espana con nos guapas Americanas #idontreallyspeakspanish #clearly #candidcamera #javea #spain

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