this is so aesthetic

she can pull off any hair colour wow

‘2 hours a day’ 😑

latata Issa bop and will always be 😤😤

i only have 16 gega in my phone and I haven’t deleted any soojin updates 🥵

they looked so proud of their debut aw!

shes literally little hyuna

my brothers always complaining how I’m always playing kpop but he was SO close to humming latata like bitch

fierce 🤩

i might not be able to post the videos today bc it’s currently 9:00 and my parents are starting a new ‘policy’ where I’m only allowed the phone for 2 hrs everyday :((

soojin is me when I’m wearing a new outfit and I’m busy doing something and she comes running at me with a phone in my face ‘Mayy! Your aunties want to see you with your new outfit!’ ;—;


I’ll post the videos afterwards yay


im guessing that this picture was taken after they covered sunny

aw :((

this is so aesthetically pleasing

shujin <33

i speak uwu fluently

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