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Cruelty free NO animal testing, one of the great qualities of @aveda Haircare, Skincare & Makeup lines #IDEAcatalyst #IdeaTherapy

Happy New Year. "2017 is yours for the taking, take it and enjoy the journey!" #startup #entrepreneur #ideacatalyst #successstory #bosslady #confidence #motivationalpost #success #2017🎄

Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
The water table is just ahead, the finish line is just around the corner. ⠀
You are born to win. I am cheering for you.

Gratitud vía Ohm: Learn to listen w/ your whole body to shape all of existence. #TheWorldIsSound #RubinMuseum is THE #instrument #Ohm

#Gratitude is the best #IdeaTherapy #IDEAcatalyst #PoNgApOnGa #TrekkerATLAS #Thanksgiving

God's delay is not God's denial. Hold on, hold fast, hold out. Patience is genius. Give your idea room to flourish.


He's never late, always on time. Whatever you're waiting for will come to you, just don't give up. Don't relent in your efforts. Keep working towards your amazing goals.
The world is your oyster.
Your passion is your pathway to profit.

Keep believing in yourself.
Trust yourself.
Celebrate yourself.
Enjoy yourself.
Maximise your talents and gifts.
Don't wait for the world to embrace you before you acknowledge how great you are, embrace your awesomeness.
Let the world know you're here.
I'm cheering for you 💖💖

If you choose to love someone, love with sincerity.
Love conquers all. Even when someone errs against you, choose to love even if you have to walk away.
Don't allow bitterness to reside in your heart and hinder your progress.
Package your passion with love.

Prioritise your personal development and growth.
When you grow, everything connected to you grows with you. This includes your family, friends, business, career and your passion.
Create a growth plan for 2018. Commit to incremental growth on a monthly basis.
Read books.
Connect with people who will help you grow.
Write a blog, share your thoughts.
Amplify your passion.
Grow the influence of your passion by being more.

Develop good habits that lead to living a successful life. ⠀
Start by developing a morning routine that serves your big vision. ⠀

What's your plan for your business in the New Year? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
An injection of new ideas into your product portfolio can add a new lease of life into your business.
Find the gap in your offerings and start working on the next solution for your prospects.

God's delay is not God's denial. Hold on, hold fast, hold out. Patience is genius. Give your idea room to flourish.

You are here for a very important job. Don't allow the cares of life to rob you of flourishing in your purpose.

Create time to BE. Package Your Passion - the solutions in you are worth the fight. Let's WORK TOGETHER and turn your passion into solutions so you can walk in your purpose. Get in touch at ask@packagemypassion.co.uk

The secret to a life of fulfilment is doing what you love.

One of my clients is a wound management specialist and tired of the way people leave hospital with avoidable scars. Now she's doing something about it and packaging her passion.
We are combining her profession with her passion.

Take charge of your future by packaging what makes your heart sing, so what you love can become your lifestyle.
There are products within your passion waiting to jump out and bless the world. Don't keep us waiting too long.
Get in touch to start your own mix.

Onces navideñas a la colombiana en un café muy neoyorquino con mi amigo del corazón @ideacatalyst ✨ Gustavo que sean muchos años más festejando juntos!! #truefriends #estilokika #ideacatalyst #bestoftheday ✨ y yo estrenando #smoking by @juansocarrasy #modacolombiana #compracolombiano

Dare yourself to package your passion in 2018 and make a difference in your sphere of influence. ⠀
You have what it takes and you can make it happen. ⠀
You do not have to start with much, you have got something in your hand, use it.

I am Temi Koleowo
Profession: what you're qualified to do. Innovation Consultant. Help businesses develop new product and service ideas through ideation, innovation and actualization.
Passion: what you love to do. I am passionate about helping people discover their genius zone and turn the discovery into viable products and services. I am passionate about talented people who want to step out of the norm and do something amazing even though it may sound crazy to most. ⠀

Mission: what you're created to do. mission in life is to help every person who comes my way discover her/his purpose and pursue it diligently. ⠀

Vocation/Talent: what you're gifted to do. Innate ability to develop product or service ideas from the simplest of thoughts.
What's yours? Do share if you dare 😀

We can't escape them if we want to be successful. Cultivate and keep up your good habits. ⠀

Embrace the relationships that embrace you.
A plant that is regularly watered has no choice but to flourish.
Engage with and nurture your relationships so they can grow into what they are meant to be.
2018 rules to live by.

When I started my journey, I spent time hiding behind a wall because I underestimated the power within me. I undervalued the amazing talent and gifts God had bestowed on me. I didn't realise at the time that I have potent solutions people would need.
You may feel the same way right now - shying away from expressing your talent.
You don't know what to do with your numerous talents.
Your business is stagnant and you need new ideas.
You're not sure how to step into your purpose or package the awesome gifts within.

I found the support I required to step out and it made a difference to my life.
I want to walk with you in 2018 so you can maximise your limitless potential and manifest your solutions.

I want to help you see beyond a job that pays bills, but in addition a future where you meet needs.
The world's waiting to embrace you and your passion. We want to buy into your solutions.

It is time to package and harvest your gifts and talents.
Book a navigator session with me and let's start something great together. Check link in bio for your first step.
I'm cheering for you 😊

If only we knew that we could have anything we wanted, we will set more goals.
2018 is a great time to set those ambitious goals in motion. Time to step out and amplify your passion.

Start by looking at the needs your passion can meet. The assets are already in you, just wrap them up and serve them to the world. Let's talk. Link in bio.


Your superpowers manifest in your place of passion. Go out today and shine with your solutions.
By taking one step at the time, you're saving someone from a problem.
Enjoy your day job as a SUPERHERO - because that's who you are.

Make room for the things that nourish your soul and fill your life with joy. Package your passion and realise those buried dreams. #startup

Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
Keep going!⠀
The water table is just ahead, the finish line is just around the corner. ⠀
You are born to win. I am cheering for you.

‪“A case can be made that artists are always working for a museum, this imaginary museum, you know. Their whole life is a kind of museum. They are trying to inhabit this space which is their world.“ –Isamu Noguchi, in an interview, 1986.‬
‪—Isamu Noguchi #noguchimuseum#isamunoguchi #BrightIdeas

#DigiBITACORA #instatraveling #instatravel #instatime #insta #IdeaCatalyst #Trends #Innovation #Multicultural #ideaLOG #Ideas #IdeaTHERAPY #IDEAcatalyst #NYC #GloCal #Global #Local #ideasINmotion #iLOVEthisIDEA #iwantoneofthese #iwantoneofthose


This is what I do right here. I'm the idea catalyst. I turn ideas, passion and thoughts into solution-based products and services.
Stop sitting on your assets - monetize them.
I'm offering my 90 minutes Navigator session ( with Christmas discount) to help you find your next step. Get in touch via link in bio and let's have a chat

Don't stop moving forward even if you can only take one small step at a time.
Don't let negative circumstances stand in the way of your goals

A child learns to crawl before he walks and then he starts to run. You have the capacity to achieve great things. ⠀
Start with the small step of identifying what you are passionate about and package it into a solution. The world needs what you have to offer.

Don't Quit. Don't even think about it.⠀
You have it in you to win. You are too loaded with talent to let them sleep. ⠀
You have what it takes to serve the world with your awesome talent and gifts. All you need to do is to mix a little bit of faith with what you have.

Learning more about The Giant Magellan Telescope after Mauricio Pilleux presentation to Hispanic leaders at the United Nations @LatImpactSummit by @CalaFoundation + @PvblicF @GMTelescope
The first “Extremely Large Telescope” seeking to unlock the mysteries of the universe #BrightIdeas #AlianzasParaElDesarrollo #OrgulloLatino #IDEAcatalyst #NYC #LIS2017 #GMTelescope. #Chile #telescope

Your acorn has great potential within it.
Plant your passion where it can flourish.
Water it daily.
Set your belief system on the highest radar.
Watch your seed grow and become a solution to many.
Start planting today. Check link in bio for support.

Everyone has been gifted with a special ability to do certain tasks in a unique way. When you package the components of your passion (talent, knowledge, experiences and interests), you place a higher value on that gift and it paves way for you to be an effective and profitable solution provider.

Packaging your passion enables you to walk in your purpose and fulfil the reason why God created you.
Get your copy of the book - link in bio to start a journey of a lifetime.

The Navigator that never fails.

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