Wrote this 4years ago...No matter our complications, God loves us still!

O! What a weekend...things happened in the spirit that will now be made tangible. Transformation, revolution and transcending upward/forward movements.
If you missed this, I pray the tapes and clips bless you appropriately.
My life is moving upward and forward...
Thank you so so much @biodunfatoyinbo @bnbladies for enriching our destiny.
Critics will say we are brainwashed and our pastors only seek self enrichment.
Hmmm! Any man who feeds your spirit, empowers you to the third and fourth generation!!!!! Selah!!!!

I wanna give you the praise like @thegratitudecoza do
I wanna give you my energy like @timgodfreyworld
I wanna lift up my voice like @frankrichboy
And dance to bad man like @biodunfatoyinbo
I need more,more lord
I wanna rahhbahbah like @bnbladies
Masatabaeeh like @bnbladies

Please connect to this...This session is a trampoline to greater exploits and open doors!
In Christ You Rock!

Prayer is your Oxygen!
Don't commit suicide!!
When you don't pray, you are suicidal!!!

I need to start praying more, in fact I will start tomorrow.

Tomorrow, which was yesterday is here and I really want to pray, I will just do that by 5pm.

OMG! (@4:45)Today is the Finale of my favorite soap opera by 4:50pm and my football team will be playing by 7pm. I will have to that by tomorrow.

This is a practical example of what I call the "tomorrow syrup"...the more you take in, the more you want. Just like "codeine" and "tramadol" we abuse\misuse it.

Tomorrow is a gift! It should not be used as an excuse to skip the spiritual exercises that will make you relevant.

PRAYER is not difficult, not doing it is because you keep fighting the urge|prompting.

Am bringing a 10000:10000ft container to receive of the Lord.
Don't anticipate...be there!!!!

There is a trans generational law in physics known as the law of relative motion.
In simple terms, this can also be explained thus;
When you are in a moving car and you look outside through the windows, it appears that trees move. When you look down towards your legs it appears you are stationary.
When you move with God and your attention is on other people, it appears that they are making more moves and progress compared to you.
Funny enough when you decide to concentrate on yourself, you still feel some level of stagnation.
But, now you discover alas at your destination that you have somehow moved from point A to B miraculously! So you now trust God for point C.
DON'T BE DECEIVED Since you are in God, You are surely making moves!


So while others were busy taking the accolades of men @the_headies I was being recognised by The Greatest Father of Faith @biodunfatoyinbo I know.
I love and celebrate you Sir!!!!

THE AMAZING IS IN THE RIDICULOUS...Never take Gods gift in you for granted. #ICYROCK @amazingklef @amazingklefstudio

Do you know?

A tyre is bound to go flat intermittently. Its only but natural and can be quickly fixed by, a quick patch and or air being pumped in.
Imagine if the user continues usage without fixing it. It becomes damaged and totally condemned.

Now, your problem is not that sin has deflated the air(Holyspirit/Righteousness) God breath into You in Genesis 2. Your problem is that you have decided to continue in it but remember, damage alongside condemnation are looming.

WHENEVER you fall, RISE again!!!

Its always a joy to see @thegratitudecoza minister Hitsponhits......#ICYROCK #GWAGS #takeovergeneration

Its my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to say I big thank you to God, not just for life but for aligning me with purpose through @biodunfatoyinbo @cozaglobal

Last year @ this time I was living for myself but now i live for God.

A new tribe has emerged!!!

The feeling wHen you know the God you worship is Living and has too much love for your!!!!!#happyeaster #ICYROCK

@cozaglobal just one experience here can take your life to the next level...celebrate you!! #ICYROCK

Bros on point...we the best.#ICYROCK

Since rappers now sing then singers should rap...all join, had to go way back for this one. Double tab if you love Good God Music #ICYROCK @thebeat999fm @tundeednut @timgodfreyworld @captdemuren @dotbofficial @9jagospelworld @coolfmabuja @djernesty @greatmantakiti1 @frankrichboy @rapzilla @_vgraphics @ywaplagos

Even in the darkness God shows His brightness through us...#purelight #ICYROCK

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight!!!! #ICYROCK

Want something tasty for dessert? Head down to Village cafe in the heart on Airlie Beach! You won’t be disappointed #icyrock #villagecafeairlie #5stars #10/10

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