No child is a failure. They all have the potential to be educated and to make a difference in the society. Let's give everyone equal opportunity and chance to life. #givefoodstamps #give #destitute #helptheneedy #csr#donate #charity #beneficiaries #donors #notohunger#icount #humanitarians #helptheneedy #hunger #hungry

Is that me?? No way... it can't be!
This how I feel almost EVERY time I see my shadow, look in the mirror, try on clothes or bump into something with my hips. Even without you seeing my face, posting this is NOT easy! .
As I've been a stay at home mom since my maternity leave in 2016, I've become very anxiety riddled when it comes to leaving the house. I've had spurts of up to 8 weeks without stepping outside my door. And when I leave, it's to the store and back. That's it.
But I made a pact with myself to start going out this Summer. Yes, I'm going to do it! This is now my 3rd week leaving the house, during the day with my 2 toddlers. And, because I'm not ready to fly solo with the babies, I've been bringing my mom with me. .
Since it's Southwest Florida in summer, the parks don't have many kids, so I've been fortunate to NOT be scrutinized. However, when there are other mothers, no one meets my eye. I'm not imagining it. They may talk to me, but they can't LOOK at me.
I even went to the beach. I accomplished something there (besides an aching back!). And I'll admit, at the beach I avoided looking at people 100%. In fact, I was scared someone would take a picture of me, create a meme and it'd be all over the internet (yes, I'm serious!).
But, I'm doing something about my situation. I'm going on, despite the pain, the limits of my body, the looks I get... regardless of my discomfort, I'm stepping back out into the world!👣🙌🌎
#supportoneanother #support #totalbodytransformation #walking #bodylove #icount #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlossjourney2018 #notalone #anxiety #nocondemnation #parks #gettingoutdoors #goodmorning #helloworld #hellosunshine #breakingout #isthatme #liberating #onedayatatime

We talk to our children about standing up for themselves, being heard and speaking out. Yet how often do we follow that advice? When that friend is being pretty unreasonable but we eye roll and accept. When that boss, colleague or client is more than difficult. When the atmosphere is almost tactile yet we stay silent. Often we feel the best approach is to move on. Yet what we're actually doing is not a good example, it's not right to stay silent when you feel wronged, and that doesn't have to mean confrontation. Some of the best advice I ever received for situations like this was to talk about yourself. 'I felt a bit uncomfortable' 'I was sad after that conversation' 'I feel like there is an atmosphere'. By focusing on how I feel there is no blame, as crucially I am not saying 'you made me feel' 'you did this'. So when we encourage our children to be brave, we should also not forget what that looks like for us. Don't brush aside your feelings, they are valid and more often than not result in enlightenment for all involved. Have a happy Tuesday x

Either you count me in; or you stop counting. #yougottacountmein #countmein #countme #icount #onset #lemonade #lemon #lemonadeseason #issavideo #issavideoshoot 🤪🤪😈

Still on a Treat Myself spree... new KS phone case (other new KS broke at bottom when dropped @katespadeny ) & a new wireless charger On SALE, so heck ya ima snatch that up n lucky me, only works on my phone - 8 or higher - so woohoo 🎉 ...
I rarely treat myself to anything when have extra $ as it goes to bills or kids or Not Me.
That isn’t so this time, I remembered I count too & hafta spoil myself as well 😌 #earpiercings #phonecase #wirelesscharger #metime💕 #icount #spoilmerotten 🤩

Birthday week MOOD. I’m celebrating my existence!
I’m celebrating having escaped the deathly grips of my manic depression yet another year.
I’m celebrating being on a new path.
I’m celebrating the strength to leave the memories in the mind and live in the moment now.
I’m celebrating the fact I never thought I’d be a real, live woman, sprung from the harrowing jungle of modern urban girlhood... And yet here I am.
Nubile dreams wrapped in petrified scar tissue and as limber as you’d expect (but still moving). #imatter #icount #manicdepression #QUEENIMAN #IMAN

Robin Williams. Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. I’m so sad by all the loss these past few years - celebrities, real people, our friends, family members gone too soon after losing their battle with mental illness...

I have fought this battle throughout my life. I have stared at Death in the face and I have danced with the devil and walked in the darkness while on the verge of desperation, not knowing how I was going to get to the other side. I have wrestled with whether the pain of living outweighed the joy of living. I’ve screamed in the shower, alone, tears streaming down my face, begging God to take me home. I’ve fought against the urge to drive my car into a wall. I’ve rebelled against taking my medicine because I felt weak for needing it. I have canceled counseling appointments because wearing the label of “in therapy” was too heavy a burden to carry, at times. I have hung my head down and suffered silently for a long time, all the while wearing a smile or hiding behind laughter, to protect myself from the judgment and to protect you from feeling uncomfortable - because people just don’t know what to do, what to say, how to deal with this illness. .

It’s for real. It’s not something people can just “shake off”. I’m not in that dark place anymore, thank you God - but just a few short years ago I could have been one of those statistics. .

You NEVER know the battles others are fighting in their minds, behind closed doors, underneath the forced smiles...

If you see someone you love suffering, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. You are not responsible for ”fixing” them...but sometimes all it takes is knowing they are not alone to give them hope to get help. .

If you are the one suffering, please know that you can get through this. Talk to someone you trust. Don’t suffer alone. Life is precious. Don’t wait, get the help you need to keep fighting. I know, I’ve walked in your shoes...and I’m so glad to still be here to talk about it.

Love you friends ❤️ .

PS: Thanks for not judging...

#YouMatter #IMatter

In the harshest enviorment anything can grow#LIGHT#GAME ON#Too much pain, loss, confusion, and a crazy President for one week#so I challenge you to duplicate my morning#call someone you love and tell them you love them#go to any stranger, I found one in Panerra and I asked them if you can hug them. My person said yes and we laughed and hugged and both our eyes were wet. Be kind and put a hand out to anyone you can and help them however you can#if there is a furry creature love on them and hear they’re heart beat a little faster# we all matter#we all have the power to connect on the most primal level#Youcount#Icount#lets heal this shit week#I send my heartfelt love to all & any source of light💜😘

Missing my family. Blessed to spend time with my #icount fam #countyablessings #exploreBC #haidagwaii 🦅

I’m here almost everyday. I don’t do it for anyone else but me. It’s that 1.5 hr a day thang that I do specifically for me. I’m not a mom, wife, sister, boss, employee, friend, daughter, lover or anything else when I look in those mirrors. I’m me. Don’t interrupt my mental health moment. Admire it from afar. Like way to the other side of the gym & out the door. What you think of me, is none of my business. I will rarely speak to you because I’m focused on me. It’s not personal to you. It’s my time. Not yours. #smart #lifeisbeautiful #me #mytime #mytimeisvaluable #clearthemechanism #staystrong #doyou #mentalhealth #strongwomen #stronglikethat #fitover50 #iearnedit #ideserveit #icount

This is rather fitting today as I was going to join @fibroflipflops with the #imatter fibro challenge starting yesterday... well guess what? That’s right, I’ll try and catch up later!! 🙄😁🤒😅xx #icount #fibromyalgia

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