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Last time I posted a varnishing vid a lot of people were commenting on how nice the sounds of the brush were....but I had muted the whole video? 🔮✨ SPOOKY anyways this time I left the sounds in for those of you who like them. I will say oil paper is not my favorite surface to work on, because for me there's just too much texture, but it's taken all the paint and layers really well. Gamblin oil paint on Arches oil paper. This varnish is my fav, Gamvar, also from Gamblin. This painting is headed to @archenemyarts for their October show "Glow" 💕 #aeaglow

The Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Of the Myrtle Tree" (Myrtidiotissa) is in the monastery church of Myrtides on the Greek island of Kythera. It derives its name from the fact that it was found in a myrtle bush in the fourteenth century.

At that time, a shepherd was tending his sheep in a deserted valley which was filled with myrtle bushes. On September 24, forty days after the Dormition, the Mother of God appeared to him and told him to seek her icon which had been brought to that place many years before.

The shepherd fell to the ground in amazement, praying to the Theotokos. As soon as he got up and turned around, he saw the icon in the branches of a myrtle bush. Weeping for joy, he brought the icon home and told his friends and relatives about how he had found it.

When he awoke the next morning, the shepherd found the icon missing, and thought that perhaps someone had stolen it during the night. With a heavy heart, he led his sheep back to the spot where he had found the icon. To his amazement, he saw the icon once again in the branches of the myrtle bush. Glorifying God, the man took the icon home with him once more. The next morning, it had disappeared just as it had before. When this happened a third time, the shepherd realized that the Mother of God wanted her icon to remain where it had first appeared.

A small church was built to house the icon, and was called "Of the Myrtle Tree," after the icon. The building was replaced and enlarged over the years, and many miracles took place there.

At the end of the sixteenth century Theodore Koumprianos, a descendant of the shepherd who found the icon, lived in the village of Kousoumari. He was a paralytic, and had an unshakeable faith that the Mother of God would heal him. Each year on September 24 he sent a family member to the church to light candles for him. One year he asked to be carried there by his family so that he might venerate the icon himself. During the Vigil, a great noise was heard coming from the direction of the sea. People fled the church, thinking that pirates were attacking. The paralytic remained in the church by himself, entreating the Mother of God for protection. (Continued below)

When the brand gets applied to the architecture, the space feels magical. #hallarsan

#ArtifactoftheDay Triptych icon known as "Virgin and Child" from the 17th century. Such Ethiopian iconography was usually depicted on crosses carried by priests! #mBible #VirginMary #iconography

Latest holographic deck from @fuckingawesome is the Burial 8.25". #fuckingawesome

"Jennifer Lawrence Icon" 4x3ft. www.jackgravesiii.com

Subject icons I made a while back 🎓


"Rejoice for you hold Him who sustains everything."
#Theotokos #Orthodox #Iconography

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Dallas, 2017 Food Festival.
#orthodox #holytrinity #greekfoodfestival #dallas #texas #iconography

Icon of Jesus Crucified by Danielle Tayabas that was digitally enhanced.

Cristóbal de Villalpando, The Annunciation, 1700-1714. Notice the descent of the Holy Word as a sun with a human face! #annunciation #baroqueart #mexicanart #latinamericanart #sacredimages #santamaria #gabrielthearchangel #catholicart #mysticism #heavenlychoir #virginmary #saints #miracle #mythology #iconography

So happy to be back to my studio and continue #iconpainting. The Last Supper is in progress, and it is challenging to paint on a larger board; so many times turning and adjusting it, so many times my sleeve ended in wet paint, etc.

We went on a journey last night w @takashipom and the incredible experience that is #TheOctopusEatsItsOwnLeg 🐙 Thank you to the @mcachicago for continually showing brilliant work like this and for hosting a fabulous closing event that truly fit the nature of this unique and diverse exhibit.

Colin Kaepernick ... “ColinKaepernick .Series:SEMEIONART” . 60"x60" C-print in canvas .
SemeionArt is the name I gave to the artistic phenomenon of the late twentieth century and early twenty-first . Where easy distinguishes participants opt for creative support urbnas signals . SemionArt style have left a big mark on my artistic training and even today you can see some winks in my current work.
.. ©2000- 2017 Lino Salgatus
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Crucifixion - 48 x 36in mixed media on canvas
Y'all ever paid attention to how kids will draw the sky and ground as just simple blue and green lines at the top and bottom?

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