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Just got myself a belated birthday present - more @deandri goodies. This choker is still one of my favorite of theirs. I took this pic shortly after I chopped most of my hair off... it's almost all back already! Thinking about doing it again soon. ⚔️✂️⚔️ #tb

Judgment Sunday:
The foregoing two parables -- especially that of the Prodigal Son -- have presented to us God's extreme goodness and love for man. But lest certain persons, putting their confidence in this alone, live carelessly, squandering upon sin the time given them to work out their salvation, and death suddenly snatch them away, the most divine Fathers have appointed this day's feast commemorating Christ's impartial Second Coming, through which we bring to mind that God is not only the Friend of man, but also the most righteous Judge, Who recompenses to each according to his deeds.

It is the aim of the holy Fathers, through bringing to mind that fearful day, to rouse us from the slumber of carelessness unto the work of virtue, and to move us to love and compassion for our brethren. Besides this, even as on the coming Sunday of Cheese-fare we commemorate Adam's exile from the Paradise of delight -- which exile is the beginning of life as we know it now -- it is clear that today's is reckoned the last of all feasts, because on the last day of judgment, truly, everything of this world will come to an end.

All foods, except meat and meat products, are allowed during the week that follows this Sunday.

Resurrectional Apolytikion in Second Mode
When Thou didst descend unto death, O Life Immortal, then didst Thou slay Hades with the lightning of Thy Divinity. And when Thou didst also raise the dead out of the nethermost depths, all the powers in the Heavens cried out: O Life-giver, Christ our God, glory be to Thee.

Seasonal Kontakion in First Mode
O God, when You come upon the earth in glory, the whole world will tremble. A river of fire will bring all before Your Judgment Seat and the books will be opened, and everything in secret will become public. At that time, deliver me from the fire which never dies, and enable me to stand by Your right hand, O Judge most just.
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Meanwhile in New Jersey...these paintings are now available through @parlorgallery ! #contemporaryart #painting #collage #spiderman #batgirl #sculpture #mythology #comics #comicbooks #art #popart #iconography #gallery #newjersey ***thanks to @chrishammer1971 for the nice shot 🙌🏼

Orta Asya ve Yakın Doğu kültürlerinde bağdaş geleneğinin köklü bir geçmişi vardır. İlk bakışta "göçer toplum yaylada öyle oturur" diye düşünülür ancak bu kültürlerin yapısındaki hiyerarşi kendisini oturma düzenlerinde ele vermektedir. Sevgili okuyucular sanat eserlerindeki figürlerin oturuşları ve bakışları çok önemli. 😄 Bağdaş kurmak burada kutsallık ve otoriteyle beraber okunmalıdır ki bu ilişkiyi en erken Budizmde görüyoruz. Her ne kadar Buda'nınki tam bir bağdaş değil ona özgü bir oturuş biçimi olsa da, 😆 Asya'daki hükümdar betimlemelerini etkilemişe benziyor. Bu yüzden Şamanizm, Budizmin ve Maniheizmin harmanlandığı ilk Türk devletlerinde bağdaş kurmuş hükümdar temsillerine rastlanıyor. Bu figürler önceleri ellerinde içki kadehi tutarken, Anadolu Selçukluları'na geçtiğimizde nar veya haşhaş tutmaya başlıyorlar. İkisi de bolluk ve bereketi simgeleyip cennete atıfta bulunan bitkiler. Nar, Anadolu'da hep kullanılan bir motif olmuş. Tanrıça Kubaba'dan tutun Bizans dönemine kadar... =======================================
Figures of humanbeings sitting cross-legged are encountered frequently in the history of Central Asian and Near Eastern cultures. Among these depictions, the schema of a ruler sitting cross-legged and flanked by two other figures has a special place. Among the Turks, this schema is to be found in the earliest periods when they professed Shamanist, Buddhist, and Manichean beliefs and it was continued by them even after they became acquainted with Islam and adopted it as their faith. The first explanation that comes to mind for the use of this style of sitting is that it is a natural outcome of a nomadic way of life however the development of this compositional form in works of art as a schema unique to rulers in particular and its persistence over many centuries makes it necessary to consider the matter in terms of its iconographic aspects.

I'm obviously NOT an illustrator, nor do I ever draw, but I've really found an appreciation for iconography the past couple of years. This is my first ever attempt at doodling one. Who knows maybe in 10 years lll post another. #iconography #doodle

clean mirror test 🌬


To continue my 'Favourite persons & things' doodle project, here's a portrait of @saintrecords from 'A seat at the table' album art. This was one of the most impactful albums of 2016 in my opinion. From the visuals to the message, I still can't get enough.
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Finally finished the icon of the Last Judgement I was commissioned to paint for St Nicholas Cathedral. Just in time for Meatfare Sunday! Also, it's a huge relief to be finished with the project that occupied 1/5 of our living room.

If some one can help me find the artist that would be great 👍🏼 EDIT: @chrispandres is the artist thank you @portraitsofghosts i can now add them to my inspirations #baphomet #iconography #goth #dark #occult #asabovesobelow

Abraham's friendly visit is cool #abraham #iconography

🙏🏼Thine life shall have no regrets like thy's missing out on a sale 🙏🏼Amen 💒 #curioconcept #shopcurio