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I'm very stoked to call this island my new home in a couple of months.

•Photo Essay: Why you should fish Iceland•
"I have never in my life had a fish take me to my backing 3 times with the power that this brown did. I’ve caught wild Olympic Peninsula steelhead, Chinooks that fought like a rock and still little can describe just how magical this moment was." Ruth Sims @navajoflyfisher talks about catching her dream fish in our latest blog post [LINK IN BIO]

Sometimes it's good to spend time alone. Especially when you can watch the diving seals and the screaming seagulls in frosty Iceland. 🇮🇸
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Enjoy your meal! 😋
Reykjavik's @haustrestaurant big Buffett is impossible to get up with hunger 😉
Into @fosshotel a truly unique buffet where chefs are the real stars of the evening.
Photo by @globe.travelpix
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Not all walks are the same 🇮🇸
Photo by @muenchmax!

Lets do some road trip in Iceland👌🏻 time to show @volofabio some of the magic✨
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Can barely see where the earth meets the heavens ~ 🐴back riding through the lava 🌋 fields in 🇮🇸 #travel #seetheworld #iceland #dosomethingdifferent

Day #2 in #Iceland - Descending 400 feet by cable car into #thrihnukagigur (which means "three peaks") - the only accessible #volcano in the entire world. The inside was as big as a football stadium & the colors created by the magma over time were beautiful #paulttraniceland #paulttraneurope #paulttrantravels #madebymushtravels

Finally time to head home! Have been on many amazing road trips across different continents, but the 2,000 or so kilometres around Iceland was a truly unique experience. Never seen landscapes changed so dramatically in my life. From stunning coastlines to high mountains, from deep canyons to magnificent glaciers and from wild lava fields to barren lands. The landscapes changed with every corners, every turns could be a different country. So amazed by the beauty of this small North Atlantic nation. 🇮🇸 #Stoked #Beautiful #Stunning #Natural #Nature #Iceland #RoadTrip #Travel #Traveller #Adventure #IntotheWild

The cozy café Kaffibrenslan in Reykjavik. We sat there a long time today resting our feet #coffee #cafe #reykjavik #iceland #coffeebreak #kaffibrennslan

Сегодня ночью случилось маленькое чудо. Нет, прекрасная магия! Северное сияние, которое пробежало по небу стремительно, переливаясь разными красками. Никогда не знаешь, что с тобой может случиться в Исландии... #iceland #magiciceland #mysummer

S W I S H 🏀

Words have power. Consider the words we speak over ourselves, again and again in our minds - in them lie unspeakable power. Just trace your current mood back to that track playing on repeat in your head. What does it say? Who does it say you are?

Words of TRUTH will set us free, yet their power to change is often not instantaneous. Instead, words find their power in repetition - when we steep ourselves in them.

Imagine the soft, gentle contours of a rock which has found its home under streams of running water. Those contours did not appear at the rock’s first contact with water. Rather, it took years of water running over the rock’s surface, softening its rugged edges, and sculpting it into a masterpiece for it to become what it is.

The same is true with words. We need, above all, to steep ourselves in God’s Word. To feed on it continually, moment by moment. In doing so, His gentle, yet persistent streams of love will gradually give shape to a heart that knows and lives in the freedom of the Father’s sweet, unfailing love.

Words have power. Which ones do we listen to?

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Everything in this photo makes me happy #iceland #happyanimals #rainbow #nofilter

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