Vega showcase 2018 "Helado" 🍦🍦🍦 This is my end of year display to show off my portfolio. A crazy amount of work went into all of this and I'm so grateful to everyone that helped me, encouraged me and said my brand was 'so me' and so cute. Thank you to my 3rd year family, I love you guys and I want you to know that I'm definitely going to cry if I see people leaving the CBC whatsapp group. To all the people that got ice cream tonight, I wish you had left me a chocolate one. Just sayin' . Lol 💖 jk

Thank you Vega for all of the opportunities, all of the knowledge, the fun and the tears, the change you helped me make to become the ridiculously hard working and passionate person I am. I found what I love and that's something I'll always treasure and appreciate. It was so cool doing my Higher Certificate and now my Bachelors degree with you guys. College is something I never want to stop... Which is why I'll probably go for an honours next year lol.
#College #Happiness #Branding #Design #Advertising #Illustration #Typography #Adobe #IceCream #Helado #Frio #IceCreamGirl #IceCreamBike #Bike #Bicycle #Portfolio #Veganite #VegaShowcase2018 #iNeedToSleep the sweet relief of sleep is calling me. I must leave you, dear hashtag reader with this sentence. #iProvedMyHighSchoolTeachersAllWrong doodling in class benefited me and look where I am now?!?!? 💤💤💤

Flower Ice Cream 🌸🍦 •

«Быть дохрена умной бабой вредно. Постоянно думаешь о чем-то, переживаешь. Тупость - вот великий дар...Них*я не думаешь. Хорошо. Спокойно. Сфоткала личико в инстаграм «всем хорошего денечка». Ждешь лайки. Птички в голове. Заебись.» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Вывод, птички в голове збс👌🏻😆👌🏻👌🏻

From my series The Dream, exhibition now showing at the Landsdown gallery in Stroud, open until Saturday 10-4pm. .
#thedreamexhibition #imaginativechildren #subconsciousstories #jungiantheory #icecreamgirl #vermeerlighting #beautifuldreamer #stroudphotographer #freeyourmind #contemporaryartphotography

Ice Cream Girl - Limited edition of 50, signed and numbered on the back. If you would like to order Ice Cream Girl, please click the link in my bio, @jeffclaassen. This piece is $50. It is 6” x 6” on wood and is coated in a clear plastic resin. Thanks for looking!

À votre avis elle est à quoi cette petite merveille ?

So... I was annoyed at my man last night but then he asked me if I want ice cream. Of course, I pouted. But I didn't reject the offer. Marupok me! 😋 #IceCreamGirl #Brat

Was great to have @cathrineosterberg 🍦 for the week, already miss my sista from the other side of the world 🌍 Denmark 🇩🇰 .
#goodtimes #neverstopexploring #southwestwa #sistersquad #icecreamgirl

A little dessert after meal #littletreat #icecreamgirl

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