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👒 Hut raus, ist Winter! #icecoldbaby

What's cooler than being cool ❄️#icecoldbaby

💦 swimming beneath hanakapi'ai falls: magnifico 🗿 #4hourhike #icecoldbaby #worthit

Swag is for boys - class is for men #icecoldbaby

Big thanks again to the team at @bodriggybrewingco for their fine ales. They were thoroughly enjoyed! And thanks for the snap @roguerouge !

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Swimming for bass in October 👙 #Bassman #fishnets #coldturkey #noluck #icecoldbaby

Estate fuori. Inverno dentro. 🔥❄️🔥❄️
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A hangover cure if there ever was one #icecoldbaby @lauraclark92 @nick_p_rad @mvzarbo

❄️ Be an ice queen in the middle of summer ❄️ #makeup #makeupartist #makeupartistry #icequeen #icecoldbaby #fantasymakeup #creativemakeup

This ent going to last long!..#lovelyjubbly#sanmiguel#icecoldbaby...🍺😍

Ice Popsicles. #mymomislame #dadsidea

During our stay in Sainte Maxime Timothy had many a lengthy phone call with Graham Banks, usually about the safety of the bathing platform or the condition of the teek. On one occasion, however, Graham recommended we visit a local food market one morning to satisfy Timothy's lust for oysters. And that, my dear readers, is precisely what we did.
After a quick wander round we settled down at the bar and ordered a plate of French charcuterie, 12 prawns, and 3 oysters. (We decided it was too early in the morning for wine, I might add). We tucked into the charcuterie as soon as it arrived. Like vultures we picked at the meat until there was none left. I especially liked the traditional French bresaola, a cut that was rich in flavour and yet not overpowering nor iron-heavy.
As for the prawns, these were served cold on a bed of ice with a small amount mayonnaise to dip. Despite the lack of creativity, I can honestly describe them as some of the best prawns I have ever tasted in my long career of fine-food reviewing. Moreover we calculated that, at 1€/prawn, we could theoretically afford 20 prawns for the same cost as a cheap meal or decent plat jour. If that's not a bargain, I don't know what is! A prefect of example of less equalling more.
Finally, the last item making up our triumvirate of market food were the oysters. To my absolute horror, these were served completely raw. I watched Timothy begin to slip and slurp at his oysters with a curious disgust. "Should I try one?", I asked myself. "Try one!", Timothy replied in his usual cheerful manner, as if he had read my mind. And so I made the biggest mistake in my food reviewing career, for I can say with upmost confidence my oyster was one of the worst things I have ever put in my professional mouth. I literally don't know how to describe how bad it tasted, and I find myself retching as I write these few lines.
But alas, being the professional I am, I didn't let this stain the quality of the rest of the meal. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take a photo until the very end, where it was ruined by a sunburnt Ella. #foodreview #charcuterie #icecoldbaby #sunburn #marketfood

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