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Anyone else keen for more 30 degree days n frying themselves in the sun? ☀️ #icantbetheonlyone

Why do these memes act like they know me? 😂#ICantBeTheOnlyOne

[ When You Get That One Crazy Eyebrow Cuz Your Braids Are Too Tight ] #BraidsGang #ICantBeTheOnlyOne 🤷🏾‍♀️

Ya know...oatmeal raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the reason I have trust issues 😞😕 #iRoc #cruisingandmusing #icantbetheonlyone

Photo proof of me being completely NOT classy with ice in my rosé 😂🙈💕💁🏼 #oops #icantbetheonlyone #onlysometimes

Seriously. Can you not. #ICantBeTheOnlyOne (@elitedaily)

Fun fact about me... I actually like peeps. I only like the bunnies and I only eat them stale af. (The bunnies get stale faster) I cut a slit in the plastic and leave the box on top of the microwave for at least a week.. the longer the better. Anyone else do that?
#easter #peeps #bunnies #icantbetheonlyone

For once I'm actually NOT waiting til the night before my next race to clean my race gear 👍👍 My next race is the Michigan Super in 2 weeks, so I'm officially ahead of schedule for cleaning my shoes! 🙈😂 Anyone else a procrastinator about cleaning their muddy race stuff?? #icantbetheonlyone #spartanrace #aroo #SpartanBA17 #magotes

Pretty much 😂 it's SO hard to take pics with babies & toddlers! Getting them both to look at the camera at the same time is hard enough let alone keeping them happy. In this particular gem, Cohen wasn't having it cause Ellie walked out of the shot. 🤦🏼‍♀️ PLEASE tell me you mommas struggle to get cute photos of your kids!!!! #iCantBeTheOnlyOne #thelindquists #ellelindquist


I hate tuna but yet I keep finding myself trying to eat it. Anyone else keep trying to eat something they just don’t like? 😂 #icantbetheonlyone (Tell me in the comments !!)

It’s meal plan approved though and you guys know how I love tomatoes! I have 100s of recipes I love (tuna free promise! 😉) and I’m sharing my favorites next week! You can keep eating your way and everything can stay the same or you can LEARN how to clean up your choices and join me. Click the bio link to connect/email me and I’ll get you all the info! 😘🍂 Chat soon! .
#paleoish #wwlunchbox #recipeshare #fitmoms #fitgirl #openfacesandwich #igsandwich #homeworkout #gracefituk #gracefitguide #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlsguidechallenge #bbgover30 #fitover30 #momswholift #leowife #leowives #momoffour #tunasalad #cleaneating #cleanweek

I always wondered if I was the only one 🤔
DVDs and CDs too.....

Can’t believe I set my alarm like this, I don’t remember doing this!! Lol, my other alarm said “Guess no makeup today, huh?” Lol!! 😂😂 #AmIAlone? #ICantBeTheOnlyOne

Anyone else keen for more 30 degree days n frying themselves in the sun? ☀️ #icantbetheonlyone

💭: let's talk about Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I loved that show, but I literally think I'm the only one who's ever watched it. Only the first season is on Netflix. It might not even be on Netflix anymore idk. I had a game of it on my Leapfrog when I was like 6. How has nobody heard of it? Am I the only one who watched it? Was it all just one big hallucination? Should I make it a reality and make lots of money off it? Send help,
#pls #icantbetheonlyone #fostershomeforimaginaryfriends??

Just bought a new keyboard and got to enjoy the best part of opening new electronics. #icantbetheonlyone #peelporn

Literally one of the roughest nights of my life. That movie broke me and then Marc Anthony sang his heart out and I broke down. I know this is a first world problem. So many people are without. But I feel helpless and not human. I’m hated and silenced because I’m black and treated like less than because I’m Puerto Rican. It’s fucking weird! Like this can’t be life. Why is this life?! #somosunavoz #puertorico #icantbetheonlyone

You know how sometimes you have one of those days where it takes every bit of energy you have to try to keep your composure because inside you are about to explode?! Yup, Saturday was that day for me. We are feeling the effects of daddy being gone and look forward to our nightly chats on FaceTime. Both kids were in rare form today that would give any Oscar winner a run for their money. Happy then sad or angry, laughing to 3 seconds later screaming or crying about something so silly. I actually had to look at the moon tonight to see if I could blame it on that. Nope.
So some people turn to alcohol to numb themselves from the day to day grind or after a terrible day, me not so much. I had to go get a few groceries and then found myself staring at the ice cream in the frozen food section. Not a normal place for me, so I had some labels to read. I was blown away by the amount of crap in most of the ice cream and realized again why I make my own nightly healthy treats.
Let’s be clear, I was reading the labels and evaluating the damage I was going to be doing. I had every intention of purchasing a pint of ice cream and eating the WHOLE entire thing in one sitting. So I settled on this gelato. Unfortunately it did not taste nearly as awesome as it sounds and the pecans were kinda mushy and gross, but I followed through with my commitment and ate it all. That’s the worst feeling when you have such high expectations and then it’s nothing like you had envisioned.
Lesson learned, next time I want to indulge I will not settle for the easy way out and get a pint from the store, I will make my own. It will taste better and I will be able to eat the ingredients I want. ⭐️ There’s always a lesson to learn with every experience we have ⭐️ #notasgoodasitlooks #gelato #wastedcalories #oneofthosedays #dontdrink #sober #indulge #indulginggonewrong #meh #crazykids #soloparenting #whenisdaddycominghome #ugh #icantbetheonlyone #imnotalone

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