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My current shape, I miss the pump in my shoulders and arms, I'm feeling so tiny and lean but I'm sure it's only the brain ghosts 🙈it's funny how your brain can make you see stuff that isn't "real& #34; 👻

How to do fat free popcorn is up on the blog now ☺️🎀

This needed to be reposted ❤️
"This is a special gratitude post for @hereisgina, my bad-ass acting partner and friend, who I've witnessed time and time again over the last 3 years put everything she has into our show. Who is in almost every scene, and usually ends up working 14 hour days every day. Who seems to have an endless supply of energy despite publicly fighting #Hashimotos ...which I'm pretty sure no one even notices or remembers because she a warrior and never shows how tired her body probably really is. Who even on minimal sleep, somehow always knows her lines and always delivers insane, emotional and brilliant performances that make America laugh & weep every week. But perhaps most importantly, is someone who treats everyone she meets with love and respect no matter how overworked, tired, or stressed she might be. I can write this because I've seen it firsthand, over and over again... and I know that to show up the way she does every day takes nothing short of a superhero.
Grateful for you today G. Thanks for inspiring all of us. And since you dedicate one day a week to lifting up and recognizing others in this business who are doing great things… I think it's only fair that you let us do the same thing for you. #icaniwill #janethevirgin #loveyouTVbabymamma #warrior& #34;

Okey guys, need some help over here 😬 I'm bored outta my mind, so I'm gonna check out the possibilities to study abroad for a while ☀️ Question is just Australia or USA?

Guten Morgen in Lieben 😊
Ich melde mich mal wieder 🙈Aktuell schaffe ich es durch die Lernerei kaum etwas zu posten - Sorry dafür 😘

Da meine Prüfung aber früher ist, als erwartet, muss ich jetzt ordentlich ranklotzen am Schreibtisch 😑🙈 Hier seht ihr rechts mal meine aktuelle Form - weit weg vom Herbst - aber Prorität hat nun mal absolut das reale Leben 👍

Ich halte zwar weiterhin gesund Diät, aber es geht nun mal nicht ganz so schnell wie man das gern hätte #thatslife - glaube der ein oder andere kennt das auch ne?😘 Deswegen: Macht euch nicht so einen Druck - ihr seid viel mehr als "nur& #34; der Körper! 🌸
In diesem Sinne: Seid milde zu euch👍

🎥 have you ever tried this?
It's a perfect exercise to get your heart rate going and to feel a nice circulation going in your entire body.
I really tried to target my back in this position but I could still feel it in my gluteus and hammies as well and also my abs and arms 👌🏻 love it.
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Music: #Afrojack , Jay Karama - Diamonds

ALL THE NEWS! Porslin Blue Tights V.2 💙 Limited edition. #ICANIWILL

Hard Times Made me THE man i am today 🏆🏆


The great Les Brown said this and it really spoke to me. It's a tough pill to swallow but realizing where you are right now is all YOUR.doing, no one else's . The good news is the same applies to where you want to be.

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Urlaub ist schon was tolles ☀️😎🌷

I'm finally home after a good leg workout, now I'm going to relax before tonight's show😯😳

Not much difference but enough for me to notice i've lost a little bit of weight & a whole load of bloatedness 🙌🏽☺️ #GoMe #Diet #Exercise #HealthyEating #IGotThis #NeverGiveUp #ICanIWill #instaDaily

Summer please come🙄🙌🏽 ☀️ #sun #life #love #fitness #fitnessmodel #model

First Run Again After A While ! It Goes Well ! Nothing Is Bettet On A Sunny Day ! #jogging #sunnyday #garmin #4k #summerbody #thinkpositive #icaniwill #weightloss

Ångrar aldrig att jag började att träna, när man ser skillnaden. 🙌🏻

WHY COUNTING CALORIES & MACROS can be very beneficial during weightloss/weight gain 👍🏼

75 min workout done at the gym 💪 Now I am looking forward to try out the NOCCO BCAA Tropical and reading this month's issue of Shape Up #treningsglede #soretodaystrongtomorrow #icaniwill #girlpower #girlswholift #newgoals #weightloss #shapeupnorge #evofitness

Ok so this was yesterday's yoga...Cardio Burn from Beachbody's Yoga Studio. It's my favorite 10 minute yoga practice and the message is simple. Yoga, like our Beachbody challenge groups, is a FULL BODY experience where you can SURRENDER and let go of your insecurities and find SUPPORT with an amazing group of people and your own newfound strength and confidence.

Next up, 🔜 veckans första benpass på ingång🤘🏻😈

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