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Okay last one before I go to 😴 two hours left before ✈️ good night 🀀 #icandothis πŸ’ͺ🏼

@Regrann from @thistimeitsrealrecovery - Ok so I'v been seeing a lot of bloating pictures on instgram and I think it's wonderful to normalize it. So here's the block that happens to me almost all the time. Some days I don't know why it happens. Lately I think it's because I've started complete exercise restriction and eating my meal plan properly the bloat is a sign of it trying to heal my body. Or could be from water weight, or it could be because I have my period next week, all of these things are completely normal. This bloat happens to me almost every night. Nothing wrong with it, if anything makes me know I'm gonna be a cute mom one day! Is it uncomfortable? Absolutely. But here a few things I do to ease the bloat: 1) RICE BAGS I i've had the same race bag for the last 4 years and I use it all the time. The combination of the pressure and heat not only relaxes me but it helps my tummy too 2) I lay on my left side. You would not believe how much this helps digestion. When my bloat happens at night I just lay on my left side to sleep and it works like a gem. 3) if this bloat happens during the day, I wear flowey clothes and stretchy pants. Today I wear jeggings for that specific reason. WHAT I DONT DO 1) I don't use any diuretics. 2) I don't exercise. If my body is trying to heal, and is obviously sending me a sign that it is healing, then why would I tear my body down more? Also exercise increases water retention because it needs to repair your muscles. So in a sense it does the exact opposite. 3) more recently I don't restrict my food. I know that my body will hold onto food and weight more if I do not eat causing more bloat. Remember, bloating is completely normal, and I'm hoping that this is a sign from my body that it is healing. #effyourbeautystandards #edrecovery #selfloveclub #icandothis #iwilllovemyself #bloating #embracethesquish - #regrann

It's been a rough week, and it's only Wednesday πŸ™ˆMy flight home today was one of the worst I ever experienced, stuck in this little metal tube going through some of the worst turbulence I've ever experienced. Usually I'm furiously texting Dan to keep me calm, but of course the wonderful inflight wifi wasn't working. I'm so grateful for the sweet woman next to me & the few wedding pictures I had on my computer to look through and keep me calm { well kind of } All I kept thinking about was how I have to do this again in a few days 😰Needless to say I took the rest of the day off, grabbed a glass of wine & am finally catching up on the #bachelorette. I just love this picture so much πŸ’•πŸ“Έ

When you're willing to try anything... πŸ›€ I'll let you know how it goes πŸ˜‚ #eatcleantrainmean #iifymgirls #gohardorgohome

Me learning how to vlog.
#icandothis #icandoanything

'If trainstation is where a train stops what's a workstation?' #procrastination #finals #icandothis #bedtime

Piccole classiciste crescono. πŸ“Έ: @gre_tanu


Yup! She still got back up and went for her dreams again!!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½βœ¨πŸƒ

What a difference we could make in peoples lives if we tried to do this every day. Let's make today great. #kinderthannecessary #spreadthatshiteverywhere #loveothers



I am happy and hesitant to share this progress. I think for myself, sharing my weight is taboo. I hate hearing the numbers and thinking in my head people judging me like, wow how did she let herself go? Of course I have terrific people in my life that have never said that but it's still a constant fear of mine.
I am considering this share as a milestone for me. I started this journey at 235lbs. The left picture is around Apr 20th and the right was this morning.
I am so proud of myself for what I have done so far but I still have those moments where I don't see a progress so I get sad. Don't get me wrong, I see all the non scale victories. I actually want to workout now where before i dreaded it. I make much better eating decisions without really thinking about it. I already feel like I have so much more energy and I think my kids notice that too.
I think for parents, we want to be such strong role models for our kids. I felt weak before mentally and physically. This journey is making me feel more confident in myself and what I can do. That's my 2 month rant. Thanks for reading, if you stuck it out.

Thanks so much for the shout @timetogetfit87 ! Thanks for the visit and we really appreciate the shout ! #Repost @timetogetfit87 (@get_repost)
Shout out to the staff at @gymratstalbert super friendly and they only place I felt welcomed and not judged actually listened to my questions and didn't just try to sell me stuff I won't need and just didn't want my money.Highly recommended everyone to check them out.

Time to get my #mercwithamouth gains on
#icandothis #letsdothis #gymratstalbert #PerfectShaker @perfectshaker @nutrabolics #nutrabolics #yegfitness #yeg

I love this one too!
It's so perfect for on the go!
#onthegobreakfast #healthybreakfast

NEVER tell yourself you can't do something! NEVER make excuses! Because of my girl Jessica @savagejess_snjg, I tried out this stair climber machine and I always told myself I could NEVER do it because of my knee. Psh! Yeah right!! She added 20 minutes of it on my workout plan and I pushed through! I was always afraid my knee wasn't strong enough. Well I proved I can almost make it up the Empire State Building!! I always only 720 away!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ I think that is really cool and for that, I'm celebrating today! I WILL take control and be my own hero! 😜πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’• #BOOM #progressnotperfection #sweatshinesparkle #icandothis #fueledbyAdvoCare #AdvoStrong #TIUgirl #TIUteam #TIUOK

As I was looking at these flowers, I realized that maybe they were a metaphor for my experience with #mypeakchallenge... Some days it's awesome, when I strive and I reach, and I feel tall and beautiful. Other days I try but don't quite achieve what I hope for. And finally, there are the days when I feel sad and hopeless, like when I give in to junk food cravings or eat far too much. However, they're all important days, because they all make a beautiful boquet together. πŸ’ #mpc2017 #ineedthis #icandothis #dontquit @mypeakchallenge

Breakfast this morning consists of an "omelette" (my skillet is too big to do it properly so I just scramble it all together) made with 3 eggs, cottage cheese, bell pepper, spinach, ham, and Colby jack cheese. Along with a few fresh strawberries. Already done my 45 min workout, drank my ACV and downed an entire 32oz tervis tumbler of cucumber water. #thm #breakfast #workout #gettingfit #gettinghealthy #thmsmeal #eggs #omelette #protein #buildingmuscle #goals #icandothis

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