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Combination of PC and Iphone apps Tutorial by @WayneWalker75 🔴Original photo taken with a Nikon D3000 &Tamron 11-18 mm lens
🔴Iso-100 aperture-2.5" fstop-4.5
1⃣Open the original photomatix and select process, then select tone mapping - select default and settings are as followed:
Strength 100
Color saturation 40
Luminosity 6.0
Detail contrast 9.0
Lighting Adjustments 5.0 for a more "real" look
Smooth highlights 20
White point .516%
Black point .009%
Gamma 1.00
Temperature +4.0
Micro-smoothing 3.0
Saturation highlights 6.0
Saturation shadows -2.0
Select process and save result

2⃣Open HDR tone mapped image in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Clarity 90%
Sharpening 40%
Noise reduction 40%
Lens vignetting
Amount -100
Midpoint 0
Save image

3⃣Open Lightroom image in Filterstorm
To achieve a 1:1 square for the whole image to fit select scale
Unlock the lock icon and type "1936" into both boxes
Save image

4⃣Open scaled image from Filterstorm into Snapseed
Select vintage Style 9
Texture strength 0
Saturation +60
Center size +80
Style strength + 60 save image
🔴While still in Snapseed after your vintage, select center focus style 1
That's it!! I hope it helps

Thanks go out to @inhil_community for this opportunity.
It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an amazing family!

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Mari berbuka puasa | #ic_imageshare_aug1a #inhil_community Ori Pic : @inhil_community

"L͡e͜a͜d͡e͜r͡s͜ i͜m͜p͡r͡e͜s͜s͜ o͜t͡h͡e͜r͡s͜ w͜h͡e͜n͡ l͡e͜a͜d͡e͜r͡s͜ s͜u͜c͜c͜e͜e͜d͡; l͡e͜a͜d͡e͜r͡s͜ i͜m͜p͡a͜c͜t͡ o͜t͡h͡e͜r͡s͜ w͜h͡e͜n͡ f͡o͜l͡l͡o͜w͜e͜r͡s͜ s͜u͜c͜c͜e͜e͜d͡!" J͡o͜h͡n͡ M͜a͜x͡w͜e͜l͡l͡

Fantasy HDR Tutorial by @syabilicious 💟1. Original pic, 2,3,from google. Mix these 3 picture using Image Blender layer by layer. 💟Photoforge
decrease exposure to -1,45 💟icameraHDR
load 2 picture, 1 is the original from Image blender and one is from photoforge.
Hit tone enhancer, increase the strength to 83, brightness -25, contrast -33, highlights 35, shadows -40, b/w 16/0 save 💟Pixlromatic
Peter. Save 💟Filterstorm
Vignette ; Radius 0, brightness 70% ,hit the brush and star in the left corner. Hit the eraser, softness 100%, Opacity 30-35% for highlight the bright part . For the sky decrease opacity to 15% for the highlighting. checked

Hue/saturation increase to 65%, hit the brush softness 100%, opacity 40% and start masking in the area that need a stronger color. checked
Save 💟Iris
Diffused glow 35, save 💟Snapseed
Details: structure increase to 35
Tune image: brightness -25
Ambience 15, save 💟PhotoFX
Edge glow 6 save
I use Phonto for watermark

For any questions, you may ask in the comments below and please tag @syabilicious Thank you 😉


"Desde mi ventana"✨Buenas tardes✨✨#igers ✨❤Esta edicion de anoche, "va por vosotros "🌙☀#osquiero ❤💄💋💋💋✨✨

"Entrada al paraíso"3🏄

"La entrada al paraíso"✨Buenos dias #igers ✨💋💋💋Que empecéis la semana con buen pie☺😍😘😘#osquiero 😘😍

Tutorial from one of our team @maew_chirasak 😊 🔴icamera HDR - Tone Enhancer Strength 90 Fill light 20
- Brightness -30
- Contrast -15
- Highlights/Shadows Highlights 50 Shadows 25
- Saturation -10
- Blur/Sharpening -10 ✳Save✳ 🔴Photo FX
- Sharpen Amount 200
- Color Looks ➡ Halo Amount 50 ✳Save✳ 🔴Filterstorm - To add vignette to make highlights and shadings, do as "shaye266" on YouTube, the Shadings+Highlights Tutorial ✳Save✳ 🔴Snapseed - Vintage ➡ Style 4 Brightness 30 Texture Strength 0
- Details Structure 30 ✳Save✳ 🔴iris - Polarizer Strength 100 Apply ✳Save✳ "Let's call this pic 🅰" 🔴Shockmypic - Settings Maximum Image Resolution 960x1440 Bring filter width to the minimum ✳Save✳ "Let's call this pic 🅱" 🔴Filterstorm - Load pic 🅰
- Add Exposure Load pic 🅱 Fit to image Mask them together by keeping the details and smoothing the man's skin. - Filter ➡ Color Get white color from anywhere [Brush options] Diameter 200-270 Softness 100% Opacity 15% Then brush anywhere to make smog around the vehicle ✳Save✳ 🔴reFine Course -30 Medium -30 Fine 12 ✳Save✳ ROCK N ROLL 💃💃💃💃💃💃 🔴Any questions please mention @maew_chirasak in your comments. 🔴For those who wants to try this step with the same picture, you may do so. Picture is available in our tumblr. Just click the link from @inhil_community profile.

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