Damn. Thanks to all the fans lately...I’ve been getting at least 100k views every day on my pics! This one got 700k views yesterday alone.
I am just so stoked I can affect so many people with my art. And that you enjoy it so much!! Thanks for being here.
What do I want to show with my pics? I want to show beauty, but in the most surreal sense. I don’t want this world to feel real, I want to show how crazy it is that we are on this planet that’s flying through space. It’s a surreal life.

It’s a good day!!

Have a merry Christmas! From mine to yours. What more could I ask for? Peace and joy. 🎄

Walking into a mirage

🎉 Two years in the books. Who knew you wouldn't be sick of me yet? I love you my dear 🎉

Pretty view, prettier girl. ❤️

Lovely day of hiking with my beautiful lady yielded this wonderful view.

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