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In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. I took a chance on myself, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. #ibustmyassforthis #iamstrong #iambeautiful #arcangel #arcfitness #arcfitfam

Model Throwdown
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💜Strength comes from struggle. When you learn to see your struggles as opportunities to become stronger, better, wiser then your thinking shifts from “I can’t do this” to “I MUST do this”. 💜

At 335 pounds I struggled with loving any part of myself. I didn’t love my mind, I didn’t love my body, I didn’t love my soul. I hated myself so deeply that I couldn’t look into the mirror most days. Fast forward to 107# lighter and you’ll find a girl who loves herself, for my mind, body and soul. But one struggle that is so hard for me some days is looking at myself and seeing loose skin. I have a “pouch” that just hangs there. It’s a constant reminder of who I used to be. And that’s a hard thing to deal with. Most days I handle it fine, somedays like today I don’t.
I’ve put in so much hard work into myself emotionally, physically, and mentally. No one else did this work for me. I did this for myself. And sometimes it takes a reminder from strong women like Rachael Heffner to remind me of these things.
I am a badass. And I am beautiful. @heffner365 @arc_fitness_community #arcfitnesscommunity #arcfitfam #ibustmyassforthis

I really did not want to workout today. I wanted to hit my snooze button this morning instead of waking up at 5am to do cardio. I wanted to nap during lunch at school instead of lift weights. And I wanted to watch a movie instead of doing cardio and yoga tonight when I got home.
But, I ignored those wants and focused on my needs. I needed those three workouts today. Each with their own goal and purpose for me. Cardio in the morning to get my blood flowing, and relieve stressors for the day. Weights at lunch to get my body moving after lecture all morning at school. Cardio and yoga tonight to relax me for bed and relieve stress from the day.
You decide if you want to be lazy and procrastinate OR if you want to succeed and accomplish your goals.
I choose to succeed and accomplish. (However I am still procrastinating packing my stuff to move 😂) #ibustmyassforthis #kaycieshealthjourney #juiceplusislife #juiceplus #weightloss #mansports #girlswholift #fitness #100poundsdown

💰 I can’t get enough of it! #money #bag #ibustmyassforthis #imatakecareofmine #easymoney

Monday Motivation: Never Give Up + Soak it Up

When I first started this career I hit speed bumps and heard every excuse in the books...

What makes you any different than every other photographer?

How are you going to live off of a luxury? People don't NEED photography. Do you really want to be a starving artist?

What about your weekends? Retirement? Have you thought this through?

When you're done trying out this hobby, What's your back up plan? Hopefully you marry a rich husband to help you live out this little fairy tale.

Yep, you name it. I've heard it all and you know what I say about that? THIS. This is what keeps me motivated. Through so much work, long nights, showing up places when I'd rather stay home, and always pushing forward this is now my reality.

My intent for this post isn't to be flashy or snarky with a "don't believe me just watch" message (well maybe a little bit! 😉) Instead I hope it encourages the hearts of those that believe in more. More flexibility, more adventure and more confidence.

Three years ago I made the decision to go full time, jump off the deep end and pour my heart into my business. I told myself if it wasn't meant to be I could always go back to teaching or find something I enjoy to pay the bills. I took a chance on myself and darlin, I hope you give yourself the chance too. It may bring you more blessings and surprises than you ever imagined. 📸: @jessicaahopee #adventureswithquianna

It’s taken me THREE years.
3 years of ups and downs. 3 years of tears, fights with myself, hating myself, loving myself, sweat, sore muscles, come to Jesus talks, and a whole lotta lifestyle changes. But I’ve officially broken the 100 pound weight loss! 💗💗💗 Don’t rush the process. Take your time and love yourself through it all.
Thank you to my momma (Kim Hodge) and my daddy (Larry Hodge) for always believing in me and supporting me this entire time.
Thank you so my closest amazing friends Alexis, Tina, Katrina, Ashton, Brittney. For always keeping me in check and being real with me.
Thank you @arc_fitness_community for being the man to push me beyond every limit I thought I had. For letting me cry to you. For letting me bitch to you. For helping me find the woman I had hidden and suppressed for so long and finally letting her out.
And thank you to Jesus Christ who has given me this amazing life and support group that I have.
I am not done. I will never be done. This journey is one that is never ending but always changing. #ibustmyassforthis #myhealthjourney #juiceplus #ididit

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