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İki güzel insan 💚 Nurella @nuryerlitas ve @pinarsoykan #ibs 💚💚

‼️BLOATING‼️ Not my favourite thing to discuss but it can't be hidden when it's bad. 😞 Does anybody else that suffers with bloating get it on one side? When I'm bloated from eating too much (food baby👶🏻) it's generally all over, when I'm bloated for unknown reasons and my guts aren't happy, it's always worse and bulging on the right side as you can see in the photos. Does anybody else get this? Or know why this happens? I get stomach pain on my lower left side but bloat on the lower right 🤔

Hamile Kalmadan Önce Kurtulmanız Gereken Sigara ve Alkol Dışında 7 Kötü Alışkanlık!

1. İlaç Kullanımı
2. Kahve
3. Abur Cubur
4. Şeker
5. Stres
6. Uyku Eksikliği
7. Aşırı Spor Yapmak

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Birisi iltifat edince "yaa" deyişi💖 @mervesevin #mervesevin #ibs

When #OrganATTACK gets personal. #ibs #crohns OrganATTACK.com

Aqui está cedo , 9:58 AM , mas aí ... são 17:58 , logo , começamos tarde #mandoo #ibs #familiacruzada

Helal olsun sana gerçekten❤ Gurur duyuyorum senle melek ablam 😭💞💞💞 @simaytokatl

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Meet Kate =) @kathrynjones87 "Having first discovered Yoga in my home town of Windermere in England's beautiful Lake District, the practice provides me with a way to connect with the beauty and grace within. With a background in Early Years Teaching and a passion for the arts, my classes are playful, creative and encourage my students to connect with their inner child. Working in a fast-paced environment brought me to Yoga and I have witnessed first-hand how powerful the tools of meditation, breath work and asana can be. Yoga has helped me address personal troubles such as stress, anxiety and IBS and, as a Yoga teacher, I hope to help others in a similar way."
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Welp. Was supposed to be rest day, but I'm feeling like I need a detox after last night. 🍷🙄 guess leg day is coming early.
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On this week's episode of: "What New Vegan Joint Will Desiree Post Pictures Of Her Food From and Tell You How Amazing It Is?", #vegan #glutenfree chia pancakes with a turmeric latte! Yum. 👍🥞This was my first time @thekindsage in #culvercity . I'll for sure be back to try everything on the menu including the #dairyfree #sugarfree ice cream!!!!! No refined sugar. The only sweetener they use is agave or coconut sugar. Love this place! #sibodiet #sibo #ibsdiet #ibs

En sevdiğim Türkan Şoray filmi Balıkçı Azize'nin Simayımla daha daha çok sevdim♥️Çok güzeldi.😍 @simaytokatl #simaytokatli #istebenimstilim #stfc #ibs #türkanşoray #balıkçıazize

PUIH! Vilken helg 🤓 Hjärnkontoret är maxat med allt som rör födoämnesintoleranser 😜 ett favorit ämne av väldigt personliga skäl och jag har lärt mig massor. Det är många som blir sjuka av maten vi äter och nu har jag lärt mig ännu mer om tarmens roll för att det ska uppstå känslighet, inflammation och hur vi kan läka en läckande tarm. Jag har inte bestämt mig för om jag ska fördjupa mig ytterligare i detta intressanta ämne, men jag ska plugga på för att klara certifieringen 📚 Den har jag nytta av i min roll framöver hur som helst för vi kan lägga om kosten bäst vi vill, men så länge vi stressar runt så hjälper det inte så mycket 😇 Har du någon matintolerans? Allergi? Berätta 😊
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One of the things I have not been able to give up is coffee-- ☕️ #ibs #ibssucks #mybodyhatesme

Good morning pick me up after being sick all week. #replenish

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So @asda have new cakes in! 🐣🐥These Gluten free Easter cupcakes are delicious. (They're not free from dairy though so double check if you are DF)

On the far left is me, about 25 lbs overweight and totally naive, yet tough on the outside but .... ..
I was totally lost. Trapped on my failed marriage, unexpected life's curve ball at 17, depressed...on a search to find myself & new beginnings. ..
Then I saw the famous P90X informercial one late night & it spark a fire in me. I wanted to be part of an uplifting community that would keep me accountable to not just changed my health but also my vision for the future. ..
Thru coaching I discovered personal development, and slowly started peeling off my past failures & started my way into the life I have now.
Fast forward a few years and I've created a lifestyle that I'm passionate about. I get to create transformation in the lives of others because I've seen first hands what's possible.
Wherever you are now - you can always change for the better. Growth starts within 🌱💜
If you're TIRED of putting yourself on the BACK BURNER. If you're TIRED of being tired. If you want to transform your body, lose at least 10 pounds & in the process transform your life as well?!....
DROP YOUR EMAIL BELOW and I'll get you the details! We start on Wed. *US & Canada Only.

Oh hey there @octochocolate and pear crumble! Vegan, gluten free, grain free and refined sugar free too 👌 this was part of my afternoon tea earlier 😎

Are you ready for a good belly!
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