I love so much working on this raw canvas. I've tried so many times to paint more detailed portraits of mamas and babies on fresh white primed canvas but it always felt too idealistic and fairy-tale. The understated and imperfect lines of paint on bare, plain cotton feels more like what motherhood is for me; earthy, natural, primal, strong, raw, real.

Oh hey Sunday 😍

Bottle and breast-feeding mamas: while you were pregnant, how did you imagine feeding your baby? What were your expectations, challenges, joy's, and triumphs?

Bright whites, deep blues, weekends, and wine. Life is good. Have an awesome weekend, everyone. xo

Sketch of @lou.deng in a photo for @loverstempo jewelry. Capturing the likeness of someone in a profile portrait is more difficult for me than a frontal portrait where I can see the eyes. So... practice, practice, practice. More profile portraits coming your way✨ #altavistamuse #loudeng @lou_deng #portrait #portraitart #portraitsketch #portraitdrawing #portraitexperts #pencilart #fineart #instaart #ibelieveintheartist #makearteveryday

You know when you’re in the moment and you just say or write what you really mean without a second thought. This is one of them- a little snippet from that ‘inner & outer me’ story I posted last week . It’s one of the scarcity worries that plays on my mind a lot. But there is no damn boat. There is no one who can take YOUR place. If you often feel stuck, I highly recommend writing or drawing out your thoughts & feelings, it’s sooo cathartic.
I hope you have a lovely Friday.. I’m finishing project tallboy & I cannot wait to show you the final result ☺️

I used to have huge self-image issues but drawing and painting other women has really helped to change my idea of "beauty." If you find that you are constantly beating yourself up I highly recommend ignoring the internet and glossy magazines for a few months and taking some life-drawing classes instead. I want my daughter to grow up with the mindset that women are strong and dignified, not objectified. The world will not teach her that, but maybe I can.

Thank you so much @jaderochellepeckover for sharing a photo of this linen painting in your beautiful home. Ps you are the sweetest ever and I'm so happy to have met you!

Murals are all the rage right now, which is fine by me. I saw this idea executed well in @littlebadwolfchicago - if you’re into murals but not big on permanence, have your mural painted on a large canvas and pinned to your wall. I even appreciated that the artist here left their canvas frayed. It’s a smart way to get the effect you want while being able to move it around your home, office, or business as needed.

Think I messed it up! Oh well, hopefully it’ll be dry by the time I get home from work, ready to paint over, ready to find the answer, or not! 🤷🏼‍♀️. Mixed media on canvas; gloss paint, acrylic, emulsion, gesso! #wip #instaart #studioscenes #studio #abstract #flaming_abstracts #flashesofdelight #saatchiart #emergingartist #exhibition #art #artist #artwork #artlover #mixedmedia #ginaloveart #bristolart #abstractexpressionism #artoftheday #contemporaryart #colour #ibelieveintheartist #texture #experiment #painting #artistlife

Happy Monday. This week the studio gets cleaned, a bunch of canvases will be stretched, and commissions will begin. What's on your list?✅

I rummaged through stacks and stacks of vintage postcards at various markets and shops around London looking for the right ones to enhance. I like the idea of adding my own touch to something already beautiful. Here’s a selection of eight postcards with scenes of London, Calgary, and Brussels!

3.5" x 6" |$35 each including shipping | to purchase comment the name of the card(s) you'd like and DM me your address.

SOLD: Big Ben | Tower Bridge | Tower Bridge II | St. Paul’s from the River | 8th Avenue, Calgary

The word of the day around here is VARNISH. Wishing you all a happy Monday and awesome week. xo

Time for some details 🎨 Happy Monday lovely people !

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