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If you know anyone in the Central Valley living with IBD share this w/ them. Our first meeting is next Monday. Contact me via email or phone 4 location. #crohnsandcolitisfoundation #ibdfighters #supportgroup

Tänään näkyvyyttä IBD:lle tuo @ibdcycling tiimi Pirkan Pyöräilyssä. Hyvä, hyvä, jaksaa, jaksaa! Fillaroinnin jälkeen kundit lähtee vielä juoksemaan. Kovia on 💪🏽 #ibdfighters #ibdfi #pirkanpyöräily @kaapoannala

Conferenza stampa a #Vercelli
...che sia un punto di partenza...
#ibdday2017 #unitedwestand2017 #amicionlus #rcu #ibdfighters #womenfighters

Päivän pullanaamaselfie,thank you Prednisolon 👍

Since its IBD awareness wk .. Here is a picture of me last year, my body was raging with sepsis.. The joys of Crohns and U/C gives many infections- this one was bad. I'm currently fighting a fever right now and cannot stop throwing up .. The things we deal with on a regular basis that not many people have a clue about ... We tend to just keep smiling and saying we are fine cause it's just easier that way. Hugs to all my friends struggling with these diseases #ibdwarrior #ibdweek #crohnsdisease #crohnsawareness #crohnssucks #ulcerativecolitis #u/c #ibd #ibdfighters

Always amazing to bump into people that say I inspire them.. they inspire me every single day. We're all in this together #IBDfamily 💜

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The highlight of this years @bodypowerexpo was bumping into these two crazy cats @zoeywright10 & @conorhyde92 😋
Like myself Zoe also suffers with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and is currently doing amazing things raising awareness within the bodybuilding industry.
Some of you may have seen her killing it on stage @pureelitecomp proving that living life with a chronic illness doesn't have to hold us back || 💪🏼 Thank you so much for much for stopping & having a chat, you have no idea how much of a inspiration you are & good luck for your futures shows || 💪🏼 🙌🏼#chronicallymotivated


If you know anyone in the Central Valley living with IBD share this w/ them. Our first meeting is next Monday. Contact me via email or phone 4 location. #crohnsandcolitisfoundation #ibdfighters #supportgroup

I went to Trader Joe's to try to find some pre-made items that would be "SCD legal" to save some time on cooking. I bought two different kinds of fruit bars made only of fruit. Neither contain pectin, which is illegal on the diet. I also found a mixed berry jam sweetened only with fruit, but it does have pectin :( I plan on learning to make jam and jar it properly so that I have a good supply. I also found some freeze dried fruit in mango, apple and strawberry. I was so happy to find a variety of snacks. The bean pastas looked like a great idea! When we got home we researched it and found that although the beans are legal, the beans were likely not soaked to remove a lot of the starch making the bean flour illegal :( It seems hard sometimes to follow the SCD diet exactly. Because I have been well and my lab work is good, I am allowing myself a few "illegals" a week, and this is ok with my nutritionist and doctor. Everyone is different though, so you should check with yours. Sometimes it is hard to find good snacks that are legal or pre-made food to save time. If any of you have any ideas or great finds, please share them! #scd #scddiet #crohns #crohnskid #cookingforcrohns #cookingforibd #ibd #scdlegal #ibdkids #ibdfighters #uc #healthy #healthydiet #healthyrecipe #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #beanpasta #traderjoes #fruit #snacks #glutenfree #crohnsawareness #ibdawareness #healthyfood

Friends🙋enjoy life...no matter how hard it may seems.. when life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show the world that you have a million reasons to SMILE.
Happy Friday to all💙😎 #fridaymood #fridayvibes #ibdfighters #ulcerativecolitisfighter #jpouchlife #nevergiveup #justbelieve #petitewoman #myfashionstory #inmyworkplace #wkendiscoming #over50 #over40 #over55 #mystyleoverfifty #chicforever #chicover50 #foreveryoung #mypersonalestyle
#dressyouagebycf #dressyourage
#feelinggood #hapiness

"La prima volta che sono nata è stato nel 1989, era un mercoledì di sole, alle 8 meno un quarto.
La mia vita da quella data al dicembre 2004 è stata perfetta: sono sempre stata uno spirito libero, un'anima leggera, senza nessun problema, menefreghista in senso buono.
La seconda volta che sono nata è stata a dicembre 2004: la diagnosi di Rettocolite Ulcerosa cronica è arrivata dopo tanti esami, tante ricerche perché nessuno credeva che potessi averla a 14 anni. E con essa sono arrivati gli attacchi di panico e quella compagna che, tutt'oggi, non mi lascia mai: l'ansia. Ansia di stare male in giro, ansia di rivedere sangue, ansia di dover prendere il cortisone per l'ennesima volta e perdere i capelli, ansia per non riuscire a centrare tutti gli obiettivi che mi sono prefissata. Nonostante tutto la mia vita è una figata, cavalco l'onda del "carpe diem". Perché oggi stai bene, domani non puoi saperlo. Ogni singolo giorno ha il suo valore e impari che non tutto il male vien per nuocere!" Laura é una strong Ibd fighter!
Ammiro il modo in cui affronta le situazioni, il non essersi mai arresa, e l'aver sempre inseguito i suoi sogni e le sue aspirazioni, nonostante tutto.
Conoscerti é stato un altro grande dono, un anello in più che compone questa grande catena sempre più forte e ricca di emozioni ed esperienze di vita. Immensamente grata.

#invisiblebodydisabilitiesproject #ibd #raiseawareness #ibdfighters #ulcerativecolitis #womenbond
_____________________________________________________ "The first time I was born in 1989, was a sunny Wednesday, at eight forty-five.
My life from that date to December 2004 was perfect: I have always been a free spirit, a light heart, without any problems, uncaring in a good way.
The second time I was born in December 2004, the diagnosis of chronic Ulcerative Colitis came after many tests, many examinations, no one believed that I could have it at only 14 years old. It also came the panic attacks and the partner that, so far, never leaves me: anxiety. Anxiety to feel bad everytime I went out, anxiety to see again the blood, anxiety of having to take cortisone for the umpteenth time and losing hair, anxiety about not being able t

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