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I woke up at 12:30p today. On a Monday... 😂 Rest is the main thing I've been focusing on this week so I haven't been sharing much, figured you deserved an update! 🤘🏽
I'm walking around like a semi-normal human being now (cordless & bagless feels good) minus the fact that my guts are missing. I expected to get out of my second surgery, running laps and feeling like a million bucks. Instead, a little sadness rolled over me as I soaked in my new body and I may get a little too TMI here but I don't really care... It's been an adjustment to say the least. Food is running through my system just as fast as it was when it was going to thru bag and because I haven't "gone to the bathroom" in 2 months, it's been hard to get used to. I'm having to use muscles that I didn't use before and to be honest, I don't have a lot of control. A couple nights of no sleep because I was up every hour running to the bathroom, hit me hard. I found myself tearing up, and actually missing my bag (as crazy as that sounds). I would look down at my incision & get a knot in my stomach at the sight of this 4-inch gash that will forever be there.
Before I could get to sad, I'd stop myself. Slap myself out of it... I'm a fuxking WARRIOR. I don't get to feel bad for myself because there are people reading this who have it WAY worse than I do. There are people who need my smile & my positivity and it's SELFISH of me to not give that. .
So I snapped out of it. Choosing happiness and knowing that it will be okay. Everything will be okay and it just takes time.
Also, I've got a great tattoo idea to cover my scar when it heals. 💕

Trying to look like I'm actually looking forward to the colonoscopy...however it turned into the most painful one yet 😵 and as the prep didn't work...I have to stick around for an MRI. #crohns #thefightgoeson #prep #ibd #colonoscopy #laxatives #mri #painful #chronicillness

For anyone that's kindly asked me how I am, I'm ok!! I'm alive and that's a massive improvement from Friday cause I felt like death 😂 Over the weekend I've been looked after by my boyfriend Jake & his amazing parents & niece. They've shown me huge amounts of love & support and I couldn't be more grateful! 😄 I am very very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people and have such a loving boyfriend. He's ever so kindly taken me out to the lake and we skimmed some rocks, tried to make the cutest splashing noise & now we've eaten our body weight in pizza and are cuddled up in bed playing Scrabble 😂😂😂 Despite my health not being great, I have never felt so lucky in my whole entire life 💕💕💕 Also, shoutout to my man for letting me wear his tshirt 😉😘 💕 @williamjaketaylor I love you 💕

If you quit now, what was everything else for?
Just a reminder to keep going.👊🏼
💥NEW POST💥 on the blog:
"One of the Worst Things to Consume for IBS Sufferers"
Makeup by @vapourbeauty

I had a appointment on Friday with the IBD nurse to check up on how I'm doing and there all so happy with my progress and everything is looking good 😁🤞🏻They said I'll need another (my 4th scope of the year😭) scope test to check everything because I'm still getting a few issues but there happy and I'm happy yaay 🙌🏻 I seen the stoma nurse too and she's gave me some thing to try with the bag to stop the leaks so hoping it will help. Finally my first positive hospital appointment since December 💪🏻 Hope everyone is doing well 💜
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I have an ostomy and I don't f*cking care. I can do whatever I want. Sky is the limit 🌌💫 I love my body and I love my life 💜#aerialsilks #aerialyoga #ostomyawareness #ostomy #crohnsdisease #crohns #ulcerativecolitis #ibd #ileostomy #inflammatoryboweldisease

My immune system is feeling this right now...#crohnsiscray

Дорогие девочки, у нас прекрасная, мега крутая акция для вас, можно сказать 🎁 В нашей команде работает прекрасный наил мастер Аида, единственное в чем уступает она другим мастерам, это в скорости, чуточку дольше.. но при этом Аида очень аккуратна, чутка и внимательна к каждому своему клиенту 😍 Стоимость комбинированного маникюра у Аиды , с выравниванием ногтевой пластины и гель покрытием 2500 тг, с легким дизайном 3000..
Запись уже идет полным ходом!🤗
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#sitdownmarathon continues morning 10 km #concept2 followed by cycling and swimming with junior❤️ finished the day with 5 km run with only 1 💩 break - #fuckibd #ibd - #berlinmarathon #nicemarathon

"Don't just fly, soar." - Walt Disney, Dumbo

Holding my breath about what's going on in DC right now. I mean this bill can't pass, right? The outcome would be devastating.
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This is the best burger I've had, even before I went vegan and it's packed full of protein! 🤗 It was peach, rosemary and cinnamon! 🍑 Missy was impressed too! 🐶 She loves vegan food! #vegan #veganuk #ukvegan #veganfortheanimals #veganforhealth #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #veganfoodie #foodie #mheat #burger #veggie #veggieburger #veganjunkfood #crohns #ibd #colitis #crueltyfree #meatfree #dairyfree #animalfriendly #friendsnotfood #skaia #frenchie #pug #frug

@Paul_TZOStrength_CrohnsCrusher @Paul_TZOStrength_CrohnsCrusher @Paul_TZOStrength_CrohnsCrusher w/ some pretty sweet vascularity!
1️⃣Simply put, Body fat levels must be LOW ENOUGH for VEINS to SHOW.
2️⃣ADEQUATE SALT INTAKE must be present for proper blood vessel tone!
3️⃣HIGH GLYCEMIC Simple Sugar Carbs) can HELP with FULLNESS of the MUSCLE!
4️⃣NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTERS like L-Citrulline, Niacin, Vitamin C, Nitrosigine, & even Beet Juice can help VESSELS EXPAND & RISE to the SURFACE!

I don't have time to exercise. I'm a mom.... This is actually one of the most popular excuses I hear from women about finding time for themselves. I challenge you to make this your reason why you do it instead of your excuse.

I am a Mom and I make the time every day. Because I want to set a good example for Emma. I want her to know her health matters. I want her to know that I will do my best to be healthy and here for her, for a long time to come.
Yesterday, she decided not to nap due to not feeling well. I could have decided not to finish my workout but I used it as an opportunity to let her watch and ultimately she decided to join me ❤️ I have 3 spots left for women that are serious about making themselves a priority this month by joining my 12 month fitness and nutrition group. I can't wait to see where you can be a year from now. Let's do it together!!

It hasn't been the best day...but I'll continue to fight on. #crohns #chronicillness #ibd #pain #laxatives #colonoscopy #mri #fight

// Update: SCD Diet // This southern girl is oh so happy after a weekend with the best ladies, 🌊☀️beach time (with WARM water- I'm looking at you, Santa Cruz!), and final days of wedding planning!

Update on my diet: After finally speaking with a new GI last week, he suggested I try the Specific Carb Diet to see if my flare up can subside. I'm so happy to have a doc that supports my decision to stay on permanent medication and focus on my diet. Since I have heard it in passing as a possible option, i have decided to give it a whirl! So the next round of postings you will see more of the SCD diet, which honestly aren't that much different from what I was already eating. Just a few tweaks here and there. If anyone has tried it before, let me know! I'd love to connect!

Gel nails £15.00 💗💗 #ibd

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