We all have secrets to hide. Can you keep a secret? Single mom Stephanie investigates the disappearance of a new friend when she fails to pick her son up after a playdate. Plots within plots...whoa boy - Imma have to read the book to see if the movie did it justice, or if it was as good as the movie. (because OMG the movie was wild) I liked it more than I thought I was going to after seeing the trailer, posters and standees for however long they were at work. And the trailer really only gives away like the first 30-45 minutes and then it goes off the rails (at least from the little to no expectation I had.) The humor was a nice balance to how...if not dark, how serious, some parts got. Whoo #AnnaKendrick - yea buddy. Her small stature, the funny awkward interaction with the cop, and the “mommy vlog” were a nice contrast to #BlakeLively’s character - the tall statuesque, mysterious blonde, who had the balls to talk to her boss like that. I mean - her entrance, those outfits - Lively can act, in things like this, but then also does stuff like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Shallows, and Green Lantern. I liked the vlog “breaking the fourth wall” for like the whole first scene (basically the part of the movie covered in the trailer) and at the end, and reading the older vlog posts along the side and the comments on the bottom. Also the soundtrack 👌🏼. It was like a darker, more adult version of The Parent Trap....w/o the hooking up the parents part. A friend said it wasn’t predictable, that it kept you guessing, unlike other movies out at the time/currently; and my sister who didn’t know anything about it going into it and hadn’t even seen the trailer was all like “whaaaaaaaaaa?!” (exact quote) #ssmovieof2018 #drama #comedy #crime #HenryGolding (this and Crazy Rich Asians - big year for this guy) #AndrewRannells #IanHo #JoshuaSatine #KellyMcCormack #AparnaNancherla (omg - didn’t even recognize you!) #SugenjaSri #RupertFriend #BashirSalahuddin #LindaCardellini #JeanSmart #NicolePeters #LaurenPeters #OliviaSandoval
writers: #JessicaSharzer (screenplay) #DarceyBell (based upon the novel by)
director: #PaulFeig
movie of 2018 number 34) #ASimpleFavor

A Simple Favor (2018)

Stephanie is a single mother with a parenting vlog who befriends Emily, a secretive upper-class woman who has a child at the same elementary school. When Emily goes missing, Stephanie takes it upon herself to investigate.
Stars: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding, Ian Ho, Joshua Satine
Taglines:What Happened to Emily? | Can you keep a secret? | It all started with... a simple favor | We all have secrets to hide.
Genres: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
A little help that change your life. Well, everyone has their own secret but no matter how close your relationship always do the right thing. The Best Enemy could come from Best Friend. I like Blake’s style, so cool and gorgeous 🤩🤩, love it.

🛑🛑SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO HAVENT SEEN THE MOVIE🛑🛑 ~🔄🔄~ this is honestly like awful but like hilarious at the same time 😂😂😂😂😂 #annakendrick #joshuasatine #ianho #stephaniesmothers #milessmothers #nickynelson #asimplefavor #asimplefavorcrack

A Simple Favor is finally out in Indonesia today. Lets go see it my friends and you'll never regret it!!!

@asimplefavor es la última película de @paulfeig (#Bridesmaids) y uno de los estrenos de la semana.
@macamaida93 la vio y escribió esta reseña.

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Tenía entre curiosidad y miedo por esta película y ahora, tras verla, me gustaría saber qué hubiera sido de esta película si no se hubieran cometido tantos errores.
Le película es dirigida por Paul Feig y cuenta la historia de dos mujeres, Stephanie y Emily, que a pesar de ser tan diferentes, comienzan una extraña amistad. Un gran misterio comenzará cuando Emily desaparezca, por lo que su amiga decidirá investigar su caso.
Hay algunos cosas que realmente esta película hizo muy bien. El casting probablemente sea lo mejor de todo. Sin embargo, la fotografía, música y la ambientación en general logran en el primer acto darle el tono adecuado a esta película. De hecho, con el primer acto realmente no tengo problema.
Son el segundo y tercero en lo que todo empeora. Particularmente en el tercero, acercándose al final de la película. La cinta tiene una cantidad de tonos mezclados que te expulsan por completo de la historia. Quita el realismo a tal grado que te deja pensando si eso no era incluso esa la idea del directo, que de ser así, es una pésima idea con base en el resto de la película. En especial el tono cómico es el que no se entiende.
Luego están los personajes. La química entre ambas actrices es bastante buena, y las actuaciones también lo son. Claramente el problema de las dos protagonistas no viene de las intérpretes, sino del guion. Particularmente, el personaje de Anna Kendrick, Stephanie, tiene un cambio de personalidad y de comportamiento de una manera demasiado drástica. Y me parece que el de Blake Lively arruina su imagen en el tercer acto. El guion de Jessica Sharzer creo que le da un mal uso a sus personajes y, de cierta forma, arruina la historia.
La película logra entretener, y empatizas con los personajes, a pesar de todo. No la considero tampoco una mala película, pero si un desperdicio de idea, algo que puede llegar a ser frustrante.
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Séance 214 : L'ombre d'Emily. Paul Feig n’est doué que pour les comédies graveleuses et pas forcément efficaces. Son nouveau film, adapté du roman Disparue, n’est qu’une soupe amère, un mélange indigeste de thriller et de film policier, où même le suspense n’arrive pas à trouver sa place. On est bien loin d’un «Gone Girl et surtout bien loin des Diaboliques dont le film fait référence. L'histoire repose avant tout sur un jeu d'enquête, de secrets et de manipulations. Ne parlons pas de toutes ces ouvertures scénarisitiques que le film ouvre sans penser une seconde à les refermer. L’ombre d’Emily tombe dans la banalité de la surenchère de rebondissements, réitérant à chaque fois son incapacité à explorer en profondeur les ténèbres et perversions de ses personnages féminins. Le film déploie bien des élégances, jusqu’à sa musique 100% francophile, qui rehausse son aspect récréatif. L’ombre d’Emily est le film faineant car il ne s’encombre de rien et ne tient pas compte de la logique, ce qui est quand même le comble pour un thriller. #lecinemadethibault2018 #lombredemily #paulfeig #annakendrick #blakelively #henrygolding #andrewrannells #jeansmart #bashirsalahuddin #joshuasatine #ianho #aparnanancherla #kellymccormack #rupertfriend #pattiharrison #jasonolivieria #ericjohnson #sarahbaker #lindacardellini #melodyjohnson #giasandhu #cyndyday #glendabraganza #daniellebourgon #zachsmadu

A Simple Favor (2018)

Will a simple favor be the door to a chaos? And is everybody has a dark secret?

It's about Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) a single mother who also runs a parenting vlog. Her life was mediocre and boring until she met Emily (Blake Lively). Emily teaches Stephanie about so many things to live her uptight live more glorious. Everything seems perfect for Stephanie and then this day come. While Emily gives Stephanie a phone call asked for a Simple Favor. Then Emily went missing and things got out of control.

Is it a comedy? Yes, but is it a thriller too? Also yes. And Paul Feig managed to pull the dark and fun stuff from this film back and forth amazingly. Without feeling awkward at all. And shouldn't i say that the writing was amazing, i couldn't tell what was going to happen next. So i just enjoy the film. And boy oh boy the twist was way beyond what i could predict. Maybe because the novel was already so good, but the screenplay was totally in help too.

Played by two gorgeous and talented girl. I've seen few of Lively works, and i could tell that she did her best here. So flawless, annoying but caring at the same time. Kendrick too, her character grew the most in this film. And she becomes so confident in the end compare to the first act. Golding on the other hand, he might don't have a long list of experience, but he is different than the charming prince you see in Crazy Rich Asians.

I really love mystery solving thriller, especially when it treated right and hell yeah. A Simple Favor was not only treated greatly but also simply becomes my favorite thriller from this year after Searching (2018). So is it a recommend? Damn right it is!


📸Source: IMdB

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