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I was gonna watch Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural but when I asked my mom if she could put the popcorn in the microwave she told me that I ate a little bit too much today after dinner(I just had a second piece of cake and nothing else so not a lot in my opinion) and that maybe I shouldn't eat popcorn too so now I'm feeling sad and fat, so I think I'll just lay in bed and listen to songs on my headphones and watch the episodes tomorrow

My angel, my baby girl, my sunshine.
I am so so sorry you had to go through this,
To the man, woman, whatever piece of shit who thought it's ok to touch not only Lucy but any person without his or hers consent, I hope you'll go through hell, and that you'll live long enough to see everything falling apart in front of your eyes.

Have a good night 😍😍@ianbohen #ianbohen

Yall are not ready for what @_chokienhen and i found about Bobourne, you are gonna be blessed

Eight, the handsome Ian Bohen. @ianbohen
I call him just Ian. He's such a handsome.

Such a cutie 🔐💓

Dt : @fan.edits7
Ac : mine
Overlays : YouTube
Zoom & glow , and melting slide : @vspresets

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