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Hey like i always say... the weekend isn't an excuse to slack off 🤘😂😜 #treatday #IAmTheNubreed #nubreedathlete #crossfitfortmyers •[[[-----]]]•

Truth... The work has to be put in and I am learning that about myself. Less talk and more work... #iamthenubreed #thetransformation #thegrind @jaycutler @species_gym

Last training session as an undergrad is in the books ✅
#flexfriday #xnsupps

Want a clean and hard hitting pre-workout that won't give you that crash afterwards but will always get the job done, then the all new tenacity in powder form is definitely something worth trying. Available April 17th, let me know if you want to pick one up... #iamthenubreed #nubreednutrition #trainhard #thepump #tasty

Olympia Bound: come check us out at booth 1575 this weekend if you're at the Olympia! Sample some wicked Nubreed products! #nubreednutrition #iamthenubreed #helixbcaa #whiplashpreworkout

Gain one pound of muscle a month over ten years....... pic on the left was after 5 years of lifting, 210 lbs. Right picture after 15 years in the gym at 330 pounds. Consistent purposeful actions. #nubreednutrition #iamthenubreed #helixbcaa

3 hours of sleep after a late gig and it still only took a half scoop to get me through a 4 hour training session. Hit my planned bench press opener of 805 and then took 865 and 915 to a board. Looking forward to the bench flight at Relentless. #nubreednutrition #whiplash #iamthenubreed #benchpress


Last training session as an undergrad is in the books ✅
#flexfriday #xnsupps

Train hard and recover fast with @nubreednutrition Helix BCAA 💪🏼😋 10:1:1 ratio! .
🔹Packed with Amino acids
🔹Contains AgmaFLOW and HICA
🔹Mixes easily and tastes great
🔹ZERO sugar added
🔹ZERO artificial dyes or colors
@nubreednutrition @nubreedathlete .
#nubreednutrition #nubreed #iamthenubreed #helixbcaa #bcaa #recovery #aminoacids #myoblast #bodybuilding #fitness #muscles #eatclean #healthylifestyle #ifbb #mensphysique #ifbbpro

Planning on a much higher level of productivity for this growth phase compared to last year. Time to grow!

Work hard.💪🏽
Properly periodize your training.🏋🏽‍♂️
Create a caloric deficit. ⬇️
Eat enough protein and fiber.🍳 🥦

Too often, I hear people worrying about things that either don’t matter or are much lower on the totem pole of importance when it comes to losing body fat. Focus on the consistency of these key factors and you will progress toward your goals.
#simple #dontmakeithard #transformationtuesday

Doing what I love with who I love ☺️
#swolemates #fitcouple

Fun time in Detroit last night with my fav ☺️ @rachellffowler
🏈 @fowlingwarehouse —->
🍕 @pizzapapalisgreektown —>
🎄 @campusmartiuspark
#datenight #detroit

Great night with some of the guys in the D. Basement Burger Bar —> Red Wings Game.

Happy Monday from Rob and Rach. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable thanksgiving holiday! ☺️
#happythanksgiving #blessed🙏 #thankfulforyou #backtothegrind

Here are some comparison shots from Central States from the end of October followed by shots from Westerns that took place 2 weeks after. I took the number 5 spot in both shows but am in no way disappointed. I’ve competed in three shows now, and each time I’ve brought a better look to the stage. So, I feel confident in saying that each one was a win for me. This is just the beginning for me. My training age is still young and I have so much more to learn. I am excited though, to incorporate some novel techniques and methods into my training and nutrition during this next grown phase. Going to keep building my physique up as much as I can because it’s what I love doing. And If I’m not doing what I love, then what am I doing?
#lovetheprocess #fitforlife #bodybuildinglifestyle #motivationmonday

First time putting 1,000 pounds in my hands... and I missed it 3/4 of the way up. Same place I missed 920 in my last meet. Not a win but still one step closer to my goal. In the words of @claybrandenburg “Brick by brick”..... #benchpress #powerlifting #nubreednutrition #iamthenubreed

Finished off last night at the new Giordano’s in Detroit. Went with my favorite: a bbq chicken stuffed deep dish with added pineapple... I️t was delicious 😋 #giordanos #detroiteats

Finally got to give this place a try! Got me a protein packed s’mores donut and cup of cookie dough! ☺️😋
@cheattreatscafe #foodie #detroitdiet #cheattreats

Celebrating our anniversary with some delicious food ☺️😋
@rachellffowler @la_fork
#happyaniversary #foodies #foodiecouple

Pretty happy with the look I️ was able to bring to the stage at Westerns. It was a big show with some great competition which made for a greater experience. Ended up with the number 5 spot in my class again and I️’m not disappointed considering the tough competition I was running up against. Huge shoutout to @eclypse_tanning for hooking up the good looking tan, @bruyninga for putting on another excellent show, @nubreednutrition for fueling my supplement needs, and of course my coach, that I️ can now call a good friend after these last several months of working together @scottmcnally1. After 28 weeks of dieting, I️ gotta say that I️ am looking forward to adding some clean mass... and enjoying a few more treats here and there 😅 The journey to building a bigger and better physique continues 💪🏽💯
#motivationmonday #blessed #allglorytogod #npcwesternmichigan #mensphysique

Me and my buddy Zach enjoying the post show vibes a few weeks ago at Central States. He ended up with the gold for Men’s Physique Class C and man, he deserved it. Solid work man.

One of my favorite parts about the show day is meeting new people that you have so much in common with. It’s awesome to hear their stories and spot the numerous lifestyle similarities. I’ve made some great friends through bodybuilding and hopefully I can make some more today at Western States. Looking forward to having great day 😊
#makeitagreatday #blessedtobealive #npc #centralstates @zwilliamsfitness

When my girlfriend not only has better quads than me, but most guys that I know. 😏
#womancrushwednesday #quadsquad #wce #figure #iumediagroup

Don't wait until you e reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching your goal. 😜🤙🏼 #Iamthenubreed .
I know I've been MIA lately, priorities... 💯 Started cleaning up my diet this week. Big things are coming! Stay tuned...💪🏼😝 .
@nubreednutrition @nubreedathlete
@supplementhub @jfitph @xnsupps @triedntruefitness .
#Godfirst #AllglorytoGod #trustyourjourney #asf2018 #nubreednutrition #nubreed #supplementhub #jfit #triedntruefitness #humpday #mensphysique #ifbbpro #ifbb #npc #mensphysiquepro #mensphysiquenews #dreambig #trainhard #nevergiveup

Happy Halloween! Night and day transformation here! Left is June 2016. Right is Oct 2017. I can’t be any more happy with the progress I’ve made. I think I’ve improved in all aspects... muscularity, conditioning, and posing. I’m no genetic freak, so this took a lot of hard work and dedication. Yes, you can achieve so much more than you think you may be capable with hard work and dedication. What ever your passion is, chase it down, work at it every single day, and don’t give in. Eventually you’ll realize that you’re no longer where you started and that what was once your dream is now becoming your reality. At that point, you’ll realize your love for the process and that the goal is simply just your driving force. #chaseyourdreams #hardwork #dedication #transformationtuesday

Matt and I tried to out angle Jay so he had to pull out the big guns. 😂 It was a true pleasure getting to meet this 4 time boddybuilding world champ.
@matt_steffani_redcon1 @jaycutler @eclypse_tanning @npcnewsonlineofficialpage
#npccentralstates #mrolympia #eclypsetanning

Big Bench Basics with Barzeen.. swipe right for the description .. #barzeenicus #powerlifting #benchpress #nubreednutrition #iamthenubreed

Gotta show my appreciation for this guy! @scottmcnally1 He’s guided me on my nutrition and helped me learn much about my body and the different tactics we can use to improve body composition. While he was dialing me in for my show, he was getting ready for a competition himself. He traveled out to Venice Beach and brought his A game on stage. Plus he got some awesome shots on the beach that have to remind ya of the golden era of bodybuilding. We’re gonna do the same thing next weekend except we’ll be stepping on the same stage at Westerns. This way he doesn’t have to set his alarm at 2am to respond to my check ins. 😅
Check out his podcasts too! They are loaded with some excellent content regarding anything and all things bodybuilding related. @advicesradionetwork @bodybuildingnerdsradio

Putting those post show calories to workout with a great chest pump on Tuesday. I was up +15lbs Monday morning after eating all of the calories last weekend. Since then, I’ve been back on my diet and am now up just +1lb from my show day. Doing things proper this year 😉 #notturningintoafatty

Haven’t been under heavy weight since barely missing 920 at my meet in July. This 910 board press moved good but I’m still too loose to go really heavy. Fueled by a half scoop of #whiplash #nubreednutrition #powerlifting #benchpress #iamthenubreed

Sorry for the late update. I’ve been distracted by stuffing my face with food.😝 I finished in 5th place for Men’s Physique Class B. Thought I shoulda been placed a little better but I’m not upset about it. I was very happy with the experience overall. I dieted down to levels of conditioning I’ve never seen before and filled out nicely for the show. Stress was super low and I made some new friends backstage. My posing improved but can still get better. I’m looking forward to building on this experience and keep on the pursuit to being the best I can be. I am back on track with my diet today. This time, I’m not turning into a fatty in one week like I did last year 😂
Stage shots coming soon.
#backtothegrind #npccentralstates #mensphysique #classb #blessed #allglorytogod

Yep we’re having fun back here tonight 💪🏽😝
#MensPhysiqueClassB #npc #centralstates #npccentralstates

Thank you, to all of you that sent over birthday wishes earlier this week and for those of you that have been apart of my 6 month journey to getting lean. So many of you have impacted my life in a positive manner one way or another and I am very grateful for that. I am super blessed to have the opportunity to pursue what I love. It’s the night before the show and I feel amazing because I know that in my heart, I prepared as best as I could with my current knowledge and left absolutely no stone unturned in the gym or kitchen. That right there is victory for me, and no opinion by a judge will change that. A special thanks to my love, @rachellffowler. We’ve gone through so much together. She’s shown me so much support and given me the strength and inspiration to keep moving forward. I wouldn’t trade for for anyone or anything 😘

The show is tomorrow at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti for anyone that would like to come. Prejudging starts at 10:00am and the night show starts at 5:00pm. I would be extremely grateful to see any of you there. Have an excellent day otherwise! 😊
(Sorry there are so many more of you to tag but only allowed 20)
#blessed #thankyou #onedayout #centralstates #npcmichigan

Just a little over a day until he gets to step on stage again. I’m so excited for him! He has worked extremely hard to achieve an INSANE level of conditioning. No matter what happens on show day, he’s always #1 in my heart ❤️🏆🤗

Guess I decided it was time to stop looking like such a scrub. Yup that’s all I could grow on my face in 2 months 😅

The protein cake/brownie that won’t break your diet! No carbs or fats but still delicious! 🎂💪🏽😋
#birthdaycake #proteincake #proteinbrownie #proteinrecipes

If you know me, you know how I like my eggs lately. #pizzaegg style! I put together a video on YouTube for anyone interested in how I make them. The link is in my bio. Please leave me some feedback and let me know if you try it out! I want to see what delicious ideas you can come up with! 😄

#flexfriday 💪🏼😜 I've been battling with a shoulder injury for the past months, well it's actually the pectoral insertion on my left shoulder. After rehab and rest, I feel like it's finally getting better. We all have set backs in life, it's up to you on how you are going to deal with it. Stay positive. 😝💯
. -
The comeback is always stronger than the set back. .
We all experience set backs in our lives. Things will not always go our way. The things that you thought were holding you back were actually just preparing your launch into your future.
🏹 As an arrow must be drawn back before it can be released to fly its journey...you are being prepared for your amazing destiny.
Have faith in the setbacks you're facing.
They are setting you up for the biggest comeback you've ever seen! Love you guys! #IamtheNubreed .
@nubreednutrition @nubreedathlete
@supplementhub @jfitph @xnsupps @triedntruefitness .
#Godfirst #AllglorytoGod #trustyourjourney #setbacks #nubreednutrition #nubreed #supplementhub #jfit #triedntruefitness #mensphysique #bodybuilding #ifbbpro #ifbb #npc #mensphysiquepro #mensphysiquenews #dreambig #eathealthy #trainhard #nevergiveup #fitness #fit #fitspo #fitfam #liveauthentic

Flat as a pancake but still pushing that conditioning. Been dropping the weight down and focusing on getting good pumps lately. Don’t want to get hurt now. #notdoneyet #roadtoshredded

2 scoops of Campfire S’Mores Myoblast makes for a delicious protein shake, but what if you could make pancakes out of them without adding any more calories?? You can! Here’s how!
•1.75 scoops Myoblast
•4 Tbsp Egg Whites
•1 Tsp baking powder
•2 Tbsp water
Top with cal free syrup and enjoy! 😋

Things are going to get easier but first they have to get a lot harder.
#grinding #inthetrenches

It's been 22 weeks of cutting and exactly one month since my vacation to Virginia Beach. All of the below statements are true but one. Can you guess which is false?

In the last month:
🍳I haven't missed a single meal
🏃I've done AM cardio every morning
🍔I haven't had a cheat meal
🏋🏽I've trained abs everyday
👨🏽I haven't shaved my face
👫My idea of a fun date with @rachellffowler is training and browsing through the grocery store
🥞I've had protein pancakes or waffles every day
⚖️I've dropped 8 pounds

Answer: I've done next to nothing as far as isolation work for my abs this whole prep 😜#absaremadeinthekitchen

Beautiful day for the first home game 🏈
Go Blue!

#michiganfootball #goblue #thebighouse

Flashback to my last cheat meal finisher crafted by @rachellffowler that was as good as it looks. What would I do without her?
#flashbackfriday #foodie #wce

Make time for the things that matter most. 💪🏽❤️

This sucks, this sucks, this sucks, this is the opposite of pizza, I don't want to do this... but I will because it's more fun than defibrillators.... and it'll help my recovery and training and make me a better lifter. Fueled by half a scoop of Whiplash. #nubreednutrition #iamthenubreed #whiplash

Shoulder & Tricep gains 💪🏽😜

Virginia Beach with the one and only ☺️
#wcw #virginiabeach #sandbridge

Shoulder pump powered by Nubreed. 😜
Swipe to see which supplements I am currently using ➡️➡️
Any questions?? DM me! 📥 #AreYouTheNubreed #NubreedNutrition

🦆 Duck Donuts 😋
🍩Cinnamon French Toast
🍩Maple Bacon
🍩S'mores 🍩Vanilla Oreo
🍩Chocolate Peanut Butter

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