When @Yulady and I met, neither of us believed we were good enough for the other person. Basically we both believed we were out of each other’s leagues. Because of this thinking we almost missed each other. The first time we met for coffee at a local spot we stood awkwardly after our “date” and I remember wanting to kiss her but thinking to myself “No chance this beautiful human wants anything to do with me!” @Yulady was experiencing the same hesitation on her side. Six months passed before we finally kissed. There is a powerful connection between us. When our lips finally touched for the first time, it felt electric. It literally shocked my soul. This type of negative thinking almost cost us dearly. Imagine if we never found the courage to risk it all and let ourselves be vulnerable.
I am so very blessed to have found my twin flame. When I close my eyes to take my last breath I know the only regret I will have is the six months we lost, even though we will be together for eternity. Happy Anniversary my love!

Dinner and Aladdin with this beautiful human last night!! Lol she loves her drink can’t you tell 😂😁 #bestfriends #sisters #bestsister #goals #iamtheluckyone #shesacrackup #howsyadrinkmate! #tacos

“When your legs get tired... run with your heart”❤️ new shoelace bling! I have been spoiled beyond my imagination! #spoiled #iamtheluckyone #happyadministrativeprofessionalsday #idahofineartsacademy

Number E I G H T. I hope we have eighty more to go! Happy Anniversary, @chrisplankdotnet my forever love. I’m amazed by who you are on the daily. Your unwavering love for me even when, by some standards, I may be absolutely nuts. The way you still smile at me like you did when we were newly dating. The way you are my perfect balance...you’re just so darn good at the things I’m not. The way you cheer loud for all our entrepreneurial dreams....even though they require much and are never easy. The way you think of me in the most unexpected ways. The way you love Jesus. You are so fun and I am SO thankful I get to grow old with you! #marriedlife #isthebestlife #hestillgivesmebutterflies #8isonlythebeginning #iamtheluckyone #ichooseyoubabe (selfie by Chris- our Easter fancy 💁🏼‍♀️)

I learned some new tricks today...been working on them...Justin and Julie...thanks for giving me the opportunities to follow along and ask a billion questions, fall a billion times, take horrific video of yall (because i just want to give back) for hootin’ and hollerin’ with me when i am killin my mom jumps, but mostly for your savage love of snowboarding and intense want to learn new things, push yourselves and encourage me along the way. Of course, i would never be able to keep up with their asses if it weren’t for my @vonfiggins girl who has literally dragged me around that mountain with her ski poles so i could get to places that she knew i needed to go! I am just so incredibly blessed! When i think about my life and all the twists and turns it has taken, i have decided that even in the icky moments that i have been at my worst, and felt like i could never crawl my way out of my mess, i am just one of the lucky ones who just manages to pull thru the muck!! I know i have the universe at my back rooting for me because i have been introduced to the most amazing individuals who love me but leave me wild!! I am without a doubt the lucky one!! #iamtheluckyone #mountainbliss #iloveyoutothemountainandback #mypeepsarebetterthanyours #snowboarding #boarderandskierscanbefriends #boardingfamily #mysquad #downassbitches #halfhanky #youcanteachanolddognewtricks #ilovelearning #myrideordies #mthood #theuniversehasmyback #gratefulbeyondwords #blueribbonday #bluebirdday #pbr #neverstoplearning #neverstoppushingyourself #ifyouwantitgogetit #mytribe #incrediblydopesouls

Love being a sponsor and a correspondent for my three compassion kiddos! Got my physical letter from Valeria yesterday with a picture drawn of Dustin and me. These kids need folks to reach out for encouragement, support, love, and prayers. Love being able to watch them grow. #compassioninternational #iamtheluckyone #crdsreachout #crdseastside

Although I love spending time with my little furrrball, I also love this Wednesday morning routine: having a YogaBreakfast with lovely people, in the midst of cushions, coffee and cakes @vanaut_amsterdam 😊.
Come join.
#happinessinside #iamtheluckyone #ontspan #barista #coffee #lokahsamastahsukhinobhavantu #morninglight #breakfast #cakes #berries #baarsjes #amsterdamwest #postjesweg #mokum #wakeup

I can't explain the feeling when a little fan meet the star ⭐️❤️#happiness #omg #smile #肯定至少開心一天
#iamtheluckyone #must #be #2018

🤭Words cant express how excited i am to receive this lucky draw prize from #ahascientificsessions2017 😊
still remember that day i dropped my lucky draw entry form at the booth on the last day of entry and chit-chatted to the in-charge person that my hope to be the lucky one of all the thousands people there to get the (only one) prize⌚️😆🙈
*dream comes true after four months*
*unexpected email came in with great news four months later*
#iamtheluckyone 🙋🏻‍♀️💃🏻
Oh.. for anyone interested to get to know the leading resource for cardiovascular and stroke clinicians and scientists, please visit Professional Heart Daily (professional.heart.org)😊
#aha17 #ahascientificsessions #professionalheartdaily #americanheartassociation

I am so in love with @juliekbwell. The eyes! That Smile! Her Heart! The way she melts my heart. I am the Lucky one #blessed #iamtheluckyone

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