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"The things that make us different, those are our superpowers." 🌈This is what we're talking about. This is why we do what we do. ❤️❤️❤️ You go @lenawaithe Speak your #truth🌟 - #Repost @refinery29 #iamsupercharged


Behold, #BehindTheScenes magic being made over a discussion regarding how to best hold a giant pepperoni pizza. #PizzaMagic #MovieMagic Most recent video and blog post here (and in Bio): http://bit.ly/LF-jumping_jacks

This is why we love what we do. Almost every day includes: Beach. Film. Laughter. Weird-ass outfits. Killer music. And most importantly, BODACIOUS MOVES. Watch the full video here! (Link also in Bio) http://bit.ly/2Au9puF

#BehindTheScenes at a wonderfully electrifying @IamSupercharged ⚡️⚡️⚡️comedy video shoot! #SetLife  Most recent blog post here, and in Bio: http://bit.ly/2Bhzldb

We always seem to stumble upon the most amazing places, things - and people - when #scouting for locations. Look at this fella go. Holy #inspiring. @oliverbohlermusic  #California #SantaMonica
http://bit.ly/2ihmg7Y #IamSUPERCHARGED

Some #BehindTheScenes #filmmaking magic right there for ya!
And some super-happy dance magic right here for ya too (and in Bio): http://bit.ly/WWM-TurnItUp 🦄Actor: @Desarno1 🎥Director: @MuscleMeditator

MONDAY BY THE BALLS - This scene just never gets old! There was a time when beautiful sunrises or sunsets made me sad. Crazy loneliness would sweep over me. I’d look away for not having someone to share it with. Fuck that. In all the ways I move in this world, I try always to approach from a place of self-care. I cook sumptuous meals, just for myself. Rise early, meditate and run over to see the the western edge of this great country rise from darkness. I am overwhelmed by the beauty. Invigorated, I find hope that we, as a people, will rise from the darkness! Hello Monday! #venicebeach #losangeles #loveoneanother #fitfam #motivation #inspiration #motivationmonday #love #sunrise #beach #beachfit #iamsupercharged #california #westcoast #spiritualgangster #godisinthedetails

On days like these, it's best that we take a well-deserved break, get more #grateful, and spend as much time as we can weirding out our family and #Friends. http://bit.ly/2zWeJpj #HappyThanksgiving #Thanksgiving #Turkey #Friendsgiving #TurkeyDance

Sometimes when you're on set you easily fret when the lighting isn't just right... During those times, we find it best to just dance the clouds away together. #SunDance #Film http://bit.ly/2jIE3cg

What are we gonna do when we get tired in the middle of the work day? Weeeeeeelllll, we’re gonna Scoop it. We’re gonna Jump it. We’re gonna ADD A CLAP to it! Blog post here (and in Bio): ttp://bit.ly/2mr2XOE

Wayne Dyer believed whole heartedly to be fully connected to our higher source we must live in alignment with our greater source, God, the universe, the ocean .... ultimately the powers within.
There are two basic practices or daily habits to get started. 🌟1) Connect with the higher source A great way to connect is by putting your bare feet on the ground, in the sand, in the water, on the grass. For those of us in colder climates and not able to do this practice this time of year, a walk outside, lighting a candle or listening to water flow can help provide similar grounding effects. 🌟2) Start using the phrase “I am.” A simple easy way to get started is an affirmation for today:
For example:

It’s Monday
I am alive
I am breathing
I am healthy
I am blessed
I am happy
I am a light on this earth
I am thankful
I am grateful
I am fulfilled
I am love ❤️ Whether you feel these things or not say them over and over, read them out loud, smile while you do it. 😁Transformation comes from repetition and positive affirmations for retraining your brain.
If you don’t trust me on this, do a small energy test. Look in the mirror and hold a somber or sad 😔 face, now say ‘I am sick or I am depressed.” When you are done turn around 1-3 times, now look in the mirror again but this time with a smile (fake it if you have to) now say, “I am AMAZING, I am happy!” 😁

How did it go? Do you feel the energetic shift? This vibrational state reflects back to you and out into the world impacting all of those around you. It changes the biological state of your mind.
Be contagious in a positive way. Spread the power of “I am” today and everyday. 🙌🏻🌎 Comment with your “I am” statement... Share as many as you like for all of us to be inspired by. 💞

It’s Monday and I am magnificent!

Wishing you all a fantastic ‘I am’ week! @drwaynedyer #iam #waynedyerwisdom

This little spooky fella gave us a #Halloween playlist for tonight. We're passing it along to you, no tricks, all treat: http://bit.ly/2zRamZt

Everyone in the #FilmIndustry should take this pledge!
#Repost @thekwanzajones ・・・
If you’re anything like me, then whenever you see bullying of any kind, you get fired up and ready to kick butt in the name of love. Let’s #ChangeTheCulture @theofficialstompoutbullying Let’s #StopHate @projectstophate Take the pledge. Share the pledge. Live the pledge. - #AntiBullying #Bullying #NationalBullyingPreventionAwarenessMonth #IamSUPERCHARGED Blog post here & in Bio: http://bit.ly/2tY24fG

Always a pleasure watching an artist we work with quickly heat up the charts!! #SummerForever @thekwanzajones @BillboardDance #BillboardDance #FridayFunday #IamSUPERCHARGED youtu.be/3WTNeCI28T4

Looks at this li’l cutie. She knows that sometimes you just gotta stop and take a moment to dance your troubles away. #FollowTheLeader #TakeABreak #IamSUPERCHARGED - Check out the blog post (link also in Bio): http://bit.ly/2xxsaHt

We really are all in this together. Living is about stopping hate in every way, and spreading love in every way. Living is giving. With this lens on life, you can’t help but notice that it’s a group effort. It MUST be.… Full blog post, “A Call to Decency,” here: http://bit.ly/aCallToDecency + JOIN US IN DONATING TO PUERTO RICO RELIEF! http://kjsi.org #PuertoRico #PuertoRicoRelief #PuertoRicoStrong #PuertoRicoReliefNOW #IamSUPERCHARGED #mariasvsmaria

Finished editing my dance reel thanks to my manager for giving me the push to do so. If not for her, I would have kept waiting till I was "good enough". And that, my friend, may have been a very long while, probably even a never happening situation. The lesson here: DO.
Fuck being perfect. 🕊 #binspired

Here’s to all the #girls around the world, near and far, who have changed the world, are changing the world, and will change the world with their own unique power to remind us all that there is always a reason to lead fearlessly, laugh, learn, create, dance, love, & dream. #DayoftheGirl #IamSUPERCHARGED #GirlHero#GirlPossible #Girl4President #withMalala #LetGirlsLearn #IAmHer #GirlChild #OurGirlsMatter #IDG2017

Killin' it @thekwanzajones! Congrats on making it on @billboarddance club songs #Top50! (Week of Oct 7) Link to the music video in the Bio. #FeelingGood #FeelGoodFriday

The world’s gone mad, but our videos and blog posts aren’t half bad! Need a musically-charged power-explosion for your day? Check this out: http://bit.ly/2wPiYCE And to help you become a fitness learn-it-all, demystify every pitfall with this: http://bit.ly/2smjzsX

"The things that make us different, those are our superpowers." 🌈This is what we're talking about. This is why we do what we do. ❤️❤️❤️ You go @lenawaithe Speak your #truth🌟 - #Repost @refinery29 #iamsupercharged

It's been a lovely week so far. With #SummerForever wrapped up (LINK IN BIO), we're now gearing up to shoot even more videos in the coming weeks, because that's what we love. 💗 #DoWhatYouLove So, we're busy, busy little beachy beavers! 🏊🏆 🌞 BUT, we still always walk the necessary plank of staying in shape. Whether we're at the gym - or on location - we make sure to plank the heck out of our day! Check it out: http://bit.ly/Plank4U 🌟And if gladiators in thongs are more your thing, here's Tuesday's blog post/video too: http://bit.ly/2o3gtHK #IamSUPERCHARGED😎

Start taking some form of action. Put that phone down, shut that computer down, or put on some crazy-embarrassing neon purple tights and go for a sweaty power walk. Shock your system. And possibly shock your co-workers too. They’ll love it. Here’s how to STOP procrastination on the job or on your own: http://bit.ly/2wLUNU6

Whoever said #summer ever has to end? Summer is a timeless state of mind. The newest single from @thekwanzajones - #SummerForever - is out now. You can watch our accompanying music video that we made for it if you go to this link: https://youtu.be/3WTNeCI28T4

We’ve done a lot of filming over the years. All of us here at Innovation Entertainment have worked with people from every background, faith, education level, sexuality - AND #immigration status. We have seen firsthand how a diversity of perspectives and cultures is the most fertile ground for awesome ideas to grow. In short, true creativity knows no boundaries. What we can innovate together when we dream together is limitless. As such, we as a #workfamily support #DACA and a more compassionate society for all.

Let's help spread the encouragement! Hang in there #Texas! Tag your fellow Texan friends - #HurricaneHarvey #IamSUPERCHARGED #HoustonStrong

Whenever your energy and I'm talking about your 'vibe' (your vibrational energy) is not where you want it to be .... stop and take a pulse. Ask, is this who I am? Is this who I desire to be? Is this serving me? I share this as I am trying desperately to move past stressors and 'refuel my joy.' This takes awareness ✅honestly✅ commitment ✅ choice ✅ Hitting the reset button right now! 🛑 You got this!! @inspirenationshow @vibe_extreme #resetbutton

Summer? Forever? YES PLEASE. If you didn't get an invite to the private screening of the newest dance single by #KwanzaJones - #SummerForever - and you'd like to come feel the the heat (this Wednesday), feel free to email friends@innovationentertainment.com - Hope to see you there!

To make great music videos you need great equipment. And to have great workouts you need great motivation. Check out this video and blog post: http://bit.ly/2iEfQ5Q Pretty sure you'll be up dancing by the end of it.

Navigating how to provide feedback to your co-workers can sometimes be a #SlackLine walk. No matter what, it's far easier and less shaky when you always approach the situation with a sunny 🌞 attitude of compassion and #Love. 💕💕💕 http://bit.ly/2w5fxnP

Lone wolf doesn't exist here. We believe in the power of the creative pack. And if you wanna pack in a 20-minute workout with @thekwanzajones here's your chance! Go here: http://bit.ly/2w1564F

WHEN IN DOUBT WIG OUT. #BlahZeyBlah video here: http://bit.ly/BlahZeyBlah #BehindTheScenes

You can lean on us, when you're not strong - and even when you are strong! We always got you. #StopHate Full #BlahZeyBlah video here: http://bit.ly/BlahZeyBlah #BehindTheScenes

Visual proof that the creative process is always a bit surreal. - Full #BlahZeyBlah video here: http://bit.ly/BlahZeyBlah

When in doubt, WIG OUT! 👏👏👏 Check this out for tips on how to save time in the morning for success: http://bit.ly/WigTalk

Enough with the crap-talking… I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT.
#BlahZeyBlah video here: http://bit.ly/BlahZeyBlah

Literally CAN with these dudes. @alexbullon23 @jeremycopeland_  @alonzosol #BehindTheScenes - #BlahZeyBlah video here: http://bit.ly/BlahZeyBlah

Film, Dance, Laugh, REPEAT... http://bit.ly/WWM_4SP

All work and no #pussygrabbing makes #Trump a dull boy. #BlahZeyBlah video here: http://bit.ly/BlahZeyBlah

The future belongs to those who stand up against sexism, misogyny, and non-stop political nonsense. #ReadMyLips #BlahZeyBlah - Full video here: http://bit.ly/BlahZeyBlah Link also in Bio

Planking can provide us many lessons. One of the best ways to solve any problem is to be still, breathe, and focus on the core of what makes you YOU. And smile! Check out the video link in the bio or go to http://bit.ly/Plank4U

Heyyy guys! @thekwanzajones "blah zey blah" video is officially out! Catch your girl in this hot new video. See if you can point me out! Here is a snippet of this hot new track. Enjoy! 🤗 #KwanzaJones #BlahZeyBlah #MusicVideo #2017 #Dancer #Hot #Sexy #Independent #Women #IamSUPERCHARGED #fitness #DanceCardio #Summer #LA #Cali #Hollywood

The video is finally out! Check me out in Kwanza Jones' music video "Blah Zeh Blah" link is in my bio! Enjoy ✨💋
Song: Blah Zeh Blah
Artist: @thekwanzajones
Choreography: @phlexcellence ✨✨✨✨
#blahzehblah #kwanzajones @go2talent #innovationentertainment #musicvideo #videoshoot #iamsupercharged #fit #fitness #dancecardio #LA #2017 #studio60 #booked #go2talent #livingthedream #dancer #peace #love #workhard #repost #fierce #wcw #wce #goals #squad #🔥 #motivated #inspire #dedicated #determined

The video is finally out! Check me out in Kwanza Jones' music video "Blah Zeh Blah" link is in my bio! Enjoy ✨💋
Song: Blah Zeh Blah
Artist: @thekwanzajones
Choreography: @phlexcellence ✨✨✨✨
#blahzehblah #kwanzajones @go2talent #innovationentertainment #musicvideo #videoshoot #iamsupercharged #fit #fitness #dancecardio #LA #2017 #studio60 #booked #go2talent #livingthedream #dancer #peace #love #workhard #repost #fierce #wcw #wce #goals #squad #🔥 #nationaldanceday

To entertain is to also push the envelope and get a little political from time to time. @thekwanzajones is releasing her new song #BlahZeyBlah very soon. We worked hard on this one, and we think you'll like! Because this one's for the the ladies...

Don’t be one of those people who wait until they’re old to see the world. You’re alive now. Make it happen. Go see some cool stuff. Meet new people. Do new things. Experience new cultures. Dance ‘til you’re beat and can’t feel your feet! - bit.ly/LF23Vacation Link also in Bio.

Stars don't have to align for you to find your groove... Just get your friends together and move! #IamSUPERCHARGED - bit.ly/clockwork-rt Link also in Bio. @get2werk @acmzumba @bicoastalboy

And what do we have here? Ohhhh just a super-helpful #Supercharged video that shares the secrets of how to combat fatigue during your work day. Check it out: bit.ly/LF-DrinkWater

You can't have multiple "takes" when it comes to sleeping well. To get all your Zzz's all in one take, follow these tips:

Just wanted to let ya know: At Innovation Entertainment, we've got a small but formidable army of gadget-loving, camera-toting, film-making geniuses. And here's a happy dance break we filmed to prove it: http://bit.ly/MR_SUPERCHARGED Link also in Bio.

FRIDAY - I'm never in a hurry for for the week to end. I'm really fortunate that I don't really have a partner in crime at work, so much as rowdy band of compatriots. #innovationentertainment #iamSUPERCHARGED #california #venicebeach #setlife #friday #riseandgrind #lovewhatyoudo #faith #micahisgod #beard #btfu #80s #skitcomedy #actordirector #fitness #motivation #inspiration #love #workflow #myfavorite #beachlife

Lights, Camera, BREATHE. - http://bit.ly/LF-JustBreathe Link also in Bio.

What did you do at work today? We learned how to make our bodies always feel lighter than air. - http://bit.ly/2smjzsX Link also in Bio.

Why skip a chance? Hear what Mr. Archimedes has to offer @wealthmentors #superchargedyourlife #iamsupercharged.

Get into the habit of understanding the concepts that build your courage and your strengths to stretch to and beyond your potential. Understanding takes experience, trial and errors. Face the things the frighten you, challenge the resistance and do what scares you the most. #fearfactor @rockclimbingprobs

Be your own T-E-A-C-H-E-R again and again and again…  Here we are on the set of Kwanza Jones' sexy-surreal-and-sassy new music video, Blah-Zey-Blah, launching soon! - bit.ly/FT23teacher

Wake up everyday with the determination to improve your personal wealth. Your health and fitness is an investment, not an expense. #iAmSupercharged

How can you appreciate your co-workers, truly? Don't let your mind get unruly! Choose good vibes over bad thoughts. Choose more high fives over high anxiety. - http://bit.ly/2rYBmpE Link also in Bio

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