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photo by my babe @lindiewilton ⚡⚡

“ we look up
at the same stars
and see
such different things “
© @thatliezel
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The same waterfall I posted on Tuesday, but from a different angle. Interesting how the same subject can look different from another perspective. Which one do you like best?

| | The Fallen Steenbok | | We followed her for over an hour, as she called out vigorously for a potential mate nearby. Having recently lost her litter, she was in perusal of the dominant male to restart the process.
After some time with her, there was a brief moment of still, a split second and then she burst into full flight.
Before we knew what had transpired we could see the writhing body of this young steenbok in her strong jaws.
She was vigilant; the distress call would attract any nearby predator, and like clockwork, it happened.
A hyena was on her tail, but she was fortunate to have passed this Marula tree moments before making the kill. And like a magician with a wand, she was up the tree, her bounty now safe!
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Early morning hikes up the “lion” ⛰

One of the most challenging aspects to shooting wildlife footage is achieving focus. Shooting manually gives you full control to place and keep the focus where you want it. Manual focus also enables you to pulls focus from one picture element to another.

Image credit: @rangerrich1
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Working on a not so secret project with @3kilo_org / @cleopokpas over the next few months! But before any details are shared, I just have one quick question; colour or black&white? 👇

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