Sometimes ya just have to remind yourself and others just who you are.....
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6 years today. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. ~ Author Unknown #love #mydaddy #imissyou #wishyouwerehere #onlythegooddieyoung #happyfathersday #6years #iammyfathersdaughter #bestfriend #seeyoulater #forreals

In black & white, you can see that if my dad dipakein bulumata palsu n pake lipstick, dia persis kek aku 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
We had such a roller coster relationship, my dad and I, which as I matured I realized it’s cz we’re pretty much alike. We’re both a bit on the crazy side but deep down we’re such softies. When I’m about to fuck things up, he usually knows in advanced that’s why we ended up not talking for a while usually. Cz I’d just go ahead, be hard-headed n make my life more complete with mistakes n he’s just being papa2 cina yg skill komunikasinya minim😁😁😁. And vice versa, I kinda can read him like a book sumtimes. But growing up he spoiled us, me n my brother, when he had money, he would just buy us all the toys we wanted. Until today, he’s still the guy who keeps checking up on my car n sumtimes have to take care of my car, knowing I don’t give a damn😁 .
Through happy days n weird days, I know he knows, I love him n I know he loves me. But when two mad people love each other, a beautiful commotion usually takes place. In my prayer n meditation, I focus my energy n my heart for my father to live the rest of his life being healthy and in Love and Joy and may the Lord use me to do so. I love you Pak Yahya, kau ajaib namun kucinta❤️❤️❤️
P.S. I’m gonna copy this whole thing n send it to him n let him be awkward like a papa2 cina usually is🤪

Not gonna lie, yesterday was rough. So was Mother's day.... I wish they were here with us every day. Seeing how our lives have changed. My son misses hanging out with my parents and still smiles when he talks about them. Losing 6 people in your family and other relationships in 5 years changes you. Grieving is a turbulent and exhausting process. In the darkness I hope others can find the light like I did. You may feel alone but you're not. My son and I got into counseling. I changed jobs twice till we got where we needed to be as a unit. We had rough moments and the hollow feelings of grief will never go away. But that's the power of love. ❤️ Mom and Dad, I got this. I know you worried but I got this. Y'all taught me how to fight, how to create goals. I turned my grief into the energy to pursue happiness and chase a better quality of life. An evolution emotionally and mentally happened when you left. The mindset and focus... We'll be ok.

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My dad alphabetized his records because that's the only sensible way to go about these sorts of things. #likefatherlikedaughter #iammyfathersdaughter

Still m-i-s-s-i-n-g YOU Daddy!! The Great Raymond Portlock, Esq. If only God could grant me one more conversation. One more hug. One more smile. One more laughter. One more I Love You too.
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This post is a day late by design. My family is non conventional. Therefor i didn’t want to post on a day in which social media was flooded by “Happy Fathers Day” posts. Papá...you deserve your very own day as you are such a remarkable man. #iammyfathersdaughter #papa #teamo #lopez #blueeyes #thatsmydaddy #daddyslittlegirl #miviejo #bello #sailors #adrenalinejunkies 🔗❤️🙏🏼🏍⛵️⚓️🛥🎬🎬

Even though Father's Day was Sunday, the 17th of June this year, I think it would be powerful to come together and continue to honor the father figures in our lives by sharing the golden nuggets of wisdom, memorable sayings, or important lessons these humans have taught us throughout the shaping of our characters as adults. Please share in the comments, in a direct message, on your feed or text me the phrases, mottos, messages, crazy jokes, memories or quotes (whether its original or by another source) that your father figure [or whoever] used or uses that helps you when you are down, keeps you going, reminds you who you are, makes you laugh/cry, inspires you, or motivates the hell out of you! If you are a pop, share something you want pass on to your seedlings! 🌻 Don't be shy, we are family here! 🙌🏽 #diadelpapá2018 #fathersday2018 #CoolDadProject #IAmMyFathersDaughter #DADDA #Share&;Tell #WisdomSharing #WisdomInAction #ComeTogether #Community #LearningInAction #daddy #dad #pops #myoldman #papi #padre #father #baba #dadda #miviejo #papito #myhero

Just a ginger nugget in her daddy’s work boots. How I learned to pound the pavement in the big 🍎

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Note to self
Learn to love yourself babe because no one can master loving you like you do 😍
Laugh as much as you breathe 😊
Know that you're a Queen in your very own castle 👑
Above everything and everyone else, learn to forgive yourself for the little mistakes you make and move on, let go if needs be 😘
Last but not least, I love you sugar ❤

Your Love
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A belated Father’s Day post..this is a strange painting I know but my dad was a complicated man. I painted his prosthetic leg as a way to feel close to him by proxy, as we had a mercurial relationship. It’s a strange portrait to many surely, but, it’s my dad. It’s a perfect metaphor for his life: a cobbler who could have been a general. ❤️ R.I.P. “Portrait of my father”, oil on panel, 24”x18”, private collection, Oakville, Ontario.
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Life can be a shitstorm, but reminding myself to be grateful for the little things. I got the most loving and supportive family, a fitfam that is my sunshine, laughter and inspiration. True Friends that have stuck around for many many years. A husband that knows i’m a nut job but still supports my races and dotes on me in addition to taking care of all the stuff i hate so i can chill out. My 3 furry boys. And the present moment after training, listening to good music and looking out to sea. So i shall continue to focus on the prize and work like hell till then. #grateful #blessed #sitandstayblackdog #eyeontheprize #paincave #htfu #nogutsnoglory #fighter #willovermind #iwillwhatiwant #nopainnogain #focus #iammyfathersdaughter

Never did I imagine I would be here thinking about how much I miss hearing your laugh. About how much you loved to laugh and so effortlessly made those around you join in with you.
It’s hard to believe it’s been just 5.5 months since I last heard your voice.
The voice that would wake us up late on Sunday mornings when we were kids along with tickles in bed. The voice that always guided me with stern discipline but was also gentle and loving when I came to you for advice.
I remember our ups and downs, and quite possibly the reason why we clashed so much was because I was striving to be so much like you. Seeking your approval, to have your determination, hard will and work ethic, and your boldness to speak your mind. Seeking to make you proud just as you sought it with your own parents.
I wanted to be just like you.
I wanted to become strong and independent. A problem solver. Not just a thinker but a doer. Responsible. A giver. I wanted to be able to think and act smart just like you. I wanted to make my own decisions and find my own way, just as you did. Even in your last months with us, your strong and unshaken faith in God inspired me to also strive to have a faith as strong as yours someday.
For as long as I can remember, you’ve been the one I look up to. No number of disagreements could ever make you less of a hero to me.
And today, I remembered some of the last words you said to me, “I am so proud of you. You are my daughter and you’ve never failed me.” Today, I found comfort in the truth that I am my fathers daughter. And I will continue to strive to attain the qualities that made him the best dad God could have ever gifted me to have for 24 years of my life.
My dad has given me roots to grow but now my Heavenly Father is giving me courage, peace and comfort to continue that growth in Him.
Se que nos veremos pronto Papi ❤️ |
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Happy Father's Day to this man! There aren't enough words to describe just how important my Dad is to me. My Dad is a man like no other. He is the most hardest working man I know. He's tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Growing up I thought he was so mean, hard and too tough but now that I'm grown and have a daughter of my own I totally understand. We have bumped heads on more than one occasion but at the end of the day I know he means well. He gives so unselfishly, and he's gives all his best. He's taught me so much, he's taking me to some beautiful places. He's helped create some amazing memories. He's believed in me, he's done his absolute best to protect me, he's strengthen me and he's loved me unconditionally. I could go on and on about him and it still wouldn't be enough. I couldn't ask for a better Dad. Richly Blessed is how I feel to have him as my Dad but best of all my daughter has him for a grandpa! I LOVE THIS MAN WITH MY WHOLE HEART! #mydadislikenoother #mydadisamazing #iammyfathersdaughter #mydadisthebest #mydadisagreatgrandpa #ilovemydadwithmywholeheart

Can I just say this is my new fave photo of them! 😍 Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I obviously got my dad’s liver (always been one of the boys) but thank you for always working so hard, being our provider for years & for always being the best husband to Mom & the best father to all of us kids, even when we all had our share of giving you & Mom stress. You & Mom’s relationship is the epitome of what I want in love & one day, marriage. I am forever grateful for everything you & Mom do for us. You are truly my #1 man. I love you very much. 💙 #IAmMyFathersDaughter

A father of man talents but none greater than slicing his kids.
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