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The Space Born #emeraltablet4 #atlantis #melanin #thefountainofyouth #yourbodyisyourtemple #wakeup #staywoke
List ye, O man, to the voice of wisdom, list to the voice of THOTH, the Atlantean. Freely I give to thee of my wisdom, gathered from the time and space of this cycle; master of mysteries, SUN of the morning, living forever, a child of the LIGHT, shining with brightness, star of the morning, THOTH the teacher of men, is of ALL. Long time ago, I in my childhood, lay ‘neath the stars on long-buried ATLANTIS, dreaming of mysteries far above men. Then in my heart grew there a great longing to conquer the pathway that led to the stars. Year after year, I sought after wisdom, seeking new knowledge, following the way, until at last my SOUL, in great travail, broke from its bondage and bounded away. Free was I from the bondage of earth-men.

Free from the body, I flashed through the night. Unlocked at last for me was the star-space. Free was I from the bondage of night. Now to the end of space sought I wisdom, far beyond knowledge of finite man. Far into space, my SOUL traveled freely into infinity’s circle of light. Strange, beyond knowledge, were some of the planets, great and gigantic, beyond dreams of men. Yet found I Law, in all of its beauty, working through and among them as here among men. Flashed forth my soul through infinity’s beauty, far through space I flew with my thoughts. 
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